Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2217 - Immortal Wine

Chapter 2217: Immortal Wine

She smiled and said: “Of course that is other than the cultivators who pass by here on their way to the Death Forest for an experience. Ordinary people rarely pass by, but two outstanding people are even rarer.”

“We have just come from the Death Forest from an experience.” Duan Ye said. His eyes fell on the woman. It was better to tell her where they had come from and that they were capable people so that they wouldn’t harbour any evil intentions.

The beautiful woman was surprised and looked at them in admiration when she heard this: “I didn’t expect the two of you to dare enter the Death Forest for an experience at such a young age. How admirable.” Having said that, she said to her daughters beside her: “Pour wine for our guests quickly.”

“Yes.” The four girls surrounded Feng Jiu and Duan Ye, and after they had poured wine for them, they sat down beside them and looked at them from time to time.

Feng Jiu’s expression was candid and she welcomed their curious gazes with indifference. When she smelt the faint scent of rouge powder, her lips curled slightly and revealed a smile. She picked up her glass of wine and took a sip of wine. The fragrant wine entered her mouth and its rich and mellow taste spread through her mouth. She couldn’t help but complimented: “Good wine.”

Duan Ye was a little worried that these women would drug their wine, but when he saw Feng Jiu drinking the wine, he felt relieved and also took a sip of wine from his glass. The rich and mellow taste of the wine was indeed very good, and he drank more.

“Come, help yourself to some food. These are my daughters’ specialties.” The woman said with a smile. She picked up something to eat and gestured to Feng Jiu and the others to pick up their chopsticks.

Duan Ye looked at Feng Jiu instinctively, and when he saw that she had picked up her chopsticks to eat the food, he also picked up his chopsticks. The girls who sat around them asked curiously where they were from, and where they were going next. They poured more wine for the two of them and the banquet was filled with laughter and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy.

By the end of the meal, when the sky had darkened and they had all drank a lot of wine, Feng Jiu stood up as the girls started to pour more wine. She waved her hand and said: “No, I can’t drink anymore. I have to go back and take a rest.”

At that point, her face was flushed and there was a trace of tipsiness in her eyes. A seductive coquettishness radiated from her body, and the beautiful woman watched her with bright eyes.

She felt especially excited when she saw Feng Jiu’s beautiful face with a hint of drunkenness, and her coquettish demeanor in full swing as her eyes exuded with charm.

“Alright, you should go back and have a good rest! I will have them escort you back.” The beautiful woman said and winked at her four daughters.

Therefore, the four girls helped the two of them back to their rooms.

After two of the girls had sent Feng Jiu back to her room and saw that she had fallen asleep, they looked at each other and nudged her: “Young Miss Feng? Young Miss Feng?” When they saw that she had no response, they laughed.

“We actually thought that it might be quite difficult! Turns out it was easy after all.” The coquettish girl said with a smile.

The girl in white dress next to her said: “No matter how high the cultivator’s strength is, anyone who drinks Immortal Wine will surely get drunk, not to mention she has drunk so much.”

“Alright, she’s not going anywhere anyway. Let’s take a look around first.” The coquettish girl said and pulled the girl in white dress outside.

However, Duan Ye in the next courtyard was experiencing something entirely different from Feng Jiu. He was in a daze and only felt a burning fire sensation in his body…

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