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Chapter 510 - Grandma or Old Madam?

Chapter 510 Grandma or Old Madam?

The following days were so quiet that it seemed as if those incidents had never happened.

Every day, Pushan Nun would come here to chant scriptures with her students but the time was not fixed. Even though Shao Wanru came every day, she had never met Pushan Nun.

Duke Xing’s Mansion sent a supervisor to clear up those leftover fruits and cakes every day, replaced them with fresh ones, and put them in the Buddha Hall.

The old maid would stand aside and finish her work quickly once being asked to do something by Shao Wanru or Pushan Nun when they came here to chant scriptures.

Time went by fast and nearly 10 days had passed. This morning, Shao Wanru got up very early. Seeing that it was still dark, Yujie wanted Shao Wanru to continue to sleep a little longer. However, Shao Wanru just shook her head and had Yujie help her wash and dress. After Qu Le had brought them their breakfast, they then quickly had breakfast and went directly to the Buddha Hall, where a religious rite was going to be held.

Today, Old Madam would go up the mountain to offer incense to Buddha in person.

When Shao Wanru arrived at the Buddha Hall, she found that Pushan Nun had been here with her students, Huiqing and Huiming. In the hall, the smell of burning incense and the sound of chanting together made people feel seclusive.

Shao Wanru knelt on a rush cushion after offering incense.

Old Madam had arrived very early. The instant Shao Wanru finished offering incense and knelt down, Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion arrived along with Madam of Duke Xing, Shao Yanru, Shao Hua’an, and Shao Jie’er.

The second branch of Duke Xing’s Mansion was here except for Duke Xing while nobody from the third branch came.

Hearing there were noises coming from behind, Shao Wanru got up and stood aside, lowering her head.

Then Old Madam came over. When this group of people all finished offering incense to Buddha, they then had a rest in the side hall while Shao Wanru was also asked to come.

In the middle of the side hall sat Old Madam, wearing a poker face, which made it hard for people to discern her mood. Madam of Duke Xing, who sat next to Old Madam, cast her vicious eyes at Shao Wanru while a bright and kind smile was on her face. Shao Yanru was tapping Old Madam’s back while she also stared at Shao Wanru, smilingly.

Shao Jie’er looked Shao Wanru up and down. They just met each other in the mansion several times but had never talked to each other.

It was the first time for Shao Hua’an to meet Shao Wanru. He was also watching Shao Wanru carefully. He looked as elegant and gentle as a master of an aristocratic family while staring at his fifth sister in a mild way. He didn’t understand why his mother and sister would treat Shao Wanru, a sister who was just recognized as a family member, like an enemy.

Being watched by people, Shao Wanru walked up to them slowly in due form. Her distance at each step seemed to be very precise and measured. Old Madam, who had always been captious, could find no fault. Frowning, she seemed to be involuntarily not willing to see her youngest granddaughter being so decent and extraordinary.

Shao Wanru stepped forward. She first bowed to Old Madam and then to Madam of Duke Xing.

When she stood still and raised her head, people there including Old Madam were totally amazed by her appearance. The hall suddenly became very quiet.

Her skin was fair, tender, and as white as jade. Her eyes looked dense but also seemed clear. It sounds self-contradictory, but it was the truth, which amazed people. She didn’t put on lipstick but her lips still looked red. Her delicate appearance made her look innocent but also a bit seductive in an inconsistent way.

Even though she looked a bit seductive, she didn’t seem coquettish, which might make people look down upon her, as the innocence in her bones neutralized it.

Her decent behavior and her amazing appearance both showed the fact that Fifth Miss was not the childish girl from two years ago anymore.

Even though she was still young, nobody could deny her extraordinary beauty.

Nobody would believe the coquettish charm that had always been looked down upon by others would make Shao Wanru, who only wore a dark robe, look so extraordinary by being neutralized by her innocence in her bones and her decent behavior.

Her beauty should only be in heaven!

Everyone thought in the same way.

Shao Hua’an was stunned. He knew that his fifth sister was pretty, but he didn’t expect that she could be so gorgeous and beautiful. Getting used to his first sister’s appearance, he had thought that Shao Wanru’s appearance would not be comparable with his first sister’s. However, the instant Shao Wanru appeared, Shao Yanru seemed to be not so pretty now.

Lifting his mouth, he now recognized his fifth sister for the first time.

Suppressing the jealousy in her eyes, Shao Yanru lowered her head slowly with a trace of indifference and coldness in her eyes. Even though she had no quarrel with Shao Wanru, she needed to ruin her just because of her beauty!

Shao Jie’er opened her mouth. She was totally shocked by Shao Wanru’s beauty. Like Shao Hua’an, she also thought that however beautiful Shao Wanru was, Shao Yanru would still be prettier than her. When she met Shao Wanru before, she did think she was pretty, but she didn’t get shocked.

However, today, she was stunned by her extraordinary beauty.

She even thought that if Infanta Qinghua was also pretty like her, it was reasonable for her uncle to ask the Emperor to marry her.

Madam of Duke Xing coughed lightly while glancing at Shao Wanru with cold eyes. However, she hid the coldness and put on a smile, saying, “Wanru has grown up. You are so pretty that I even cannot recognize you. Mother, see? She does look like her mother!”

Old Madam was still stunned. She looked at Shao Wanru carefully with a serious expression. “Do I need to change my method to deal with this person since she does look really pretty?”

She was thinking when Madam of Duke Xing spoke to her. Hearing her words, she immediately looked unpleasant and snorted. “You do look like Infanta Qinghua. However, just don’t act like your mother, who had done things just as she wanted. You are the Fifth Miss of Duke Xing’s Mansion, whose words and deeds both represent our mansion. Thus, you cannot cause any trouble!”

It was obvious that she was scolding her, which made Yujie, who was following Shao Wanru, flush. How could a grandmother scold her granddaughter when she had not met her granddaughter in years! She even scolded her miss’s biological mother!

“Thank you, Old Madam. My grandma also says that I look like my mother and let me take a lesson from her!” Shao Wanru answered calmly while raising her shining eyes. Her indifference even made her more charming and gorgeous.

Shao Wanru actually didn’t look like Infanta Qinghua very much, or Rui’an Great Elder Princess would have recognized her immediately. Only her eyes were much like her mother’s.

It seemed that she had listened to Old Madam’s words but actually she even counterattacked by calling Old Madam “Old Madam” while calling Rui’an Great Elder Princess “grandmother”. The difference between the forms of address even made Old Madam angry. She wanted to scold her but she knew that it would be a bit embarrassing.

Old Madam’s eyes were burning. She snorted and said, “You might not be willing to listen to my words. You were like this, and you are still like this. Three years. It has been nearly three years. How can you still be so stubborn and gruff!”

Her words might not have sounded significant; however, she said so in front of everyone. For the first time in three years, she finally came to see her biological granddaughter but she just kept scolding her without showing any concern for her.

“Old Madam, may I know what I did wrong and may I know why you would say so?” raising her head, Shao Wanru asked. A trace of coldness in her eyes made her look more offish and less respectful.

“You, how can you…” Being watched by her indifferent eyes, Old Madam was speechless out of anger.

“If you don’t like me, you can choose to not see me. I can also live my tranquil life here!” Shao Wanru lowered her head and answered. She didn’t want to give in. Since Old Madam had always disliked her no matter what she did, then there was no reason for her to behave so humbly.

“Your grandmother does want to see you, kid. I, as your second aunt, also look forward to meeting you as soon as possible. If your third aunt were in good health, she would also come here to see you.” Madam of Duke Xing stood up and pretended to persuade her.

Since she wanted to pretend to be kind, she had to mediate this situation.

“Fifth sister!” Shao Hua’an smiled and greeted her.

“Brother!” answered Shao Wanru.

“Fifth sister!”

“Fifth sister!”

Shao Yanru and Shao Jie’er also went over to greet her.

“First sister, second sister!” Shao Wanru bent her knees and bowed to them. It seemed that they all lived in harmony with each other.

Seeing that these juniors were on good terms, Old Madam looked a bit delighted and even didn’t dislike Shao Wanru as she just had before.

Pointing at a chair, she said to her, “Take your seat.”

“I sure appreciate it,” answered Shao Wanru gently.

“You, also sit down. Let’s talk about the religious rite.” Old Madam nodded and looked at everyone present. They all sat down while only Shao Yanru stood behind Old Madam and continued to tap on her back lightly.

Old Madam believed that Shao Wanru would not show consideration for her, as she didn’t grow up in Duke Xing’s Mansion and had no family affection toward her. Considering her reply and the “Old Madam”, Old Madam believed that she had never treated her as her grandmother.

Thinking of this call, Old Madam felt distressed!

“Old Madam? You are her granddaughter. It is inappropriate to address her like that!” Shao Hua’an smiled and reminded her gently.

Madam of Duke Xing glared at her son. Although she had noticed this inappropriate form of address, she was reluctant to remind her, as she wanted to see the scene of Old Madam being unpleasant, but she could only suppress the feeling and she would blame Shao Wanru for this in the end. However, her son had just ruined her plan.

“Sorry, brother, I just am not used to it,” Shao Wanru answered very fluently with a very good attitude.

Old Madam coughed lightly and said seriously, “You should not know this, but since you and your brother are the only two members of the first branch of our mansion, and as your brother is still young and naive, thus, I have to tell you about this in case that you might think it is unfair for you.”

“Please let me know, Grandma,” Shao Wanru said. This time, she called her grandmother. Had nobody reminded her of this thing, she could have pretended to ignore this point. However, since Shao Hua’an had told her, she could not irritate Old Madam now. After all, being filial had always been the most important thing, and Old Madam was really her biological grandmother.

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