Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1682 - Tiger Attack

Chapter 1682: Tiger Attack

“Then let’s go to that big tree inside to rest.” Zhao Yang pointed to the large tree inside the forest and walked inside holding his hand.

At dusk.

As the sun set in the west, half the sky was stained with red clouds. As nightfall approached, the temperature in the small forest dropped and became a little cold.

The two children slept next to each other under the big tree, unsuspectingly in this small forest. After all, they were only children, and having just escaped from captivity, it was inevitable that they would let their guard down and fall asleep.

However, it was not safe in this small forest either. Under the glow of the sunset, the small forest was bathed in the red clouds, and just a hundred meters away, was a tiger that had come out looking for food. The tiger was stretching its waist and opened its mouth wide. As it walked over step by step in the small forest, its tail flicked from side to side.

Because this small forest backed onto deep mountains, it was inevitable that there would be beasts walking around. Most people would take the main paths and not walk through the small forest, therefore, they would rarely encounter beasts.

Unexpectedly, these two children had encountered a beast.

As the tiger approached step by step, its ferocious and bloodthirsty eyes were searching for its prey as the two children were leaning against the big tree deep in slumber. When the tiger smelt the scent of live humans, it walked step by step towards the scent, until finally it saw the two delicious prey against the tree.

To beasts, human children were easier to hunt because their strength was limited and often when they encountered them, they were just prey waiting to be slaughtered.


The weeds had tickled the tiger’s nose and caused it to sneeze subconsciously. Two breaths came out of his nose, and this sound caused Zhao Yang to open his eyes from his deep slumber.

Almost at the same moment he had opened his eyes he could sense danger. He thought that those people had caught up to them and quickly got up and shook Little Feng Ye.

“Wake up, wake up, we have to hurry up…” Before he could finish speaking, he froze.

He saw a tiger grinning at them less than ten metres away, showing its sharp teeth and drooling as it stared at them. When the tiger saw that they had woken up and noticed it, it roared fiercely. The tiger leaned back and kicked its hind legs and rushed towards them.


“Sunny, what… ahhhhh!” Little Feng Ye murmured. He had only just woken up and hadn’t even had the chance to open her eyes properly when he was pushed away by Zhao Yang and rolled into the grass. That shove had hurt him and he couldn’t help but cried out in pain.

“It hurts, Sunny, why did you…” He froze. He sat there motionless unable to speak and stared with his eyes wide open.

He watched as Zhao Yang who had pushed him away was scratched by the sharp claws of the tiger who sprang out suddenly. It had ripped off a piece of his clothing and scratched his chest, leaving a few bloody claw marks.

“Climb up the tree quickly!” Zhao Yang shouted, afraid that the tiger would attack Little Feng Ye. He could only wave his hands at the fierce beast and shouted: “Here! I am here!”

When Little Feng Ye had recovered from his shock, he saw that the tiger had leapt towards Sunny roaring loudly. It had frightened him so much that he utilised the spiritual energy in his body and made a big leap. He stood on the big tree and held on it tightly. He shouted at Sunny below: “Come up! Sunny, come up!”

However, although Zhao Yang wanted to climb up the big tree to escape, the tiger was relentless and even bit him viciously a few times. He leapt onto the tiger’s back but was thrown off suddenly and hit another tree with a bang before he rolled onto the ground.

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