Medical Princess

Chapter 793 - Bring Her into the Palace!

Chapter 793 Bring Her into the Palace!

Han Dan almost screamed subconsciously. After taking two steps back, she suddenly came to her sense and knelt down to Shao Wanru. “Fifth Miss, please, please save me. I don’t want to…”

“You don’t want to?” Shao Wanru raised her eyes and looked at Han Dan’s face coldly. “Big Sister will enter into the palace. If you stay with her, you will get rid of your former identity. If Big Sister is favored in the future, you will be her personal palace maid. Isn’t that great?”

In her last life, the two of them were the master and the servant. They colluded with each other.

“Fifth Miss… Fifth Miss…” Han Dan cried. She really just wanted to find a good master. She didn’t want to gain anything else. She didn’t want to follow an imperial concubine with no future. It was better for her to stay in the Chuxiu Palace. At least, she would have chances three years later.

People in the palace could not bear to see their masters being neglected or sent directly to the Cold Palace. Although the servants did not dare to talk about the master who was favored, they dared to talk about the imperial concubines in the Cold Palace. They talked about what had happened when they were favored. After hearing these things many times, she at least knew something.

Shao Yanru didn’t seem to be in a good situation anyway. Even though Miss Shao was extremely beautiful and smart, she couldn’t get the Emperor’s appreciation and the Empress’s protection. There was no future for her.

“Han Dan, there is no shortage of smart people in the palace. You served my Big Sister before, but now she has no one to serve her. If you don’t stay, she has to find someone else to serve her. If my Big Sister knows that you are unwilling to serve her, she may kill you directly!”

Shao Wanru paused and then said coldly!

Han Dan trembled and looked at Shao Yanru, who was lying on the bed in horror. Although Shao Yanru was lying there quietly as if she was harmless and in a mess, it did not stop Han Dan from thinking of Miss Shao’s schemes. At first glance, it was obvious that she was a scheming woman.

“Don’t worry about what will happen to Big Sister in the future. I’m relieved that you stay with her today. In the future… there will always be a way to save you!” Shao Wanru looked at Han Dan and said.

Her words were vague, but Han Dan understood them. Her eyes immediately lit up. She kowtowed to Shao Wanru heavily three times, and said in a choked voice, “Fifth Miss, I understand. I will definitely serve First Miss well as you say.”

The reason why she served Shao Yanru was because of Shao Wanru’s words. It could be seen that the servant girl really understood what Shao Wanru meant.

Shao Yanru was not in a good condition at the moment. The imperial physician came to see her again. After that, she had been in a half-awake state intermittently and struggled to shout from time to time, “Forgive me! Forgive me!”

Shao Wanru couldn’t understand her struggle, so she just stood by the table with her and waited for the Empress’s order. After calculating the time, she knew that the empress should make a decision.

“There is aphrodisiac powder in the medicine?” The Emperor asked the Empress in a deep and low voice.

All the other people in the imperial study were driven out. Even the general steward besides the Empress was waiting outside the door, leaving Derong to serve the most distinguished couple in the imperial study.

“I found out that Miss Shao’s servant girl named Shuqi did it. But when the servant girl was taken away for interrogation, she hit her head and died. So Miss Shao passed out and hasn’t woken up yet. I asked the imperial physician to treat Miss Shao there.”

The Empress said gently and did not mention that she could not control herself and gave Shao Yanru two slaps at that time. At this time, she was the Empress and the mother of the country, so she had to behave herself.

“Did she do it to Duke Xing’s eldest daughter?” The Emperor had an intuition that something was wrong, and he was also affected inside.

“It seems to be like that. But I asked the imperial physician. He said that when this medicine is placed in hot water, it will also emit an aphrodisiac smell!” The Empress paused and said, “In the early morning, the First Miss asked the Fifth Miss Shao to go to the Imperial Institute of Medicine to get some painkillers and said that she didn’t sleep well last night.”

“When Fifth Miss Shao went there, it happened that no one was on duty in the Imperial Institute of Medicine. Recently, because of the shift of imperial physicians in Chuxiu Palace, the headquarters of the Imperial Institute of Medicine would have a gap during the shift of imperial physicians. Fifth Miss Shao happened to go there at this time. First Miss Shao meant that Fifth Miss Shao might also catch some aphrodisiac powder to hurt her. The relationship between the two has never been good, and Fifth Miss Shao knows some medical skills!”

What the Empress said was true, and she did mean it. However, if her words were connected together, it seemed that Shao Yanru wanted to take the blame for Shao Wanru. The Empress implicitly meant this, and the Emperor understood.

His expression suddenly turned sharp and serious.

If Shao Yanru really wanted to frame Shao Wanru and had plotted against the Imperial Institute of Medicine and even calculated the shift situation of the Imperial Institute of Medicine well, there must be someone who was helping her secretly, and this person was from the imperial palace. The shift of the imperial physicians in Chuxiu Palace had only been implemented recently. Who had calculated it so clearly?

Such a person was definitely a hidden danger in the imperial palace.

“Who has contacted with Shao Jing’s eldest daughter?” The Emperor asked coldly.

Seeing the Emperor’s cold eyes, the Empress breathed a sigh of relief and frowned, “I can’t figure it out even if I want to. The First Miss Shao is usually obedient and basically did not cause trouble except what happened between her and Yue’er and Zhou’er. Her servant girl has contacted many people. I don’t know who is suspicious. It’s a pity that the servant girl is dead. Otherwise, I can find out a lot of information!”

The Empress seemed to say according to the Emperor’s meaning but in fact, she added more. She really hated Shao Yanru and wished that the Emperor would kill her now. However, she also knew that it was impossible. Before there was any evidence, the identity of the eldest legitimate daughter of Duke Xing’s Mansion could save her life.

But this identity could only save her life. She would not let Shao Yanru be favored!

“Find out every person who has contact with her servant girl,” the Emperor said.

“Yes, I will secretly inquire about this matter, but Your Majesty, now… how should we deal with her? Since such a thing has happened, we have to give an explanation to Duke Xing’s Mansion. Otherwise, it will be bad if it is spread out. What’s more, it’s also related to Prince Xin. Consort Ming also wants Your Majesty to make a decision as soon as possible!”

The Empress was indeed a good Empress. At this time, she was still thinking for the Emperor wholeheartedly. The message revealed that she wanted the Emperor to bring Shao Yanru into the palace, but she also mentioned Chu Liuxin and Consort Ming. Her words made the Emperor could not say anything. Shao Yanru intended to plot against his youngest son. By accident, he himself was plotted. No one facing this could have no grudge in his heart.

In particular, it seemed that Consort Ming also knew this, which made him feel weary.

“Take her into the palace!” The Emperor waved his hand impatiently and said. He really didn’t want to talk about Shao Yanru. This woman was not only not a good one, but also dissolute. He would find an opportunity to deal with her later. But now it seemed that he couldn’t find any evidence against her, so he could only let her stay in the palace.

“Yes, I also have the same idea, but I don’t know what title I should give her. Originally, as the eldest legitimate daughter of Duke Xing’s Mansion, she could be directly entitled as a consort, but as for Consort Ming…” The Empress said with a difficult expression. Consort Ming also equaled to Chu Liuxin, which would remind the Emperor of what had happened before.

She didn’t mention Consort of Virtue. When she mentioned Consort of Virtue, she would think of the scandal between Chu Liuyue and her son. This was also because of Shao Yanru. This kind of thing would hurt both the enemy and herself. The Empress didn’t want the Emperor to feel weary when he thought of her own son.

“From the Ninth-class Secondary Consort!” The more the Emperor listened, the more annoyed he became, and he thought more about that he was also plotted against.

The Ninth-class Secondary Consort was the worst title of the Emperor’s women. The Empress finally felt relieved. She smiled and looked virtuous and advised, “Your Majesty, isn’t this not good? After all, she is the eldest legitimate daughter of Duke Xing’s Mansion. She can’t enter the palace in such a low position!”

“What else can she get? She plotted against me. Do I have to invite her to the palace to be an imperial concubine?” After saying that, the Emperor waved his hand and said, “You can leave now. I will explain it to Shao Jing. It’s because of the reputation of Duke Xing’s Mansion for so many years that his daughter is not punished.”

Seeing that the Emperor was annoyed, the Empress was overjoyed, but she still pretended to be calm and gentle. “Yes, I will listen to your arrangement, but now where should Secondary Consort Shao live?”

“Anywhere. Just let her stay where she is. Don’t come strolling around when she has nothing better to do, and there’s no need for her to greet you and mother.”

The Emperor said this impatiently.

This time, the Empress didn’t dare to say anything more. Since she had achieved her goal, there was no reason for her to stay here. She bowed obediently to the Emperor and slowly left.

When she got out of the imperial study, she looked up at the sky with a cold smile on her lips. Then she slowly tidied up her sleeves and returned to Phoenix Palace with all the servants.

The Emperor’s intention was very clear. He wanted Shao Yanru to enter the palace, but she could only stay in the palace and could not go around.

Even though it wasn’t the Cold Palace, it was almost similar to the Cold Palace. She was only a ninth-grade Secondary Consort!

She could not be put into the Cold Palace. After all, she had done nothing wrong on the surface. Then she could just be put into the palace near the Cold Palace. There were a few large palaces there, which were far away from the main palace. No one wanted to go there. They all felt that it was remote and unlucky. Just let her go there so that she would not be an eyesore to the Empress.

After the Empress returned to Phoenix Palace with satisfaction, it didn’t take long for her to issue an order and ask the supervisor eunuch to send it to the side hall. She was unwilling to let such a bitch stay in her side hall.

Shao Yanru was carried out of the Empress’s Phoenix Palace. There were a total of two decrees for her to enter the palace, one for Duke Xing’s Mansion and the other for herself. Before she woke up, she had become Secondary Consort Shao…

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