Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Uncle, Do These Things Eat People?

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The young girl’s teeth were tightly clenched as she nodded: “As long as you let me go, I will not make any moves against you.”

After hearing that, Feng Jiu signalled the for the young man to bring the gold ingots over.

The young man walked over, gave the young girl a glance, and handed the gold ingots in his hands to Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu received it and immediately shoved it into her robes before moving the dagger away and tossing it towards the young man.

The young man stepped slightly back to catch the dagger and at the same time, the young girl turned back and raised a leg to kick out at Feng Jiu. “You damned little ruffian! You dare touch me!”

Feng Jiu had not let her guard down. After receiving the gold ingots, she had immediately retreated quickly and the young girl’s kick had been in vain.

The young girl wanted to rush forward but at that moment, the middle aged man’s deep voice boomed out: “Ying Rou, come back.”

“Second Uncle!” The young girl stamped her feet, unwilling to let the matter end just like that. But when she saw her Second Uncle’s gaze in warning, and her elder brother’s signal with his eyes, she bit down on her lip and slunk her way back to the group.

On the other side, Feng Jiu was finding the six gold ingots in her chest rather heavy and afraid that they would crush the magical herbs kept in the same location, she took the gold out and showed them off to Ling Mo Han saying: “Uncle! See how much money I have! What do you say you let me treat you to some wine later?”

Ling Mo Han cast a glance at her and immediately open up his stride to walk away while Feng Jiu quickly followed hollering: “Hey Uncle! Go a little slower won’t you! ?”

Watching as the two people leave one behind the other, the young man’s eyes suddenly gave a flash filled with murder and he asked: “Second Uncle, why do we not kill that brat?”

“That blank robed man is no ordinary man. Even I was unable to fully ascertain that man’s level of cultivation and that little kid is also very strange. He obviously had not practised any cultivation but still possessed such skills, he’s definitely not just a mere beggar.”

His voice paused a moment before he continued. “We have more important things to take care of on our trip. So do not stir up unnecessary trouble and this matter ends here. Do not bring it up again.”

“Yes!” Although deeply disgruntled, they could do nothing but agree to it. Afterall, compared to the mission at hand on this trip, the matter with the kid was really insignificant.

When she recalled the purpose of the mission at hand, the young girl finally swallowed back her resentment and rage and then asked in excited anticipation. “Second Uncle, have mythical beasts really been born into the Nine Entrapment Woods?”

“Mm, I believe that the respective families will get wind of the news in turn and come to this Nine Entrapment Woods or they might already be somewhere around. So, we will have to move fast to not miss out on the opportunity.” The middle aged man nodded as his gaze turned to look deep into the Nine Entrapment Woods, his eyes strongly determined.

Hearing his Second Uncle’s words, the young man thought on it a moment and asked: “Could it be possible that those two people are here seeking the mythical beasts as well? I saw them going in a direction deeper in and I am guessing that they targeting at the same goals as us.”

The middle aged man’s eyes was suddenly filled with vicious malice as he said in his deep voice: “If that is true that we’re after the same thing, then we will look for an opportunity to kill them along the way!” And he led the team forward, going deeper into the woods as he spoke.


Up front, Ling Mo Han who had not gone much further suddenly stopped in his tracks, the gaze in his set of deep eyes turned sharp and cold as he scanned the surroundings cautiously.

Feng Jiu saw him stop and took the chance to remove the outer coat on her, quickly twisting it up into a simple makeshift bundle before taking out the herbs she had picked along the way all this time from inside her robes to put them in. Next, she then retrieved the gold ingots and stuffed them in after that, before finally tying the “bundle sack” tightly across her body.

Although the clothes she was wearing were the tattered clothes of a beggar, she had worn several layers of them, hence, removing a piece or two of them did not matter much to her.

But, when she finished tying up the bundle and lifted her head, she was suddenly startled. From in between the trees surrounding them, she saw several sharp fanged unidentifiable bestial forms, their bodies big as oxen, stepping out warily, and she blinked her eyes as she asked: “Uncle, do these things eat people?”

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