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Chapter 38 - A Big Incident, A Fight

Chapter 38 A Big Incident, A Fight

Hearing that she was invited, Qi Rongzhi quickly took big steps into the house.

“Sister Qi, come and have porridge with us. This is cooked using the Kongmy your brother sent us last time. It is very glutinous and fragrant,” Qin Yuru passionately came over to hold her hand and said.

It was as if Qin Yuru did not see Qin Wanru who came in behind Qi Rongzhi. She did not care about her.

Qin Wanru glanced at her from head to tie very passively. Her gaze landed on the three bowls of porridge on the table. The steaming porridge really looked very appetizing.

“Big brother indeed treats you the best!” Qi Rongzhi snorted. However, she did not take her seat. She turned her head and pushed away Qin Yuru’s hand very unhappily. “Big brother treats you so well, how could you back out of the marriage?”

“I…actually, I don’t know what’s going on too. I don’t know where the box was from!” Qin Yuru’s expression changed slightly. She then lowered her head and tears started forming in her eyes. She threw the conversation towards Qin Wanru. She had already discussed this with Madam Di, no matter what, she ‘doesn’t know’ and she was ‘set up’.

“Second Miss, where did the box that you made my big brother find come from?” Qi Rongzhi asked Qin Wanru sternly as if she was accusing her of a crime.

“It was found in big sister’s house, how am I supposed to know where it’s from?” Qin Wanru answered calmly. She then tilted her head slightly and looked at Qin Yuru and asked with slight confusion, “Is big sister going to get engaged to First Young Master of the Qi Family again?”

Qin Yuru froze. She quickly said blurrily, “Now that this has happened, we can only talk about it later.”

What she meant was that since they had broken off the engagement, even if they wanted to re-engage, they would have to wait until this period was over. She sounded like she intended to engage with Magistrate Qi, but be it Qin Wanru or Qi Rongzhi, they all heard the hidden message in her words.

They were not Qi Tianyu, they were not fooled by her.

“Then do you want to engage or not?” As if she did not hear the hidden message, Qin Wanru asked with a smiling face.

“Second sister, our parents are the ones that decide our marital affairs, how can we decide anything? Although there’s only the three of us here now, it is still rude for us to talk about these behind their backs.” Qin Yuru scolded Qin Wanru very sternly as if she really cared about these mannerisms.

“So you’re saying that if Mother decides that you should engage with Duke Yong, you’ll listen to her?” Qin Wanru asked stupidly like a child that had yet to see the world.

Covering her hand with her sleeve, Qin Yuru pinched Qin Wanru while keeping a gentle smile on her face. She prompted, “Second Sister, stop saying improper things. Sit down and have some porridge!”

There were three bowls of porridge on the table, obviously prepared for the trio long ago.

“Qin Wanru, be clear in your words. Is it because you can’t see the good in my big brother and want to climb up to a higher branch?” Qi Rongzhi snorted. She heard the hidden message; Qin Yuru obviously wanted to get rid of Qi Rongzhi’s brother and marry Duke Yong in Jing capital.

She thought about her own brother who was looking forward to re-engage with Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion after some time. Yet, not only was Qin Yuru trying to get out of it, but she was also prioritizing her reputation. She wanted to hide her scandal by covering it with the incident that made her lose her reputation.

With the context that Qin Yuru did not want to marry Qi Tianyu, then the lake incident would naturally be Qin Yuru’s fault. Qi Rongzhi could not hold it in anymore.

She took two steps towards the table and picked up the bowl of scorching hot porridge and threw it at Qin Yuru. Coincidentally, Qin Yuru and Qin Wanru stood very close to each other. She was aiming for the spot between the two of them. How nice would it be if one bowl of porridge could destroy two bitches’ faces?

When Qin Wanru saw Qi Rongzhi walking towards the table, she already knew that things were not good. She immediately stepped back and raised her right hand to block herself with her sleeve. Even so, there was still some porridge that splattered onto her right hand, causing her to cry out in pain.

Qin Yuru also paid attention to Qi Rongzhi’s action. Seeing her lift up the bowl, she too, knew that something bad was about to happen, but she realized it too late. The bowl was already flying towards her shoulder. She tried her best to dodge it and subconsciously used her hand to block it. A small portion of the scorching porridge scalded her palm.

“Ah!” Qin Yuru cried out and fell over instantly. The bowl of porridge fell at her feet and another few drops splattered onto her face.

Mei Xue plunged towards her in shock, “Miss, Miss, are you okay?”

At this point in time, Qin Yuru was suffering from so much pain that she could not utter a single word. She swung her hand very hard and the porridge slid off from her palm. But even so, a large part of her palm had been scalded. Her palm was as red as blood.

“Quick, someone come! Miss Qi has injured Big Miss’ hand!” Mei Xue shouted.

“Huh…you can’t put the blame on me…” Seeing Qin Wanru dodge, Qi Rongzhi was not pleased. She snorted and was about to push the blame onto Qin Wanru when she was interrupted by Qin Wanru. “Quick, someone get hold of Miss Qi before she hurt Big Miss again.”

There were other female servants in the house. They were shocked by Qi Rongzhi’s behavior and only snapped back into reality when they heard Qin Wanru’s words. Two of them came forward immediately and grabbed onto Qi Rongzhi’s hands tightly, not allowing her to budge.

Qi Rongzhi’s servant, Chun Yi, wanted to go forward to help but was held back by other servants. All the servants got a great shock when they saw that Qin Yuru had an accident in her own house. No one could bear the consequences if anything were to happen to Big Miss. Hence, they must grab hold of the culprit tightly to help them in their explanation.

“Qin Wanru, how dare you!” Qi Rongzhi did not expect Qin Wanru to order her people to grab her. She was enraged and tried her best to break away but it was to no avail. She started shouting angrily.

This time around, she could not even come up with an excuse!

“Go report to Madam, tell her that Miss Qi had injured Big Miss, and find a doctor,” Qin Wanru paid no attention to Qi Rongzhi and gave orders to two old women whom she had called over.

Qin Wanru’s subordinates were all very flustered. After receiving her order, the two old women ran out immediately.

“Qin Wanru, you’re so bold! Release me right away!” Qi Rongzhi started screaming at the top of her lungs. She twisted and turned with all her strength and shouted at the two servants pulling her very sternly, “Are you two deaf or blind? How dare you pull me!”

“Miss Qi, they’re neither deaf nor blind. They know the place they’re in and that Miss Qi had just injured my big sister. Is Qi’s mansion unable to let the incident go? You even want to take revenge on my big sister like this!” Qin Wanru shouted in a cold voice.

“What do you mean by unable to let the incident go? Your mansion is at fault, Qin Yuru was a bitch to hook up with some random man and make a cuckold of my big brother! He had lost his face! Did she think that we’re letting her go just like that? How could there be anything as simple as that?”

Qi Rongzhi was so mad at Qin Wanru that she stomped on the ground. She stared at Qin Wanru with furious eyes and screamed at her. Her words were subconsciously steered into that direction by Qin Wanru.

“My big sister and First Young Master of the Qi Family had already broken up and the parents from both sides did not say anything. Miss Qi, who are you fighting justice for, to the extent that you have to cause such a scene? If news of this spreads, I wonder if there’s anyone who’s willing to marry Miss Qi,” Qin Wanru said coldly, each sentence reflective of her defence for Qin Yuru.

Qi Rongzhi got even more furious. She turned towards Qin Wanru who was standing beside her and gave a harsh “Pfft”. She struggled with all her strength and said, “What a dirty bitch, she already had a kid with another man, yet she still wants to be with my big brother. He doesn’t want someone else’s woman.”

Qi Rongzhi was usually very direct. Now that she was furious, anything could come out of her mouth. She felt that Qin Yuru had betrayed her big brother and embarrassed him, so she enhanced his own words and exaggerated them. At least she would be talking about how he himself said that he did not want to be a cuckold and it would be less embarrassing for her.

“Look at the things in this house, I bet many of them are given by that man! Qin Yuru, how could you do such a bold thing? On one side you’re engaged to my brother and on the other, you’re being intimate with another man! You’re so dirty yet someone still wants you! Who else should I pour the porridge at other than you!”

Qi Rongzhi was in full-blast mode. At this point in time, she had long forgotten that she had meant to bring Qin Wanru into this.

Mei Xue had already taken Qin Yuru aside and sat down. She anxiously wiped the porridge off her hands and face. There were a few tiny red spots on her face, they did not look big. But there was a big scar on her hand that could not be touched. Qin Yuru’s face was full of tears from the pain.

The heart-wrenching pain filled her heart with hatred towards Qi Rongzhi. She gritted her teeth, endured the pain on her hand and dashed towards Qi Rongzhi who was being held still by the two servants and gave her two tight slaps on the face.

Because she hated Qi Rongzhi too much, Qin Yuru did not hold back at all. She used all of her energy and the two slaps sent Qi Rongzhi’s head flunging to one side.

Her face became red and swollen immediately.

“Bitch! How dare you hit me!” After a moment of realization, Qi Rongzhi jumped up and kicked Qin Yuru harshly using both legs. She had never felt so sorry for herself before. She kicked Qin Yuru while screaming.

How could Qin Yuru withstand her strong kick? Her legs turned into jelly all of a sudden and her body fell backward heavily.

The servants were shocked at the two erupting into a fight. They witnessed how Qi Rongzhi was beaten up and now they were witnessing how Qin Yuru was sent flying to a chair before she fell over with it. This time around, Qin Yuru did not even whine; she passed out right away.

“Qi Rongzhi, you’ve gone overboard, you have caused her to pass out! You…your family’s bullying is beyond control!” Qin Wanru stepped forward furiously. She stretched out her hand, seeming to push Qi Rongzhi over, but her hand went off-target because of her fuming anger. She ended up punching into Qi Rongzhi’s chest, at the area near her armpit where there was more flesh. Qin Wanru pinched her hard.

This area was a soft spot for women, especially for 13 and 14-years-old who are still growing. This pinch was so painful, Qi Rongzhi almost could not breathe. After she let out a shriek, with energy from god-knows-where, she managed to break free from the two servants and plunged towards Qin Wanru harshly…

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