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Chapter 325 - Spell of Savage Soldier's Body

Chapter 325 Spell of Savage Soldier’s Body

However, when he discovered that his connection with the Tianshui totem had been completely severed and he was unable to reach her, he completely lost hope.

Godd*mn, if he was going to die in any case, he may as well drink all this good stuff. He would just consider it his last meal before death.

Ding Ning’s skin was red like a boiled lobster. Without any regard for the medicine burning his mouth, he opened his mouth and gulped it into his stomach.

“Sister mermaid, rescue my brother, quick.”

Inside the totem’s space, Ding Luoxue had woken up and was tugging anxiously at the mermaid’s hand, begging desperately.

“His physical body and spirit are too weak, he can’t even compare to a child of the Wu tribe. He is unable to accept the inheritance of the Wu Tribe. This ordeal is to help him train, whether or not he can get through it will depend on his perseverance. I can’t help him.”

Bubbles continuously rose from the mermaid’s mouth as she communicated using spiritual strength.

“Nothing bad will happen if he drinks the medicine, right?”

Ding Luoxue looked worriedly at Ding Ning who was swallowing big mouthfuls of medicine.

“He needs to drink the medicine to be able to persevere. If he doesn’t drink it, he will die in the refining process. Only when the medicine spreads throughout his limbs and bones can he strengthen his physical body.”

The mermaid’s enormous black tail swung back and forth restlessly. She swam back and forth within the space and little bubbles continuously rose from her mouth. As she spoke, there was a trace of approval in her eyes.

The moment the medicine entered his mouth, Ding Ning felt a powerful medicinal force rush through his body with unstoppable strength. It charged uncontrollably through his meridians, endlessly tearing through his meridians and flesh.

The pain of what felt like thousands of knives made his body spasm and he wished he could immediately lose consciousness. However, no matter what, he could not manage to faint away. He could only remain conscious and endure the torment of blunt knives cutting through his flesh.

Unable to scream, unable to faint, and unable even to die. The only thing left within Ding Ning’s power was to cry.

But just as he squeezed out some tears, his vision went black. The strong medicinal power had reached his eyes. It made it feel like his eyes were being pricked by needles. The pain made him unconsciously clench his fists.

He shook his head desperately in an attempt to shake off the pain in his eyes. But then his eardrums seemed to be pierced through with a needle. The pain of this made him open his mouth and scream.

But as he opened his mouth, more of the medicine surged into his mouth and rushed into his body, wildly destroying everything that could be destroyed.

Eyes, mouth, nose, teeth, ears, tongue, throat, blood, flesh, bones, meridians, pancreas…

After that, his internal organs were violently torn apart by the medicine. Ding Ning’s blood poured out him like there was no tomorrow. It mixed with the medicinal liquid and re-entered his body through his mouth. His present situation truly helped him understand what it meant to be unable the beg for life and unable to die.

Ding Luoxue looked at the blood-covered Ding Ning and tears poured down her face. But she knew that even the mermaid could not help him right now, he could only depend on himself.

Half of the liquid was gone. Ding Ning lay silently on the bottom of the cauldron like a dead man as he endured the cruelest torture in the world. It was not that he did not want to struggle, it was that he could not even move a single finger at this moment. He could only allow the blood to endlessly mix into the medicinal liquid then re-enter his body with the medicine… then flow out again with his blood… then re-enter again with the medicine… back and forth, endlessly cycling.

Pain, his entire body, inside and out was filled with pain. Even his bones, which had become stronger after his change, had cracked inch by inch under the medicine’s violent onslaught. He felt like a cotton doll that had been torn into pieces bit by bit without any chance of retaliation. He could only watch from the side and wait for the judgment of fate. This powerlessness was very similar to what he had felt when he watched Xuan Ji die. This made him feel raging anger and crushing depression.

Boom, boom…

As the amount of medicine decreased, the nine dragon heads spouting fire dropped lower into the cauldron. The fire hot enough to melt steel finally sprayed across Ding Ning’s barely breathing body.

Almost numb with pain, Ding Ning looked at the raging fire spewing out of the nine ferocious dragon heads and a trace of release appeared in his eyes. At his moment, he finally understood why Xuan Ji only asked for death. Godd*mn, this was not a pain that humans could endure.

Soon he would be vaporized, right? It would finally end.

Ding Ning’s concentration was beginning to waver and he began to see double. The high temperature of the flames endlessly evaporated the medicinal liquid and his body as he calmly faced death.

Just at this moment, a clearness flowed through his mind, immediately rousing his confused and befuddled thoughts.

Just as he wanted to say “What the hell is this, can you not let me die peacefully?”, a spell appeared character by golden character in his mind.

“Spell of Savage Soldier’s Body”?

Ding Ning immediately came to his senses. So this was Chiyou trying to refine him like a weapon.

He wanted to cry. In his heart, he silently roared, Big Brother Chiyou, you’ve already turned yourself into a strange creature, surely you don’t mean to turn me, such a handsome and carefree, junior also into a strange monster, right?

But between death and monster, Ding Ning very cowardly chose monster. Wasn’t he just being refined into a weapon?

Whatever, refine me if you want. A bad life was better than a good death. But all of my beauties, they probably won’t want to be close to me anymore, how sad.

With tears on his face, Ding Ning silently recited the “Spell of Savage Soldier’s Body”. A strange powerful flowed through his body. The moment the violent medicinal strength touched it, it immediately became as docile as a baby lamb.

His broken bones began to form, his torn internal organs healed, his shattered meridians began to recover, his rotting flesh began to be restored…

The nine dragon heads continued to spew forth hot flames. The high temperature endlessly burned at Ding Ning’s body, roasting his entire person, burning away all the impurities the medicine had purged out of him.

Ding Ning was entirely focused on endlessly reciting “Spell of Savage Soldier’s Body” and completely disregarded the pain of his recovering body and the burning of the high temperature.

After the inhuman pain earlier, the pain at present was nothing but child’s play to him and was completely within his range of endurance.

With the cycling of “Spell of Savage Soldier’s Body”, it cleansed each piece of flesh on his body. Impurities were constantly flushed out and evaporated in the high temperatures created by the nine dragons.

The pain gradually receded to be replaced with an ache as the injuries on his body recovered. Ding Ning trembled all over, this ache was even more difficult for him to endure than the earlier pain.

Focusing his attention and gathering his concentration, Ding Ning forced himself to focus all his attention on cycling “Spell of Savage Soldier’s Body” and to not think about the ache in his bones.

After an indeterminable amount of time, the nine dragons finally stopped spouting fire. Ding Ning felt the ache fade away like the tide and a strength he had never felt before filled every cell in his body.


Ding Ning suddenly opened his eyes and a beam of light, a meter long, shot out of his eyes.

It felt so comfortable, so good, so powerful. Ding Ning rose and could not resist letting out a loud roar yet he was still unable to suppress the restless strength in his body.

His spiritual strength had reached an apex. It lifted him into the air and allowed him to place a ruthless punch against the lid of the cauldron.

With a boom, the cauldron lid was unable to keep him in this time and shot into the air with his punch.

“Godd*mn, how dare they refine me like a weapon. Now that my strength is much greater, I’m going to teach you all a lesson.”

With his hands on his hips, Ding Ning stood on the rim of the Nine-Dragon Cauldron and shouted provocations at the eighteen stone statues.

Ding Ning’s confidence rose alongside his strength. He felt that he could send the stone statues flying with just one punch.

Was it not just eighteen stone statues? Although he already knew of the stone statues’ good intentions, he still felt very unhappy and had to restore his dignity.

Pushing off from the rim of the cauldron, Ding Ning surged powerfully toward the nearest stone statue. How dare the stone statue refine him like a weapon, humph! He would beat the shit out of this stone statue.

And so…

Ten minutes later, Ding Ning held his bruised face and was crouched in front of the Nine-Dragon Cauldron as the eighteen stone statues beat him up.

After the one-sided beating was over, the stone statues returned to their places like clay Bodhisattvas, as if nothing had happened.

With tears on his face, Ding Ning wiped away the blood at the corners of his mouth and from his nose. Shaking all over, he pointed at the stone statues and yelled with an angry expression. “You are all shameless to gang up on me. You can’t even die. What bullies.”

Unfortunately, the stone statues kept silent and not a single one paid him any attention. This made Ding Ning feel very tired at heart.

He had not expected this to happen. After his strength increased, he confidently taunted the stone statues. In the beginning, he did have the advantage and shattered a stone statue with three punches.

This increased his confidence greatly. Feeling that beating one stone statue was not satisfying enough, he challenged three at once. But after he destroyed three stone statues with difficulty and continued to challenge the other ones, he discovered that the stone statues he destroyed earlier had been restored to their original condition. This was when things went downhill. Seven stone statues attacked him at the same time and put him at a disadvantage.

But even so, he was able to hold his own. However, as the fighting area expanded, it triggered the other stone statues creating the situation where he was being beaten up by eighteen stone statues.

If this was all, then he could use his speed to successfully defeat them but these mutated stone statues had the power to come back to life. Even if he fought to the end of time, he would not win. So once he realized this, he decided to curl up and accept the beating.

Although his revenge was not successful and he felt very sullen, he had truly felt the strength of his body. Previously, he was someone who would be killed with one punch from the stone statue.

But now, the stone statue’s attack on his body only brought a little pain. It was clear how much his body had strengthened and how different it was from previously.

What delighted him the most was that he did not turn into a monster, and he could still do the things he liked with his beloved beauties.

“Humph, I’m in a good mood today so I won’t quibble with you all. There will be a day where I destroy all of you so thoroughly that you won’t be able to come back to life.”

Ding Ning said resentfully.

Clenching his fist tightly, an explosion sounded in the air. Ding Ning felt the power in his body and gave a pleased smile. The pain he had suffered earlier was not for naught.

But as a message and a chapter of “Spell of Savage Soldier’s Body” mysteriously entered his mind, Ding Ning felt as if he had been splashed with a basin of ice-cold water. His expression immediately collapsed and became very bitter.

The message told him that there were nine levels to “Spell of Savage Soldier’s Body”. He had now completed the first exercise and had reached the first level. The strength of his body was equal to that of an adolescent warrior of the Wu Tribe. He had to enter the next level of Wu Shen Palace to cultivate level two.

The strength of an adolescent warrior? The strength of an adolescent warrior? The strength of an adolescent warrior?

This phrase echoed in Ding Ning’s mind and he wanted to cover his face and cry. Such a powerful body was only at the strength of an adolescent warrior of the Wu Tribe? Godd*mn.

What terrified him the most was that he had to endure such painful refinement eight more times. Ding Ning wanted to cry but had no tears. He pointed to the sky and swore, “Chiyou, you b*stard, you won’t be happy until you’ve killed me, right?”

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