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Chapter 919 - Mummy, Fang Qiu Is Here!

Chapter 919 Mummy, Fang Qiu Is Here!

Before the ratings were officially publicized, many people working in the film and television industry also learned about the ratings of this year’s New Year’s Gala after Central Television received it.

When they learned about it in the first place, no one was surprised.

After all, the ratings of 38.62% were not too high for the New Year’s Gala. Even if it was a little higher than that of the previous years, it didn’t reach a shocking level.

However, when they saw the respective ratings of each program, all the media workers across the country were dumbfounded!

“What the f*ck!” In JZ TV station, as soon as Director Liu Guobin received the news, he was immediately stunned.

Undoubtedly, he was extremely clear about the commercial value of Fang Qiu. He even had the same understanding as Director Li Huawen. Even so, he never expected that Fang Qiu’s ratings at the New Year’s Gala would reach such a terrifying level!

It was 60%, which was simply a miracle in the entire film and television industry!

Even when the ratings of the New Year’s Gala were getting worse, there were still such ratings!

Now it was no longer the time for everyone in the family to watch the gala attentively in front of the TV like decades ago!

“Fang Qiu, I still underestimated you. You are going to shoot to fame!” Director Liu Guobin marveled.

The other film and television workers were also so shocked that they didn’t know what to say.


They didn’t dare to think about even 10% of the ratings, let alone 60%. When did they ever see such a terrifying number as 60%?

“How is this possible? It’s impossible!”

“It must be a mistake about the statistics. How could the ratings of Fang Qiu’s solo show be higher than the average ratings of the whole gala?”

“My God, how could such high ratings exist?”

As soon as they heard the number, the first reaction of all the film and television workers was that it was impossible.

After learning that the ratings were real, they were exceptionally astounded!

When all the film and television workers were shocked by these terrifying ratings, The six members of Run Wild&Survive, led by Liu Qingshi, also got detailed statistics of the New Year’s Gala’s ratings from Director Liu Guobin.

“60%, are you sure it’s 60%?” In the WeChat group, Liu Qingshi was dumbfounded.

“Oh my God, is Fang Qiu national treasure, the giant panda? Do all the people in the country like him?”

Zheng William was speechless.

“Awesome. Master Fang is really awesome. He carried the whole New Year’s Gala on his own!” Zhang Junhe was extremely excited. The achievements of every friend of his could make him happy for a long time. He was such a person.

“Damn, Director… You have to hang on to Fang Qiu. Why don’t we get him to make another show?”

Gu Jianguo directly proposed to the director.

“Fang Qiu is my idol!” As a member of the idol group, Huang Huachao did not hide his admiration for Fang Qiu at all.

“Awesome. Fang Qiu is marvelous.” Not only was Ying’er shocked by Fang Qiu’s exceptionally high ratings, but she also sent an adoring emoji when she spoke in the Wechat group.

Liu Guobin spoke, “What do you think of Fang Qiu’s ratings?”

Everyone fell silent.

“What am I thinking?” Liu Qingshi sent a voice message and said with a smirk, “What else can I think? I’ll cling to this friend of mine!”

After he said that, the others in the group replied with the same emoji—thumbs-up!

They rode on this coattail in time!

They all knew that with Fang Qiu’s performance at the New Year’s Gala, the attention he was receiving now reached the level of an A-list star, which even surpassed that of an A-list star.

They knew that they must ride on this coattail!

They must chase Fang Qiu’s clout in the future!

“Haha…” In a particularly spacious room in the capital, Director Chen Xiaogang, who had just finished reunion dinner, was discussing the script with Zhao Rulong. He burst out laughing proudly when he learned about the shocking ratings that Fang Qiu received at the New Year’s Gala.

Screenwriter Zhao Rulong said, “That’s incredible. 60%. This kid is simply a magnet. Wherever he goes, he will attract people’s attention!”

“Now we can be sure that all the things we did are worth it. We’ve chosen the right character!”

Director Chen Xiaogang could not stop laughing.

They could foresee that as long as Fang Qiu played in the film and the quality of the movie was fine, it would definitely be a big hit!

Time was still passing slowly.

Although it was so late at night, there were still many people waiting on the Internet.

No one knew who it was.

According to the internal news, a staff member made a report of the ratings by himself and uploaded it to the Internet.

As soon as this report was released, it immediately attracted the attention of numerous people.

Most people didn’t take it seriously because it was not official. They all thought that it was the ratings that Fang Qiu’s fans imagined. However, not long after this report was released, the real ratings report was publicized online.

The moment they saw that the ratings of Fang Qiu’s solo singing were indeed 60%, the netizens were also deeply shocked!

“What the f*ck. Is this true?”

“Incredible. This is simply too incredible.”

“This can only be attributed to the right time, place, and people. Without the New Year’s Gala, Fang Qiu couldn’t get such high ratings, and without Fang Qiu, the New Year’s Gala wouldn’t have such high ratings either. Fang Qiu and the New Year’s Gala are simply a winning combination!”

“60%. Were 600 million out of 1 billion people watching Fang Qiu?”

“What kind of number is it? It’s f*cking terrifying!”

All the netizens were shocked by the ratings of Fang Qiu’s solo singing.

They were completely dumbfounded!

They never heard of such high ratings before!

If this happened in ancient times, he would be able to cover the whole Jianghu!

Of course, in addition to the people who were shocked, many fans of Fang Qiu were surprised because of this achievement. Seeing that Fang Qiu was so remarkable, they were all ecstatic.

In the dressing room of the No. 1 studio’s backstage area in Central Television, after recovering from the shock, Director Li Huawen asked people to hurriedly go home to have a rest.

After all the staff left happily, Director Li Huawen walked out of the studio with Fang Qiu.

Director Li Huawen said to Fang Qiu, “Come home with me. I know that your parents didn’t come here. Although it’s past midnight, the first meal of the New Year must be good. My wife and the others are waiting for me to go back to have a reunion dinner. Before that, they specially asked me to take you back home so that we can have fun together.”

Fang Qiu quickly shook his head and said, “No need, no need. I just talked to my parents on the phone, telling them that I would be home tomorrow morning. And I’m not hungry now. I’d better go back and have the reunion dinner with my parents.”

Li Huawen asked, “Isn’t it the same if you go back early tomorrow morning?”

Fang Qiu declined. “No, I don’t want my parents to wait for me until the next morning. I’ll get on the train tonight and get home tomorrow morning.”

“Are you really not going?” Asked Li Huawen.

“No, I’m not going,” Fang Qiu nodded with a smile and said. “Happy Spring Festival. Wish you a Happy New Year.”

“All right,” Li Huawen nodded and then said with a smile, “get in the car!”

“Hmm?” Fang Qiu was stunned.

“Do you think you can get a taxi on Lunar New Year’s Eve in the capital?”

Li Huawen shook his head with a smile and said, “In addition to the workers like us who are in the front line of the New Year’s Gala, there is no one else in the city.”

“You’re right,” Fang Qiu nodded and got into the car directly.

Originally, he planned to run to the high-speed railway station by himself. At least, it was faster than taking a car.

However, it was hard to turn down Li Huawen’s kindness!

After driving Fang Qiu to the high-speed railway station, Director Li Huawen said goodbye to him and went straight home for the reunion dinner.

After saying goodbye, Fang Qiu walked into the waiting room of the high-speed railway station alone.

In the waiting room, there were still numerous people anxiously waiting to go home by train.

Although they couldn’t wait to go home, everyone was particularly calm. They stared at the TV in the waiting room. Although there was a TV hanging in each area, the pictures on these televisions were the same.

As he took a closer look, what was playing on TV was the replay of the New Year’s Gala.

While everyone was watching the replay of the gala attentively, Fang Qiu quietly walked to an empty seat and sat down. He took the ticket that had been booked in advance and watched the New Year’s Gala with everyone in the waiting room.

After a short while, the TV began to play his solo at the gala—Warm Spring with Blooming Flowers.

Seeing the show he performed just now, Fang Qiu couldn’t help laughing.

He listened to the song with everyone.

The song then finished on TV.

In the waiting room, many people were waving and applauding.

Hearing the applause, Fang Qiu was overjoyed.

It was not until now that Fang Qiu noticed that a little girl sitting opposite him had been staring at him. At first, she just watched him from a distance, so Fang Qiu didn’t pay much attention. But when the song on TV was over, the little girl actually walked up to him and stared at him closely. She even reached out her hand, trying to remove the mask on Fang Qiu’s face, but she didn’t dare to do that.

When Fang Qiu met her eyes, the little girl immediately smiled, withdrew her hand, and then asked under her breath, “Are you Fang Qiu?”

Fang Qiu was stunned.

When he was in Li Huawen’s car, he had fully disguised himself. He wore a hat and a mask, covering himself tightly. He thought that no one would recognize him in this way, but he didn’t expect that he would be recognized by a little girl in just one song.

Although he was reluctant to admit it, Fang Qiu didn’t want to hurt the child’s feelings. Thus, he could only slightly nod after a brief hesitation, ready to ask the little girl to keep it a secret for him.

However, before Fang Qiu could speak, the little girl got carried away.

“Mummy, Mummy, come here! Fang Qiu is here!”

As she shouted, the entire waiting room suddenly fell silent.

Everyone turned their heads in unison. They first looked at the little girl, then looked at Fang Qiu who fully covered himself!

Fang Qiu was dumbfounded.

“Fang Qiu?” The little girl’s mother was stunned and then stood up. When she was about to pull the little girl back, she saw that the people around her rushed over and surrounded Fang Qiu in an instant.

“What… what’s going on?” Fang Qiu felt hopeless.

“Is it really Fang Qiu?”

“Are you really Fang Qiu?”

“Could you take off your mask and let us have a look?”

“Fang Qiu, could you give me your autograph and take a photo with me?”

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