Medical Princess

Chapter 1055 - Complicated, Who Did It?

Chapter 1055 Complicated, Who Did It?

“Your Highness, please wait.” Ji Lingzhen, seeing that he might worsen the situation, hurriedly stood up to stop him. “Your Highness, do you forget what the Empress said?”

As Chu Liuzhou thought of the words of the Empress, he cooled down from an agitated state and waved his hand helplessly. “Leave!”

“Yes!” The servant quickly withdrew.

“What should we do now? Mother told me to wait without doing anything. But nothing will happen to them if we go on waiting like this! And Chu Liuchen is on his way back to the capital city.” Chu Liuzhou said, swinging his sleeves very impatiently.


“Your Highness, don’t worry. I think you should be even sober at this time. Don’t let others notice that you and Her Majesty got involved too.” Although Ji Lingzhen was Chu Liuzhou’s uncle, he didn’t dare to demonstrate his authority as an elder before Chu Liuzhou, so he could only persuade him softly.

“Mother asked me to wait, wait, and wait. I have to wait even in an emergency like this. If we keep waiting, Chu Liuyue will make greater development. Even Chu Liuchen, the invalid, may become more valuable than me.” Chu Liuzhou was filled with anger. After waiting for so many years, he felt he couldn’t wait any longer.

He was the legitimate son. Why couldn’t he become the crown prince?

His mother was the Empress, and he was her only son. In any case, he should be appointed as the crown prince because he was the legitimate son. Compared with him, Chu Liuyue and Chu Liuchen were nothing. However, his father had been partial. The Emperor had made Chu Liuyue powerful enough to compete with him. Recently, he seemed to have also offered the sick man a chance.

“Your Highness, calm down. Don’t you think Prince Yue should be anxious instead of you? He sent that man to the Prince Chen’s Mansion.” Ji Lingzhen comforted the irritable Chu Liuzhou with a smile.

Prince Yue arranged for the delivery man to bring food to the Prince Chen’s Mansion. The Empress accidentally got the brocade box, and Prince Yue’s servant sent it to the mansion. Therefore, Prince Yue should be responsible when anything went wrong. Ji Lingzhen felt Prince Zhou didn’t have to be so anxious at all. At present, the most nervous person should be Prince Yue.

The Empress asked someone to drop this brocade box, and Consort of Virtue’s servant got it. As they had expected, Consort of Virtue and Prince Yue took action. Chu Liuzhou’s people just added fuel to the fire on the side. The one who really failed should be Prince Yue.

These words reminded Chu Liuzhou, who no longer looked that furious. After thinking for a while, he laughed and said, “Chu Liuyue has every intention of harming the Prince Chen’s Mansion, but he unexpectedly got nothing. It is gratifying to see this result.”

Seeing that Prince Zhou suddenly turned happy, Ji Lingzhen smiled bitterly, feeling a little bit lost for words.

“Second Uncle, didn’t he succeed?” After laughing for a while, Chu Liuzhou suddenly stopped and asked a new question.

“The Empress said that he might have failed!” Ji Lingzhen said vaguely.

“So the result hasn’t been verified? Why didn’t you figure it out?” Chu Liuzhou waved his sleeves discontentedly and asked.

“We can’t investigate the Prince Chen’s Mansion casually. The Emperor’s imperial guards are watching it,” Ji Lingzhen said. For fear that Chu Liuzhou would send his people there on impulse and attract the Emperor’s attention, he reminded him again. “Your Highness, don’t act rashly at this time.”

“Are you sure Princess Chen is all right?” Chu Liuzhou was concerned about something else.

“Uh… I really don’t know. The Empress only heard that she was ill,” Ji Lingzhen replied.

Now, no one dared to interfere in the affairs of the Prince Chen’s Mansion. All the information they knew was heard inadvertently. No one, not even the Empress, dared to inquire about it on purpose. They didn’t even dare to mention Princess Chen before the Emperor so as not to draw his attention.

“How is it going with Chu Liuyue?” Chu Liuzhou calmed down and asked.

“They stay quiet as well. Nothing has happened,” Ji Lingzhen said.

“Oh, he is quite composed. He sent his people to set up such a trap but eventually got nothing. Yet, he can keep calm. He is indeed the most insidious among the few brothers.” Chu Liuzhou sneered and said sarcastically.

“Your Highness, Prince Yue, who took action directly, can keep a cool head, so why do you have to respond with anger? You shouldn’t step out to find out if anything happened to Princess Chen or if this plot has failed. It is because Prince Yue will be anxious about these problems. This time, you can wait aside and watch them. Anyway, this matter can’t be traced up to you.”

Ji Lingzhen knew Prince Zhou well, so he specially said something Prince Zhou cared about. Hearing this, Chu Liuzhou nodded repeatedly.

“You are right. I see. I won’t investigate this matter at will. I will listen to my mother and you. Let’s wait and see!” Chu Liuzhou said with a smile. He was satisfied with what he heard and readily followed Ji Lingzhen’s suggestion.

The Prince Yue’s Mansion looked peaceful on the surface, but Chu Liuyue, staying in his study, couldn’t calm down.

Not only his advisor Mr. Liu but also Wen Xichi was in his study.

Sitting in the corner, Wen Xichi watched the pattern on a fan in his hand. It was an authentic piece of work done by a gifted scholar from the previous dynasty whom he appreciated. He nodded as he looked at it. It seemed that he had focused his attention only on this work of art. Chu Liuyue used it as an excuse to invite him here on purpose.

But he had been listening attentively to the conversation between Chu Liuyue and Mr. Liu.

“Mr. Liu, it didn’t work?” Chu Liuyue asked uneasily.

“It seems so. Your Highness, you’d better be prepared for failure,” Mr. Liu said implicitly. Given the current situation, his counselors couldn’t help trying to persuade their master. At this time, whoever stepped out would come to no good end.

“How could it be? How could we fail? My mother said…” Speaking of this, Chu Liuyue immediately realized that he had made an indiscreet remark. Hurriedly, he stopped talking, coughed hard, and said with a relaxed face, “Mr. Liu, what should we do now? Please enlighten me!”

After that, he stood up and bowed respectfully to Mr. Liu.

Mr. Liu hurriedly rose to his feet and stepped aside to show that he wouldn’t dare to accept his master’s special salute.

“Your Highness, you don’t have to be so polite. We’ll have to give the matter further thought and discussion,” said Mr. Liu.

The two of them sat down again.

“What do you think we should do now?” Chu Liuyue asked respectfully again.

“Your Highness, you don’t have to do anything now. Just wait and see. I heard that Princess Chen caught a chill in the mansion. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Her illness sounds not serious, and she hasn’t invited any imperial physician. For the time being, we can’t find out what is happening.” Mr. Liu analyzed logically, “At present, it’s better to inquire about it, but I’m afraid that the Emperor will find out something.”

Mr. Liu was actually a little anxious. This plot was his idea, but it didn’t work at the moment. What was worse, he had no idea of the actual situation.

“Yuanqing, what do you think?” After thinking it over, Chu Liuyue suddenly turned to Wen Xichi, who seemed to be focusing on the fan.

Hearing Chu Liuyue’s question, Wen Xichi raised his head and glanced at Mr. Liu, who looked a little anxious. “Your Highness, I think it needs further consideration.”

He didn’t pretend that he didn’t hear them and just said lightly to play along with their ideas.

“Yuanqing, do you think we should take the initiative to check on Princess Chen?” Chu Liuyue questioned closely with his burning eyes on Wen Xichi’s face.

Wen Xichi didn’t seem to notice the tentative look in Chu Liuyue’s eyes. After thinking for a while, he said, “It’s inconvenient for you to visit the Prince Chen’s Mansion, but you can go to the Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s Mansion to get some information.”

His words reminded Chu Liuyue, who nodded repeatedly and said, “You’re right. I should go to see my great-aunt. At this time in the past, I would pay a visit to her.”

Among the princes, although Chu Liuyue looked indifferent, he had always been nice to the elders of the royal family, and the Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s Mansion was one of the places he paid special attention to.

According to Consort of Virtue’s instruction, he often called at the Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s Mansion when he was little. After Shao Yanru moved there, he went there more frequently.

Chu Liuzhou followed him to the Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s Mansion. When Shao Yanru lived there, Chu Liuzhou was a frequent visitor. But he seldom dropped by when Shao Yanru returned to the Duke Xing’s Mansion. However, Chu Liuyue still went to see Rui’an Great Elder Princess regularly.

For this reason, the Emperor often praised him in front of Consort of Virtue, saying that he was a man who respected elders.

It was indeed time to visit Rui’an Great Elder Princess.

After figuring this out, Chu Liuyue asked Wen Xichi and Mr. Liu to go back first, and he left for the Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s Mansion with gifts.

His carriage arrived at the Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s Mansion. As the gatekeeper saw that it was Prince Yue’s carriage, he asked someone to report his coming while unlocking the door and inviting Prince Yue in.

In the past, Prince Yue came here often, so the gatekeeper could recognize his carriage.

Prince Yue’s carriage followed the twists and turns of the road in the mansion and stopped at the parking lot inside. Chu Liuyue got out of the carriage and saw two good-looking servant girls waiting for him ahead.

Seeing him coming down, they hurriedly stepped forward and bowed. “Greetings, Your Highness!”

“Please get up!” Chu Liuyue waved his hand amiably and asked, “Is my great-aunt well? The weather has been bad recently, so I bring some tonics here.”

“Thank you, Your Highness. Our master knows that you are here and has been waiting for you. She has been very well lately. Thank you for being so concerned!”

One maid answered smartly, while the other added a few words with a smile.

Chu Liuyue nodded and followed the servant girls inside. When he came to the Rui’an Great Elder Princess, he stepped forward and bowed with a bright smile. “Nice to see you, great-aunt!”

“That’s so nice of you. Please sit down!” Rui’an Great Elder Princess smiled and said.

Chu Liuyue no longer stood on ceremony and settled back in his seat. When the servant girl brought him the tea, he picked up the teacup and took a sip before saying, “How is your old trouble?”

Rui’an Great Elder Princess seemed to be healthy, but she was not in perfect condition and was vulnerable to a few minor ailments, especially during this period.

“Thank you for your concern. I feel fine!” Rui’an Great Elder Princess said.

After asking a few more questions with concern, Chu Liuyue got to the point. “Where is my cousin? Shouldn’t he be with you at this time like in the past?”

Chu Liuyue had thought it through. Compared to Rui’an Great Elder Princess, Shao Yuanhao was the key for him to make a breakthrough.

“Hao’er has been sick. It gives me a headache.” Rui’an Great Elder Princess sighed and said helplessly.

“Is he sick? Is it serious? I happen to have an imperial physician with me right now. I can send him to see Hao’er!” Chu Liuyue stood up with concern.

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