Medical Princess

Chapter 5 - Hypocritical Sister

Chapter 5 Hypocritical Sister

“Second Miss,” Qing Yue screamed and ran over to Qin Wanru.

A large group of people appeared at the door, including Old Grandma, who was surrounded by many female servants. They saw Qin Wanru in a pool of blood. Old Grandma’s face changed dramatically as she screamed, “Hurry up. Get a doctor in here!”

The servant girls rushed to call the doctor.

“Zhuozhuo, Zhuozhuo, what happened?” Mrs. Qin rushed over and picked up Qin Wanru, who was currently at the gates of death. Mrs. Qin was almost about to cry.

Zhuozhuo was her nickname. However, Old Grandma was the only member of the Qin family that called her that so intimately.

“Grandmother, elder sister wants me to marry brother Qi, but… but I don’t want to marry him…She doesn’t agree… I don’t want to marry him. Stop her from killing me…”

Qin Wanru insisted on finishing her intermittent words before she loosened her hands and fainted.

“I have already troubled Old Grandma when I asked for the marriage with Qin Yuru. If I didn’t hurt myself seriously this time, both the mother and daughter of the Di family would not believe me and let it go. I have to deal with both Old Grandma and Qi Tianyu. Qi Tianyu, who has been double-crossed, is bound to come and question me.”

“Zhuozhuo, Zhuozhuo, Zhuozhuo, wake up,” Upon seeing Qin Wanru faint, Mrs. Qin’s voice became urgent. The little face in her arms was pale and without a trace of blood. Her body was lying in a pool of blood. She looked just like a broken porcelain doll. “Hurry up, go and see if the doctor is here.”

Several servant girls rushed out again…

Qin Wanru was awakened by a snoring sound and seemed to hear some people talking loudly. The blurry voices became clear.

The voices became more and more clear. The man’s voice clearly showed anger and disgust.

“Mrs. Qin, I don’t understand what kind of game the Second Miss is playing. Previously, she forcefully wanted to marry me, but just now she had people smash the bridal sedan chair. Anyway, I don’t want to marry her, so I will never agree this marriage! If she wants to marry, then she can marry my second brother.”

She slowly opened her eyes, looked around, and discovered that there was no one around. This was not her death bed. It seemed to be the inner room of her grandmother’s and the angry voice was coming from outside.

It was the voice of Qi Tianyu!

“Sure enough, Qin Yuru secretly told Qi Tianyu that I forced her to let me marry him. Qi Tianyu did not disclose that because he was waiting to bring the bridal sedan chair back to the mansion of the Qi family and humiliate me at the gate. He wished to break off the engagement in public. Then he could embarrass me even more and make it even more disgraceful, which would even ruin my own reputation.”

She sneered in silence and struggled to grab the bed rail. She slowly got up while gritting her teeth.

She was originally a squeaky and childish girl, but now she showed her hatred.

The injuries on her body were less painful than her broken heart.

She had been reborn, so she would not be coaxed by those people again. She would tear off Qin Yuru’s mask for everyone to see.

She would be the one to break the engagement herself, not Qi Tianyu.

“Mr. Qi, you don’t want Zhuozhuo to be your wife so you planned to claim her life using Mammy?” Mrs. Qin’s voice was full of anger as she slammed her hand on the table. It was hard for Mrs. Qin not to get angry when she thought about her beloved granddaughter who was currently at the gates of death.

As for smashing the bridal sedan chair, it was a trivial matter now.

The words Qin Wanru said before she fainted stung her like a thorn. She did not take it into consideration at that time because she was busy trying to heal Qin Wanru. Now that Qin Wanru was out of danger, she finally had time to question Mammy Fang. However, Qi Tianyu came in at this moment, so she took her anger out on Qi Tianyu.

Qi Tianyu brought a lot of people. Originally, he wanted to humiliate Qin Wanru. He made sure to invite many relatives when he went to the bride’s house and escorted her to the wedding. When he became angry and rushed through the door, these people naturally followed him.

Mrs. Qin said that Mammy tried to kill Qin Wanru, but Qi Tianyu did not want to believe it at all. “It is obviously part of Qin Wanru’s game. I don’t know what she is playing at.”

“Claiming her life?” Qi Tianyu repeated those words with a sullen face as his eyes fell on Qin Yuru, who was sitting on the side with her head down, letting her tears sneak out to show her grievance. He felt his heart hurt, but replied in a sharp way, “Old Grandma, it’s likely that your granddaughter knows that I don’t want to marry her, so she came up with the excuse to pester me.”

“Pester you? Mr. Qi, you really… overestimate me!” Qin Wanru’s said weekly but stubbornly.

Upon hearing her voice, everyone looked up and faced the door at the corner where a little girl was standing, with snow-white lips, dark eyes, and an arm that was wrapped in a thick, white bandage that showed signs of blood leaking out from the inside, which was enough to prove that the injury was extremely serious.

“Wasn’t she just pretending? That injury look extremely serious.”

The member of the Qi family who had accompanied Qi Tianyu to break off the engagement could not help being surprised.

Qin Yuru, who had been sitting on the side and watching everything, suddenly had a bad feeling, so she could not think about pretending. She picked up a handkerchief and got up in a hurry. She went to help Qin Wanru and asked in a concerned way, “Little sister, you are injured. Why did you get out of bed?”

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