Medical Sovereign

Chapter 464 - The Army of Pets

Chapter 464 The Army of Pets


In the office building of the Fantastic Stones Shop, Nie Fan was waiting restlessly. Suddenly, the phone rang, and he was scared to shiver. Hurriedly, he picked up the phone and pressed the answer button. “Senior Brother, what about it?”

“Our leader won, but the boy is unwilling to take out what our leader wants before seeing his sisters.”

Mo Bai’s calm voice came from the phone.

Nie Fan heaved a long sigh of relief. “Then, what is our leader’s instruction now?”

“Take the girls to the Fantastic Stones Shop, and our leader and I will take him there immediately.”

“Okay, I’ll call them and ask them to take the girls there.”

“Remember, don’t let your subordinates touch them because this is related to the blueprint of our leader.”

Mo Bai warned him.

“Rest assured. They don’t dare to touch them without my order. Even if we decide to touch them, our leader should touch them first, and then we brothers… hehe.”

Nie Fan smiled extremely filthily.

“Okay, don’t nag! Hurry up!”

When he felt Ding Ning’s undisguised anger and killing intention, Mo Bai instantly urged Nie Fan, hung up the phone, and mourned him in his mind.

As soon as he hung up, Nie Fan contacted his subordinates, but after he called them many times, still no one answered him, which gave him a bad premonition.

He then called Mo Bai hurriedly. “Senior Brother, something is wrong.”

Mo Bai was startled. “What’s wrong?”

“I called Wang Xiaoliu and other people many times, but they did not answer my calls. Is anything wrong?”

Nie Fan panicked and said.

Mo Bai’s expression stiffened, and he looked at Ding Ning in panic. After seeing the latter’s gesture, he said hurriedly, “Where did they hide the girls? Let our leader and I go and take a look.”

“In my place.”

“Got it.”

Mo Bai hung up the phone and told Ding Ning the address of a residence, which was a small courtyard bought by Nie Fan.

Ding Ning patted Ye Tianlang’s shoulder. “Alang, you drive them there, and let me go first.”

Before Ye Tianlang could say anything, Ding Ning had dashed into the darkness and disappeared.

Ding Ning was so anxious that he could not bear to drive there. When the two people could not see him anymore, his bone wings came out of him, and he flew toward Nie Fan’s residence.

At the same time, Xiaojin had already flown to investigate the situation in advance.

Shikuli Community, an old-fashioned building complex similar to the Fuxing Road Old Area, was surrounded by arrays of high-rise buildings. In this area, only this seven-story building looked extremely special.

The low-rise buildings erected between the 1950s and 1960s were quite nostalgic, and the small courtyard purchased by Nie Fan was in this community.

The small courtyard, which usually looked comfortable and peaceful, was now filled with a pungent smell of blood. Seven or eight corpses in various poses were lying in the yard, and their eyes, which were opened and suggested that they did not die in peace, were still with fear and despair.

Ding Ning’s face was quite dark. Standing quietly in the yard, he observed these people carefully and found the cause of their death.

The murderer’s method of murder was extremely brutal: The throat of each corpse was smashed. That was to say, these people died of broken throat suffocation.

After touching the corpses that were still warm and had not become completely stiff, Ding Ning inferred that the murderer had just left less than ten minutes ago.

Xiaojin hovered in the air and sent him a message, saying that it had not found any suspicious traces, which made Ding Ning extremely agitated.

“Who on earth suddenly broke into this place to kill these kidnappers and take away Ye Huan and her sister?” Ding Ning would not naively think that the person came to rescue Ye Huan and her sister, and the brutal means showed that the person was not a kind creature.

He could only pray that the murderer had come to deal with him. If so, Ye Huan and her sister might have a chance to live; if not, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Xiaojin, expand your search and continue to look for some suspicious people.”

Ding Ning’s face was like the icy-cold iron, and he gave Xiaojin an order in their spiritual connection.

He took out his cellphone and found a charger to start charging it. As soon as the cellphone was turned on, messages and missed calls appeared one after another with vibrations.

Looking at the more than ten missed calls from Ye Huan and her sister, Ding Ning felt extremely miserable.

It was true that Ye Huan and her sister were completely implicated by him and suffered the undeserved disaster this time. That was why he was so anxious.

As his wings flapped, he soared to the sky and kept hovering in the air to look for possible clues.

In the apartment of the financial director of Shengtang Medical Company, Doudou, who was sleeping in a special dog kennel, suddenly opened its eyes, furtively put his head out to look at Chu Yunxiu who had fallen asleep, rose to its feet, and came to the door. Suddenly, it kicked the ground with its two short legs, held the door handle with its two front paws and twisted it hard.

With a click, the door was opened.

Doudou jumped down, went out from the crack between the door and the frame and closed the door behind it with its paw.

Immediately, it began to run happily and wildly, and its smart big eyes were full of excitement.

It had restrained itself too much during this time because it acted in a cutely spoiled manner every day while living with Chu Yunxiu. After gene modification, it was not a pet anymore. Instead, it became a real pet with intelligence, and being a stupid and adorable pet was too shameful.

Now its master finally called for it, so how could it not be excited? As soon as it left the staff dormitory, Doudou gave a low-pitched growl. “Woof, bow-wow!”

A low-pitched bark came in response from the yard next door, and then a big Tibetan Mastiff came out and walked after it with a flattering expression.

Like an arrogant princess, Doudou did not even look at it, barked twice in dog language quickly, and then ran forward with its short legs.

The Tibetan Mastiff ran after it like a shadow and growled from time to time.

As each growl sounded, a dog or cat would come out of its owner’s house to follow them. One, two, three… more and more dogs and cats joined them.

When Doudou left the community, an army of no less than 100 pets was after it. The few passers-by looked at them with curiosity, but no one dared to go and stop them.

This was not a joke. If they were bitten by the army of pets, they could not ask for compensation because the law could not be enforced on a large group of pets, the same as the law enforcement on humans.

Led by Doudou, the army of pets ran vigorously on the street, heading for Shikuli Community.

At the same time, a panther with sleek hair opened his eyes when he was asleep because it felt the anger and irritability of its owner. Despite the curious eyes of the stupid crocodile in the pond, he slipped out of the Green Cloud Club silently.

Its amber eyes shone with humanity in the dark like a cheetah… uh, no, it was originally a cheetah.

Like a ghost, it whooshed in the dark at an astonishing speed. Even if someone caught a glimpse of a flashing dark shadow from the corner of his eye, he found no trace of it when he rubbed his eyes to watch it again, and he could only shake his head and think he made a mistake.

Three huge Air Force Wings continuously hovered in the night sky, searching hard for all suspicious people on the ground.

Luoxue, who was disturbed and woke up from a sound sleep, felt Ding Ning’s monstrous anger and frustration and sat up silently, with her beautiful eyes full of worry and confusion.

Although she knew that Ding Ning’s mobile phone was powered off, she still tried to call him. Unexpectedly, the call was answered. “Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine, Luoxue. You just stay with our sister at home, don’t care about anything else, and ask Xiahou to put on alert to guard the house.”

Ding Ning’s voice turned a bit softer, and he comforted Luoxue and hung up the phone, but he became more worried.

Dazed, Luoxue sat on the bed for a moment, climbed out of bed, got dressed, walked out of the room, summoned Xiahou on duty, and told him Ding Ning’s instruction.

Xiahou realized that something might have happened, and woke up all the security guards to guard every corner of the villa like facing a formidable enemy.

At a moment when no one noticed her, Luoxue walked out of the villa secretly and disappeared into the darkness, accompanied by only a crow and a bat.

“Brother, what’s the matter?”

Ye Tianlang, who finally arrived, entered the yard, frowned as he saw the corpses scattered everywhere, and asked with concern.

“I came late, they were taken away by someone, and I’m waiting for the kidnapper’s phone call.”

Ding Ning’s eyes were a little red, and the cruelty in his eyes was like that of a ferocious wolf.

Ye Tianlang pursed her lips and stopped talking, but the look in his eyes was firm. No matter what Ding Ning wanted, he would be with him.

Mo Bai was quite frightened, fearing that Ding Ning would be angry with him, so he remained silent in the corner.

Ding Ning picked up the dying Wu Tianxie and entered the room, while Ye Tianlang stood straight outside the door like the most loyal warrior.

Soon, a terrifying scream came from the room. Mo Bai trembled all over and imagined the cruel scene in the room, and his legs seemed to turn softer and softer.

But he did not notice that the scream could only reach the yard at most and then disappeared, and the neighbors were not disturbed. What a surprise!

Ten minutes later, Ding Ning came out expressionless, without any blood stains on him or with any signs that he had tortured the man.

Mo Bai only knew that Wu Tianxie had disappeared from the world since then, leaving no traces, except for a negligible puddle of pus on the ground.

Feeling the arrival of the panther and the army of pets, Ding Ning could not help being slightly stunned, but then he became ecstatic. “Doudou has arrived at the critical moment, indeed!”

But the army of more than 100 pets was too shocking, so Ding Ning did not let them in and only summoned Doudou to come in, asking it to sniff the scene of the murder.

Doudou sniffed it, barked twice, and ran out.

Ding Ning put away his mobile phone, called to Ye Tianlang and Mo Bai, got in the Toyota commercial vehicle, and drove after Doudou.

The panther swished into the commercial vehicle. As Ye Tianlang saw this, his hair stood up, all his muscles were tightened, and a low-pitched growl came out of his throat as if he had met the Celestial Ruler.

Mo Bai was so scared that his hair stood on end. Holding his head, he wanted to jump off the car, but he was pulled back by Ding Ning. “Don’t be afraid. That’s my pet.”

Dahei narrowed its eyes and squinted at Mo Bai with disdain, but its head rubbed intimately against Ding Ning’s thigh.

Ding Ning rubbed its head. “Why are you here?”

Dahei whined twice, and Ding Ning had a helpless expression. “Well, then you go.”

Dahei whined twice like a human to express its joy and then streaked out with a rustle.

Ding Ning put on a weird complexion. “God, Dahei takes a fancy to Doudou? Dear Lord, a panther takes a fancy to a dog! The panther’s view of love is so strange.”

Doudou glanced proudly at the panther who wore a flattering expression and then barked twice like an authoritative empress to the group of pets, who scattered away with joy and excitement.

Ding Ning thought that Doudou asked them to go home, but soon he found that he was wrong. Like well-trained intelligence officers, these dogs scattered around to ask about the situation.

More dog and cat pets in the vicinity began to come here and scrambled to report their information to Doudou like in a pet meeting. On the side, Dahei could only smack its lips with admiration.

The report meeting only lasted a few minutes, but Doudou had been clear about the situation. It jumped to Dahei’s back and barked twice, and then the pets scattered around and went home.

Dahei then served as Doudou’s mount obediently and was willing to start running as Doudou commanded.

Ye Tianlang and Mo Bai were dumbfounded by the scene. “Doudou is not a dog, is it? It is truly the amazing leader of an intelligence organization!”

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