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Chapter 1108 - Chapter 1108 Remember: There Won’t Be a Next Time

Chapter 1108 Remember: There Won’t Be a Next Time

“Your Highness, Princess Chen… I’m afraid she is not in good condition now,” the imperial physician answered cautiously.

“I only want to know when she will wake up,” Chu Liuchen said harshly, his eyes piercing and grim.

The imperial physician subconsciously raised his head and happened to meet his daunting gaze. His lips trembled a few times in a panic before he finally answered, “Your Highness, I… I don’t know the specific time. We can only wait until Her Highness wakes up!”

“Wait… wait, you actually let me wait. Well, I’ll wait. But if anything happens to her, I’ll bury you alive with her!” Chu Liuchen said mercilessly with cruel coldness.

His voice was not loud, but the determination in his words was apparent. The imperial physician was sure that if Princess Chen died, he would be buried with her.

The imperial physician was so scared that his legs went limp, and he fell to his knees.

“Leave and wait outside,” Chu Liuchen ordered with a gloomy face.

The imperial physician didn’t dare to stay any longer. The depressing atmosphere in the tent made his flesh creep. His heart raced uncontrollably as if something terrifying were going to jump out of his chest. He staggered to his feet and walked out of the tent. A chill stole over his body, and he looked back at the tent with unforgotten trepidation. He could only hope that Princess Chen would be fine.

“Sir, how is Princess Chen? The Empress sent me to ask about her condition.” A young eunuch had stayed not far from the tent. Seeing the imperial physician coming out, he trotted to him and asked in a low voice. The Empress sent him to inquire about the news.

“Princess Chen…” The imperial physician shook his head and wiped his cold sweat with a bitter smile. At present, he was not sure about Princess Chen’s condition. “It depends on when she wakes up. Otherwise…”

Speaking of this, the imperial physician shook his head again, not daring to say that she was okay.

“Princess Chen hasn’t…” The eunuch blinked his eyes and didn’t dare to finish his words. He pouted at the imperial physician, knowing that he would understand.

In the past, the imperial physician would have readily told the people sent by the Empress all he knew, but now he was at a loss, so he was not in the mood to reveal anything to the young eunuch.

With his medicine chest on his back, he frowned and stood near the small tent, waiting for Prince Chen to summon him.

The young eunuch still wanted to ask something, but the imperial physician lowered his head in silence as if he didn’t hear his words. The young eunuch saw that the imperial physician didn’t feel like answering his question. So, he scratched his head confusedly and returned to report to the Empress.

But the eunuch didn’t quite understand what he meant. Could Princess Chen be saved? Or could it be that she was at her last gasp?

All the people in the tent had left. Then, Shao Wanru, lying on the bed, slowly opened her eyes and looked into a pair of beautiful and furious eyes. Chu Liuchen’s handsome face was right above hers, but he looked severe and angry.

Shao Wanru smiled, moved her stiff hands to pull his sleeve, and shook it gently.

The sleeve in her hand was violently pulled away, and her hand dropped heavily. She slightly knitted her willowy eyebrows and cried out in pain in a low voice.

“Does it hurt?” Chu Liuchen hesitated for a moment. In the end, he reached out, took her hand, and asked sternly, “Is your wound in this arm?”

His tone was cold and harsh, but his hands were gentle. With care, he pulled her hand and wanted to roll up her sleeves to see her injury.

“It’s not this hand. I had been lying long, so it became a little stiff.” Shao Wanru shook her head and said softly, reaching out to pull his sleeve again with a lovely and innocent look. “Don’t be angry. I didn’t mean to do that. In that case, it was the best choice. Otherwise, people would question you.”

“I’ll deal with anything after the event. But it has nothing to do with you!” Chu Liuchen reproached sharply with a grim look in his eyes. He stared at Shao Wanru coldly and remained unmoved.

“But… in that case, even the Emperor and the Empress would be alarmed…” Shao Wanru argued aggrievedly with red-rimmed eyes, “Back then, if I didn’t do that, I was afraid you might not get away with it. I feared that you… would become one of the suspects. My injury would be the best evidence to prove your innocence!”

Chu Liuchen’s eyes fell on Shao Wanru’s pale face. Her colorless face made his heart ache. On his way here, he had been simmering with rage since he got the news. He had wanted to scold her harshly, but when he saw her bloodshot eyes and pallid face, he instantly gave up the idea, and his anger disappeared in a flash.

He sighed heavily at the bottom of his heart and carefully held Shao Wanru in his arms. His eyes still looked a little fierce, but Shao Wanru couldn’t see them. “Remember: there won’t be a next time!”

“It won’t happen again.” Shao Wanru hurriedly promised.

“It’s good that you remember. If you do it again, I don’t know what crazy things I’ll do!” Chu Liuchen warned her. Upon entering, he saw Shao Wanru’s eyelids move slightly. After that, she lay still again. He would have believed that she had died if he hadn’t seen that.

Luckily, she was fine! Chu Liuchen felt he was fortunate to the extreme!

He was eager to hold her tightly, but he was afraid of touching her wound, so he could only hug her with great care. At this moment, his heart was at ease again. He felt at peace — he didn’t lose his most precious treasure.

For him, Shao Wanru was his priceless treasure. But this time, she fell into such a dangerous situation. Although she cleverly took advantage of the scheme against her, he did not want to see her get hurt again for him. He couldn’t accept it even if she did it on purpose. She was injured no matter what.

She wounded herself to perfect his plan and eliminate him as a suspect. He married her because he wanted to protect her, but he didn’t expect her to cover up for him this time.

It was the last time. He wouldn’t allow her to do it again. He could have become stronger and made better arrangements. Anyway, he would never let her get hurt again.

He had not protected her well.

He exerted a little strength, holding her closer to his chest. Recently, his heart had been in his mouth. At this moment, he finally felt relieved, as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his mind. Then he put her down, looked down at her tender face, and asked, “What did Mingqiu Nun say?”

Shao Wanru leaned against his chest and answered softly, “She said I was okay and should recuperate for some time. I’m in weak health, but that’s all. Otherwise, why would I come here to present my gift to Imperial Grandmother?”

“What happened today?” Chu Liuchen nodded and asked again. The incident happened suddenly today, so he hadn’t yet received any news. He only knew what Shao Wanru had gone through during this period, but he had no idea of the accident today.

Shao Wanru had given a subtle hint to him when he came in. Without that, he nearly believed that she died for real. At that moment, overwhelmed by negative feelings rising from the bottom of his heart, he felt a great compulsion to destroy the whole world. But lucky for him, she was fine…

Hearing Chu Liuchen’s question, Shao Wanru told him what had happened today in detail. She couldn’t tell him about her previous life, but she referred obliquely to it when telling Chu Liuchen the whole story. In this way, she could carefully lead Chu Liuchen to that idea.

“I see. You should go back and rest first.” After Shao Wanru finished speaking, Chu Liuchen nodded, his eyes turning thoughtful. Some things coincided with his ideas.

“Then I’ll go back first!” Shao Wanru also knew it was the best time for her to go back. After all, she was in the Palace, where many people were closely watching her. But when she returned to Prince Chen’s Mansion, these people could no longer spy on her situation.

“I’ll send you back!” Chu Liuchen nodded and carefully put down Shao Wanru. Then he wrapped her in a cloak, picked her up without thinking, and strode out.

Yujie had been guarding the door. Seeing this, she hurriedly lifted the curtain for them.

“Go and report to my Imperial Grandmother that I’ll come back to celebrate her birthday later!” Chu Liuchen ordered as he walked out.

“Yes, Your Highness!” Yujie lost no time in replying. At this time, she also breathed a sigh of relief. Prince Chen had come back. Since the backbone of the whole mansion was here, Princess Chen no longer needed to throw herself forward.

When Prince Chen left with Princess Chen in his arms, Yujie turned around and went to the big tent in the middle.

The atmosphere in the tent was pretty dull. The Empress Dowager was still sitting there with a gloomy face, and the Empress didn’t dare to speak. She had just received the news that Princess Chen seemed to be still breathing, but so what? Even the imperial physician had been sent out of the tent. It could be seen that things were not going well in the tent. She wondered how much she would have to get involved in this and how to cope with the changes.

She thought of this way and that, twisting the handkerchief in her hand into a ball.

Rui’an Great Elder Princess had stopped crying and kept wiping her tears. Her eyes were red and blank.

Since they said nothing, the others didn’t dare to say anything. As a result, everyone remained silent and sat there as if in a trance.

“Your Majesty, Princess Chen’s servant girl is here!” A eunuch came in and reported in a low voice.

“Let her come in and talk,” The Empress Dowager composed herself and said in a deep voice.

Yujie was brought in. After kneeling and kowtowing to the Empress Dowager, she said, “Your Majesty, His Highness has taken my master back to the mansion. He said he would come back to celebrate your birthday later!”

“Princess Chen… How is she now?” asked the Empress Dowager.

“I… I don’t know either…” Yujie said, the rims of her eyes turning red, “His Highness carried my master away in his arms and asked the imperial physician to go with them!”

Her words reminded the Empress Dowager, who instantly turned around and ordered, “Send over a few more imperial physicians. They must… should save Princess Chen.”

In her heart, Shao Wanru was dead. But at this time, even for Chu Liuchen, she had to dispatch a few more imperial physicians.

What she feared most was seeing her grandson suffer a great blow. It had not been easy for him to recover, so he might not survive such a big disaster.

The Empress Dowager had planned to get several consorts for Prince Chen’s Mansion, but now she had given up this idea. She had to admit that her grandson’s love for Shao Wanru was never a passing infatuation. For so many years, he had only fallen in love with her.

He had waited for her for three years when she was in mourning.

It hadn’t been long since they got married, but they parted forever. Even ordinary people could not cope with such inconsolable grief, let alone her grandson, who had just recovered.

“The Empress, you can sit with them for a while and watch the show. I have a headache, so I’ll go back first!” The Empress Dowager, not in the mood to celebrate her birthday, stood up and said after thinking for a while.

With her hand on an old Nanny’s shoulder, she left. Her servants from the Palace of Benevolent Peace also withdrew in a well-ordered way. The Empress and the other noble ladies, who were here to celebrate the birthday, stood there dumbfounded as they watched the Empress Dowager walk away…

Since the Empress Dowager had left and Princess Chen’s life was uncertain, they weren’t in the mood to enjoy themselves. Of course, no one dared to have fun…

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