Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece

Chapter 36: Decapitation Strike

Chapter 36: Decapitation Strike

He gave a brief summary of his plan, and Philesius looked at him with amazement.

“Will it work?!” Davos was urging him.

Philesius thought it over and hesitatingly said, “…it should be feasible, but it won’t necessarily succeed.”

“There isn’t any plan that can guarantee a 100% success, but if we don’t try it then there won’t be a chance!” Davos decisively gathered the guard team of Hielos and told them of his plan in detail. Out of their trust in him, they agreed to this dangerous plan without any hesitation.

Who knew that Davos then added, “This time I will go with you!”

“No! Davos, you are the leader, you can’t take any risks!” Philesius immediately objected.

“The distance back and forth is only a hundred meters, and in a blink of an eye, I would be back, so what is the danger! Besides, I am still a ‘God’s Favored’ and I have the blessing of Hades. If I die, then doesn’t it mean that this ‘God’s Favored’ thing is not reliable!” Davos persisted with a smile, and pointed to Hielos, “You are my good brother. Now, I will join this assault as a member of Hielos’ squad!” Hielos swallowed back the words that he wanted to say to dissuade him.

“Alright, let us brothers live and die together!” Matonis excitedly exclaimed.

“Yes, let the others see the courage of the warriors of Thessaly!” Olivos, who had been silent, shouted excitedly at this moment.

At this time, the herald arrived, “Mithridates went to the side of Timasion and shouted… only 3 soldiers surrendered to the Persians!” This was the ability of Clearchus in uniting the troops, even in death, he still affects his soldiers.

“Mithridates will be here soon! There is no time to delay! Philesius, stay here for me!” Davos was in a hurry.

“Okay.” Philesius helplessly agreed.

“Asistes, you immediately inform the captains to get ready…”

“Understand!” Asistes excitedly said.

“The squad of Hielos, come with me to the front!”

“Hou!!……” Everyone screamed at the same time, causing the other soldiers to curiously look back.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Reporting to the ephor, Mithridates is already on his way to Davos camp!”

After hearing the report of Tolmides, Cheirisophus couldn’t help but look at his side.

Even the troops of prestigious leaders such as Cleanor and Timasion have defected. Can this inexperienced young man control his soldiers? Cheirisophus was full of worries.

“Tolmides, you immediately go to Timasion and let him send the Cretan archers to go after and attack Mithridates.” He finally made a decision.

“Yes!” Tolmides immediately rushed to the rear with his horse.

‘Young man, you have to hold on!’

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Davos, who had change into a regular helmet, together with the squad of Hielos were now in the first row, and have javelins on their back, hidden under their shoulders. They faced the west like the other soldiers, filled with vigilance and they were tensely paying attention to the rear of the troops.

Suddenly, someone squeezed into his side and before Davos could look who it was, he then heard Asistes, “Leader, I have already conveyed your orders to the other captains. I am your herald, please let me fight together with you!” Asistes seriously beg.

Davos nodded.

“Leader, here they are!” Hielos quietly reminded him.

The sound of horse hooves came from the rear and gradually became clear…

Soon, 30 light cavalry appeared in front of them. The first person that is wearing a shiny scaly armor that covered till the knees, must be Mithridates.

Davos widened his eyes and clenched the copper shield in his hands.

“Damn coward.” Matonis quietly sweared.

“Greek warriors, I am Mithridates, a good friend of Cyrus the Younger!” Mithridates stood at a place 200 meters ahead of Davos and shouted. His cavalry soldiers repeated what he shouted in Greek at the same time.

“Moreover, I am still a good friend of Menon! I have always been friendly to you Greeks, especially you, the soldiers of Menon, I have visited your camp a lot of times! Believe me, Clearchus was punished for breaking the agreement, however you did not! The truce agreement is still valid for you! Come on, come to our side! I swear to Vahram (T/N note: another name of Verethragna a Persian god), the god worshipped by my family! That I have no malice against you, and we will safely send you back to Asia Minor! At the same time, Satrap Tissaphernes is ready to hire you once more, because he needs your help since Asia Minor is still not peaceful, and he had prepared a lot of rewards…”

“You Persians who have smeared honey on yours mouths, don’t think that we will get fooled!” Asistes spat.

At this time, Davos quietly said, “Get ready – start!”

The squad of Hielos began to shout, “Is it true that you will let us go home?”

“You really won’t hurt us?”

“How much will Tissaphernes pay in hiring us?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After a commotion, they unanimously shouted, “We surrender! Surrender!…” With that, they threw down their shields and spears and ran towards Mithridates.

“We also surrender!” Another hoplite unit near the squad of Hielos immediately dropped their weapon, and soon they mixed up with the squad of Hielos.

“General, look! There are many people who surrendered this time!” A cavalryman happily said to Mithridates.

“Of course! Who is Menon, he and Ariaeus has the best relationship! I think we can keep on shouting here!” Mithridates said while feeling proud of himself, because it had such a great effect just as soon as he shouted, which boosted his confidence.

Davos was running as he stared at the movement of the cavalry of Mithridates, who was opposite of him. At this time, two Persian cavalry ran up to him and made him nervous.

“Run to the right! Run to the right!…” They shouted in fluent Greek, while gesturing and turned their horse around to lead the way and signal them to follow.

“Ignore them! Increase your pace!” Davos shouted in a low voice.

The Greek soldiers did not listen to their command and suddenly increase their speed, running to their direction, which caused Mithridates to doubt.

Just then, the cavalryman beside him shouted in panic, “Not good! They… they have javelins on their backs!”

The reason why he could clearly see it was because he was 30 meters away from the Greek soldiers.

“Get ready!!!” Hielos shouted. The squad members quickly pulled out the javelin on their back and took a great strides forward.

“Damn!!” Mithridates hurriedly pulled the reins, and clamped on the belly of the horse and tried to turn the horse’s head and retreat.

However, it was too late. Matonis threw a javelin that even made him fell due to the strong inertia.

Among the screams of the Persian cavalry, ten javelins flew towards Mithridates and he had no time to dodge them. Several javelins pierced his body and even the horse had its neck impaled, with a neigh, the horse collapse together with him.

Just as the Persian cavalry panicked, the rapidly closing squad of Hielos threw a second round of javelins and two more cavalry fell.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Antonios, who was watching closely, shouted excitedly, “Success! They succeeded!!”

The soldiers cheered.

“Quickly aid leader Davos!” Kapus screamed calmly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Just as the two teams were about to retreat, Mithridates, who had just fallen to the ground, suddenly moved and struggled to pull out his right leg that was trapped under the horse. His thick armor had apparently protected his vital point.

Now he was 20 meters away and was looking around the fleeing Persian cavalry. The situation was so urgent that Davos had no time to think about anything, “Kill him!!” Davos was the first to rushed up.

The soldiers did not hesitate to catch up with him, they picked up the javelin and spear on the ground.

Matonis threw another javelin and hit a Persian cavalry, who wanted to rescue Mithridates, off his horse, scaring the rest of the cavalry to once more run away.

Mithridates lifted his dusty face. Looking up at Davos with his grieved smile revealing his bloody mouth, “…you… won’t be able to escape…”

Davos did not speak, and directly plunged the tip of his spear into his neck.

T/N: Decapitation Strike: Is a military strategy aimed at removing the leadership or command and control of a hostile government or group. The strategy of shattering or defeating an enemy by eliminating its military and political leadership has long been utilized in warfare.

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