Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2799 - Bones and Coprses

Chapter 2799: Bones and Coprses

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Hell’s Lord’s rage was like hell on earth. Even the cultivators who had clawed their way up from the heap of the dead shook in fear as they watched the scene that was unfolding in front of their eyes.

Mo Chen, dressed in white, stood under the tree not far away. He averted his gaze from the sky and landed on the bloody street below.

He hadn’t expected Feng Jiu to return so soon but was arrested and taken to an unknown location. No ordinary person could have opened the teleportation array that appeared in the air that day or ensnared Feng Jiu with the black aura. It seemed that she should be taken away by the owner of the world annihilation black lotus.

Right then, he couldn’t help but worry about whether or not she could escape the clutches of those people.

Everyone at the Feng Manor stood still outside after the men in black were killed and Feng Jiu was sucked into the black hole. Then, some people were ordered to pick up the bodies on the ground outside, while some injured people were brought inside and treated for their injuries.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze had a cold face, and his icy aura filled the Feng Manor. The silver wolf whimpered in the back, looked aggrievedly at the sky, and finally turned to go to the Manor.

If Master had contracted it, it could now also enter the contract beast’s space. Cloud Devouring Beast and Old White had already entered the space and been taken by their master, leaving it behind.

Inside the Feng Manor.

The loss of Feng Jiu to the transmission array caused Xuanyuan Mo Ze to sit in the main hall with a gloomy expression, which in turn caused everyone in the whole house to be depressed. There was a palpable sense of tension throughout the entire Manor.

“Hell’s Lord, Young Master Mo Chen is here.” The guard outside reported. After that, a figure dressed in white began to make his way slowly inside.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze was still blaming himself at this point, and the sense of powerlessness was unbearable, especially since all he could do was watch Feng Jiu be sucked into the teleportation array and vanish before his eyes. He dared not imagine what he would do if something were to happen to her…

“The teleportation black hole appeared out of nowhere under the world annihilation black lotus’ control. If you pulled her at that time, you would undoubtedly be sucked into it.”

Mo Chen entered the room slowly, speaking in a gentle tone. “The suction is not on this side, but on the other side of the black hole, so it cannot be stopped,” he said, looking into Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s reddish eyes.

“Does she have to suffer more than others just because she is the Phoenix star?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze questioned, his voice hoarse and low.

Mo Chen entered the hall slowly and sat down. “In this world, who has not experienced suffering?” he said softly. “Some people are constantly suffering, but it is not fatal, whereas others are facing major disasters and have no way of surviving.”

“Feng Jiu has been through a lot, but every experience, even if she narrowly avoided death, has made her advance. She is already exceptional, and her path will undoubtedly differ from that of others.”

His voice was soft and soothing as if he had no anxiety or concern. He looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and asked, “What are you going to do next?”

He got there in time to hear what she told Xuanyuan Mo Ze, but he didn’t understand what it meant.

Xuanxuan Mo Ze’s eyes flashed with a glimmer in the dark pupil. “We were going to cultivate together, go up the Immortal Ascension Ladder on Peng Lai Immortal Island, and cultivate in the world behind Mystical Glory Gate, but I didn’t expect this to happen again before we left.”

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