Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1679 - Origin

Chapter 1679: Origin

Shangguan Wanrong who had been standing next to him also knelt down quietly next to Feng Xiao and kowtow-ed three times.

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu also came to her father’s side and knelt down, and kowtow-ed three times towards the ruins: “Grandfather, Grandmother, rest assured! We will find Little Feng Ye!”

Guan Xilin who had been standing at the side also knelt down with Feng Jiu and kowtow-ed three times respectfully. This grandfather who wasn’t related to him by blood treated him far better and cared more about him than his own grandfather did.

After they had all finished paying their respects, they headed to the Main Hall. Once inside, Ren Xiang asked: “We haven’t found out who is behind this attack yet. Aren’t you worried that you will attract the attention of the culprits by arriving on the airship? The strength of those people are even higher than that of Celestial Strong Exponents, there is really no room for error. If they have seen you, I’m afraid that the consequences will be disastrous.”

Even if Feng Jiu had a good cultivation base and the protection of the ancient sacred beast, but, if she were to be besieged by many Celestial Strong Exponents, she would probably find it difficult to protect herself, let alone other people.

He had originally thought that they would return quietly, he definitely hadn’t expected their airship to pass through the Imperial City and stop outside the gate of the Imperial Palace. As soon as they had appeared, everyone in the city knew about their return. Naturally, if there were people spying in secret, they would also have noticed their return.

Feng Jiu was silent for a moment, and then she said: “We already met those people on our way back. I also learned from my Father that those people know that we have killed some of their own, therefore, no matter where we are, there is no hiding from them.”

When Ren Xiang and Luo Yu heard this, they were shocked: “They know? Then you…”

Feng Xiao took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He refocused his thoughts and said in a serious voice: We don’t know what their plans are. They intercepted us on our way here but didn’t try to kill us. We have been discussing this on our way here but we haven’t come up with any explanation. Have you found any clues here? Do you know who these people are?”

“These people aren’t from the Eight Supreme Empires.”

Ren Xiang glanced at them and said: “You may not know this, the Eight Supreme Empires don’t cover all of this continent. In comparison to other places, the area where the Eight Supreme Empires is located is only regarded as the lower reaches. The area occupied by the upper reaches is not such an area, even powerful Nascent Soul cultivators would be equivalent to feathers over there. I have analysed that to possess such strength, they can only come from the forces from the upper reaches, and only the people over there would dare make an enemy of Hell’s Palace.”

With regards to the upper reaches, Feng Jiu had only vaguely heard of it. She had never been there before, nor had she had any contact with anyone from there. If this matter was indeed related to the forces over there, then she’s afraid that this trouble…

Their emotions were heavy, especially when they listened to what Feng Jiu had just been told, that they would know such top secret matters, their abilities were shocking, if they had really planned on destroying the Feng Family members, then they were afraid…

“They probably won’t attack us at the moment.” Feng Jiu said, and stood up: “Since we are still safe now, we should focus on finding Little Feng ye first.”

After a pause, she looked at Luo Yu, Fan Lin and the others: “Have you searched everywhere in the Palace and the Imperial City? Has anyone been sent to the neighbouring towns to look? What about Peach Blossom Ridge? Did anyone follow the secret tunnel to search for them?”

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