Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1675 - Banished Down To Earth

Chapter 1675: Banished Down To Earth

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze arrived at the inner hall and saw his father who was recovering from his injuries, he felt as if his father had suddenly aged overnight. His spiritual energy had completely disappeared, and at this time, he was just like an ordinary old man with grey hair. He wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and appeared to be in a deep sleep.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t dare believe that this temperamental, arrogant, tough person would have become like this.

Even though he was unwilling to call him father, he was indeed his father. He thought that he could be very cold towards him, but as he saw him lying there, his heart unexpectedly filled with anger.

Gray Wolf had brought a chair over to the side of the bed for his Master to sit down on. He then retreated with Shadow One and stood guard outside. Once outside, Gray Wolf who had been silent all this time couldn’t help but speak.

“Who do you think it could be? Who would have such great abilities? The Country Ruler is so strong and yet he was…”

Shadow One’s eyes were deep, he was silent for a while, then he said; “I’m afraid that he must be quite an extraordinary person to make the other Empires put pressure against us. If we are not careful, I’m afraid that our Xuan Yuan Empire might end up like Phoenix Empire and be torn apart.”

“How come I get the feeling it’s aimed at us and the Ghost Doctor? Amongst our enemies we have come across in the past, I don’t think there has ever been such a powerful enemy that existed before!” Gray Wolf was puzzled. Hell’s Palace’s power was so powerful, and extremely careful as well, and yet were discovered by those people.

To know their bases so well, this person must have been a spy who had infiltrated them, otherwise, it would be impossible to have achieved this.

Inside the hall, Xuanyuan Mo Ze watched the person on the bed closely as he woke up slowly. The moment he opened his eyes and their eyes met, the two of them were silent. In the end, it was the Country Ruler who spoke first.

“You’re back? Did your journey go well?”

When he heard the voice that lacked breath and energy, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes moved slightly. Instead of answering his questions, he asked: “Do you know who attacked you?”

“He’s not from the Eight Supreme Empires.”

The Country Ruler narrowed his eyes slightly as he spoke, as if he could see the scene of that day in front of him: “The techniques of those people are very peculiar. Their cultivation bases are very strong and their marital skills are extraordinary. I’m guessing that they are most probably from one of the forces from the upper reaches.”

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned slightly: “We haven’t dealt with those people before, so why would they attack us suddenly?”

“They are trying to bring down the Xuan Yuan Empire, other than seeking revenge, what else would they be after? The people over there aren’t interested in the Empires here. Since they lack interest, then the only reasonable explanation would be revenge.” The Country Ruler spoke very slowly, pausing at each word.

The cultivation base in his body had been abolished, his spiritual energy had been dissipated, and his dantian destroyed. If it weren’t for his Nascent Soul base, he would have lost his life. He had been in a high position for many years, as a ruler of the country and as the leader of the country, it was unexpected that he would be in such a plight.

For a strong immortal cultivator, to have his cultivation abolished and becoming a mortal is like being knocked out of Heaven and banished down to earth from the sky. If he hadn’t experienced so many things in his life and his mind wasn’t so extraordinary, he would have found this drastic change unacceptable and tried to end his life.

Though he had lost his cultivation, it was useless worrying about that now. Fortunately, he had an outstanding son and what he couldn’t do, his son would definitely be able to do!

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