Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2801 - : First meeting gift

Chapter 2801: First meeting gift

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Mo Chen smiled, sat, and drank a sip of tea before saying, “It doesn’t matter. Go ahead and do what you need to do. I’m going to the place where Leng Shuang is to see the child.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze also got up and left him without further talk.

Mo Chen sat in the main hall for some time. He went out to see the child after drinking a cup of tea.

At this time, they were unaware that after Feng Jiu was sucked into the teleportation array, her hands lit a flame and pushed back the black aura that had wrapped around her hands.

However, her body had already exited the black hole at that point. She looked around when she realised she was about to fall from the array’s mighty spirit energy breath. Many powerful cultivators dressed in the same black cloaks awaited her. There was a man in a black lotus mask among them, sitting on a seat surrounded by them.

At the moment of her fall, the man in black who had been sucked into the black hole with her reached out and pulled her down. When she saw this, the Blue Edge Sword appeared in her hand with a move of her palm.

“Sword Shadow Blue Light!”

She yelled loudly, and the Blue Edge Sword in her hand emitted a blue and dazzling light that charged at the man in black with a bloodthirsty intent. It was so fast that it could be called the speed of light. The man in black, despite his great power, was unable to avoid it and took the blow.


“Hiss, aah!”

The sword intent’s ferocious and terrifying spirit shattered the shield that the man in black had quickly condensed to block it. The Blue Edge Sword split the mask on the man’s face with a loud bang, revealing his true identity.

It was the face of a man in his thirties who looked cruel and vicious. His thin eyes were wide with shock and horror, as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

When he was struck, he was unable to move, unable to dodge, and unable to escape. Even an Immortal Venerable Strong Exponent of his level could not withstand a blow from a Celestial-level Strong Exponent wielding an ancient weapon.

A trace of blood oozed and slowly dripped from his forehead. The impact of his fall stunned the men in black who were preparing to capture Feng Jiu…

“Master of the Black Lotus, this is the first meeting gift from me, Feng Jiu, to you! I’m sure we’ll run into each other again soon!”

The people below were stunned and dumbfounded when they heard Feng Jiu’s cold and domineering voice. They were wondering what she meant when she said this when they saw her fall and wave the Blue Edge Sword around. The sword intent was refracted, giving the impression of a sword shield.

Immediately after that, a burst of flame erupted. For a moment, no one could see her. At this time, the people below could feel a faint breath of formation array emanating from the shield formed by the flame and sword. However, the breath of the formation array evaporated so quickly that it was impossible to detect if one did not pay close attention.

However, soon, the cultivators in black below quickly realised something was wrong because they couldn’t see Feng Jiu! The flame and the spirit of the sword intent seemed to hover in the middle of the air before dissipating.

“Something isn’t right! There’s a problem!”

A cultivator in black yelled and suddenly lifted his vital energy.

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