Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1753 - Feeling inferior

Chapter 1753: Feeling inferior

Xuanyuan Mo Ze waited quietly. While listening to everyone’s discussion, his gaze was fixed to the front. Seeing a figure in red coming out, he went up to meet her.

“You’ve been cooped up inside for so long. Are you alright?” He asked gently as he saw her weary face.

“I’m fine. Take a look.” She shook the bottle in her hand and smiled with joy. “You see, I managed to refine it. There’s hope that your father’s Dantian can be restored.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze did not know what to say for a while. He only knew that his heart was aching for her. He knew that if it were not for the man to be his father, she would not have confined herself inside the alchemy room for nearly two months to refine this pill.

Those thousands of words turned into a sigh. He reached out and took her into his embrace. “Let’s go to rest first! I’ll accompany you later. ”

“It’s fine.” Feng Jiu complied with a smile. She looked at Guan Xilin. “Big Brother, you’re here already!”

“Yes, we’re back. Everything is settled, there is nothing to worry about.” Guan Xilin answered with a smile.

“That’s great, then. Is everyone alright?” She inquired.

“Everyone’s alright. All’s well, there are no casualties.” Luo Yu stated.

She nodded. “I won’t talk much with you today. Tomorrow it is. We’ll celebrate with everyone tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Guan Xilin smiled. “You go to have a rest!” The crowd retreated to make way for her. Xuanyuan Mo Ze left with her in his embrace. Then, the rest of them gathered together to chat.

“Master is amazing. She refined this pill successfully. Tell me, will she make pills to raise people from the dead?” Luo Yu smiled with yearning in his words.

Hearing this, Fan Lin quipped, “That’s impossible! Is the pill to raise people from the dead so easy to refine?”

“Things that are impossible in the world can sometimes become possible.” Mo Chen glanced at the crowd, smiled, and turned around to leave.

Everyone was deep in thought at his words. Suddenly, Guan Xilin’s voice rang out.

“Alright, let’s go. I’ll buy everyone a drink.” He patted them on the shoulders and left with them, while the Glorious East Empire’s ruler stood there awkwardly. After a brief pause, he went to follow them.

He initially had the intention to return to the Glorious East Empire. However, he was forced to come by Guan Xilin. He felt really awkward here due to his identity. He just hoped to go back to the Glorious East after handing the matter over to Feng Jiu in two days.

Meanwhile, after taking Feng Jiu back to the palace, Xuanyuan Mo Ze sat outside the room and waited, while Feng Jiu took a bath and changed into a red dress.

After drying her hair, she went out and sat down by the table. “Is everything alright these days? Have the upper continent’s forces made any moves?”

“They sent a few here and we killed them. After several teams, it has quietened down and there’s no more movement from their side.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze took her headband and tied the silky hair hanging on her back, leaving only two wisps of hair to frame her cheeks. Those locks of hair added a touch of alluring charm to her gorgeous looks.

“Several other empires have also sent people here. It was almost as if those great countries have already stabilized.” As he said this, he held her hand with his lips curved up. “Your ability and speed in handling things really make me feel inferior.”

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