Medical Princess

Chapter 1140 - Chapter 1140 Whoever Touches Her Will Lose the Hand

Chapter 1140 Whoever Touches Her Will Lose the Hand

After loosening her grip, Shao Wanru slowly clenched her fists again and exerted all her strength to suppress the towering rage in her heart. However, no matter how hard she tried, she failed to restore her equilibrium. At this moment, overwhelmed by her burning desire to wreak revenge, she could hardly wait to ruin everything here and destroy the Marquis Xing’s Mansion. This place was permeated with foul odors. Every time she breathed, she felt a great rush of sickness!

Her mind was occupied with disturbing thoughts, and her heart was full of anger and grief. She retreated with heavy steps. Abruptly, she turned sideways, covered her chest, and began to vomit.

She didn’t eat much in the morning. It was almost lunchtime. When she was in Butterfly Clothing Shop, she only vomited up some thin liquid.

But even so, she couldn’t stop vomiting violently.

“My Lady!” Yujie and Qing’er cried out, their faces changing dramatically. In a great hurry, they rushed over to support Shao Wanru.

Third Madam struggled to straighten up and looked at Shao Wanru anxiously.

At the door, Shao Caihuan and Shao Cailing heard something wrong inside. They pushed the door open and hurried in. When seeing Shao Wanru vomiting water with an unhealthy trace of scarlet on her pallid face, they were so scared that they ran to Third Madam in a hurry.

“Go and check your Fifth Sister out!” Third Madam ordered, waving her hand.

After taking two steps forward, Shao Caihuan reached out to help Shao Wanru but was stopped by Qing’er’s vigilant glare. So, she could only ask nervously, “Fifth Sister, what’s the matter with you? What ails you?”

“Leave… Let’s go back…” Shao Wanru covered her mouth with a handkerchief and said with a trembling voice.

At this time, she was so fragile that she couldn’t stand steadily, and her mind was in turmoil. Instinctively, she wanted to find a safe harbor for a moment of peace.

She had to go home. She must go home right now! The more she learned about the past, the more unbearable she felt. There was no excuse for them to keep back the truth. Evidence was not necessary. All she needed was just a kind reminder.

Third Madam didn’t remind Shao Wanru in the past because it was not good for her. However, to get benefits, she revealed it to Shao Jing now!

Yujie and Qing’er answered and helped her go out.

Third Madam, lying on the bed, suddenly gathered some strength and pushed Shao Cailing’s hand away. She sat up and screeched, “Fifth Girl, I’ll take the third branch as a start and bring up the past events. In any case, the third branch will break away from the Marquis Xing’s Mansion and dig up the past!”

By the time she finished her words, Shao Wanru had left with the help of her maid.

Third Madam collapsed to the bed from exhaustion. Shao Cailing hurriedly held her in her arms and sobbed anxiously, “Mother, Mother…”

Shao Caihuan had no time to care about Shao Wanru. Instantly, she turned back and ran to the bed to check on her mother.

Third Madam exerted strength and took a few deep breaths to steady his nerves. When she had a little strength, she took the hands of her two daughters and said, “I’m fine. I just… I just pushed a little too hard. If I die, you should keep in touch with your Fifth Sister. She is scheming, but she is young and not cold-hearted. You should always be good to her even if she vents her anger on you. One day, she will let it go!”

“Mother, what happened?” Shao Caihuan asked anxiously. After all, Shao Wanru’s reaction looked so frightening. She had no idea what her mother had said to her. As for the last few words her mother shouted at Princess Chen, she didn’t understand them either. What did her mother mean by saying “break away”? Why would the third branch take the initiative to leave the family? Her mother mentioned the past events. Then, what had happened back then?

The more Shao Caihuan thought about it, the more flustered she became, and her eyes turned bloodshot. If she had overheard their conversation, she wouldn’t have fallen into a flutter without knowing anything.

“You don’t have to know the details. Keep my words in mind. As sisters, you should hold Fifth Sister in affection no matter what. I… Even if something bad happens to me… it’s because of the second branch. The second branch invited Doctor Qiu to treat me… Not only the second branch but also your grandma… I don’t believe she knew nothing about it. Doctor Qiu’s medical skills are detrimental to his patients. He has never intended to treat an illness. Instead, he saps and dries up the energy of his patients…”

Third Madam said with difficulty, and a trace of hatred flashed in her eyes. How could she not hate them? That vicious old woman and the second branch got her into this sorry state!

The imperial physician came quickly. When he heard that Princess Chen needed him, he immediately came over without slacking off. But after he diagnosed Third Madam’s illness, he shook his head.

“Sir, how is my mother?” Shao Cailing asked. She was younger and was not calculating. When seeing her mother’s pale face turn dark, she panicked and paid no attention to the meaning of the conversation between her sister and her mother. She just looked at the imperial physician urgently in a great panic.

The imperial physician shook his head again and watched the two sisters and Third Madam lying on the bed. Then, he said, “Madam, your health has been severely damaged. This time, your illness is life-threatening. I’m afraid you must recuperate well to recover from it!”

When Third Madam heard his subtle remarks, her hand twitched. Then, she slowly unwrapped her fingers with a bitter smile. Luckily, she was not going to die soon. There was still some time left for her to do something to make up for her misdeeds. It could help her daughters form good affinities with Princess Chen.

The imperial physician went aside to prescribe medicine. When the two sisters heard their mother was dying and could only live for a few months at most, they were wracked by sobs.

Finally, Shao Caihuan asked Shao Cailing to wipe away her tears. She forced a faint smile and returned to the main room. While ordering the servant girl to decoct the medicine, she helped Third Madam lie down.

Third Madam asked all the servant girls to leave. When she was only with her two daughters, she sighed and looked at Shao Caihuan with a slightly severe face. “Huan’er, Ling’er, I want to separate from the mansion and take you away. From then on, you will no longer be the Misses of Marquis Xing’s Mansion. Would you hate me?”

Even though the Marquis Xing’s Mansion had declined, it was still an aristocratic family. If the third branch were separated from the Marquis Xing’s Mansion, they would become ordinary Misses whose statuses were much inferior to the Misses of Marquis Xing’s Mansion. More than that, it would be challenging for them to get decent husbands with a good family background!

“Mother, you can do whatever you want!” Shao Caihuan had faintly sensed something unusual, so she agreed after pondering for a while.

Shao Cailing was a little confused. She looked blankly at her mother and her elder sister. But when she thought of her mother’s poor health, the rims of her eyes turned red again, and she wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

“I’m afraid the Marquis Xing’s Mansion is going to be destroyed!” Third Madam murmured.

Shao Caihuan’s heart lurched in shock, and her face changed slightly. “Mother… ”

“There must be something fishy behind Infanta Qinghua’s death. When your father mentioned it to your Second Uncle, he instantly gave in and gave up Shao Jie’er’s marriage arrangement. Instead of Shao Jie’er, he was willing to let you marry Commandery Prince Qing as a consort. But it was hard luck that I had aimed too high, which made you fall into your current position. At that time, if… if I had directly told Fifth Girl everything, she would have helped you out of trouble!”

Third Madam regretted it very much.

Even if she couldn’t tell it to Rui’an Great Elder Princess more than a decade ago, she should have hinted about the truth to Shao Wanru.

It was too late to talk about it now. Third Madam hated the second branch and Old Madam. In the meantime, she wanted to protect her two daughters. Therefore, she could only do all of this in exchange for Shao Wanru’s forgiveness, hoping she could protect her two daughters.

“Huan’er, Ling’er, you must remember that you mustn’t hate Princess Chen, no matter what happens. We owe her a lot!” Third Madam, eyes on her two daughters, stretched out her slightly cold hands to hold her daughters’. Her face was full of hatred and resentment as she stared straight ahead and repeated, “It’s the second branch’s fault. Madam Jiang and Shao Jing did this to us!”

Shao Wanru was stopped. When Shao Wanru went weak and limp, Qing’er and Yujie helped her walk out. Before long, they came across Zhao Xiran, who was startled to see Shao Wanru’s feeble condition. Zhao Xiran hurried forward, but Qing’er and Yujie avoided her.

After that, no matter how anxiously Zhao Xiran urged them to stay for dinner, the two servant girls tried their best to assist Shao Wanru in leaving this place. Since their master didn’t want to stay, they would protect her and send her out.

As they arrived at the place where their carriage was parked, another carriage happened to come in. They were surprised to see Nanny Yu get out of the carriage. When Nanny Yu saw Shao Wanru and Zhao Xiran, she was stunned. After a brief pause, she hurriedly stepped forward to greet Shao Wanru. “Greetings, Your Highness!”

“Our master is not feeling well, so she has to go back first!” Yujie replied in a brusque tone.

With her eyes half-closed, Shao Wanru leaned against Qing’er and was practically carried forward by Qing’er and Yujie, who supported most of her weight.

“Didn’t Her Highness come to welcome Old Madam?” Nanny Yu was taken aback and asked in surprise. When Princess Chen and Eldest Young Madam approached one behind the other, she thought they came specially for Old Madam after the mansion received the news that Old Madam would return.

“My Lady is not feeling very well, so we must go back now. She can pay another visit when she gets better!” Yujie said coldly, ready to take Shao Wanru to the carriage of Prince Chen’s Mansion with Qing’er.

The curtain of the carriage that had just arrived was suddenly pulled open, revealing Old Madam’s gloomy face. “Fifth Girl, since you have come, you should go back after lunch. Otherwise, others would criticize our mansion.”

Just now, when Nanny Yu said Shao Wanru was outside, Nanny Yu was overjoyed. She originally wanted to put on airs and talk down to Shao Wanru, but to her surprise, Shao Wanru was on her way to leave. Old Madam was immediately displeased.

“Your Highness, since grandma is back, please leave after lunch!” Zhao Xiran followed her all the way here. When she saw Old Madam, she echoed without hesitation.

She still didn’t know what had happened. Why would Princess Chen turn so pale after meeting the third branch? The two servant girls almost carried her out. At this time, she was leaning against them in low spirits.

“Thank you, Old Madam. But my master isn’t well and has to return to the mansion first!” Yujie bowed to Old Madam, who sat in the carriage, and explained.

“How dare you! How could a servant girl interrupt me? Anyone? Go and slap her!” Old Madam snapped, vehemently thumping on the handle of the carriage beside her. She got exasperated when being refused by a servant girl.

Near her carriage, two rough old maids looked at each other hesitantly and came over with caution. It seemed that they were going to hit Yujie.

“Hurry up. She’s just a cheap servant girl. As Princess Chen’s grandmother, can’t I teach her servant girl a lesson?” Seeing the two old maids cowering before Shao Wanru, Old Madam became particularly furious. In her mind, not to mention the two servant girls, no one would say anything, even if she wanted to slap Shao Wanru!

Shao Wanru suddenly opened her eyes and threatened word by word, “No one can touch the people of Prince Chen’s Mansion. Otherwise, I’ll chop off her hand!”

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