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Chapter 804 - Publicize the Life-prolonging Earth Pill Now!

Chapter 804 Publicize the Life-prolonging Earth Pill Now!

“By the way, I need to ask you something.”

After the discussion about the management of talents, Yang Ningyuan asked, “Your land is ready, right? You have to tell me when the expansion of the production is completed.”

“About half a month,” Fang Qiu replied.

Yang Ningyuan asked, “Can you guarantee it?”

“Yes!” Fang Qiu nodded with certainty.

The cultivation and planting skills of Desert Cistanche were already sophisticated, so Fang Qiu did not need to spend much effort on it. As long as the land was reclaimed, they could directly start planting.

Anyway, there were adequate seedlings. The newly bought land was also within the range of the terrain. The previous terrain he formed covered a radius of ten kilometers, so he did not need to spend time on the terrain anymore.

Now everything was ready.

As for the time, he only needed to estimate the growth time of the Desert Cistanche.

Half a month was just about right.


Yang Ningyuan immediately nodded and said, “I’m about to change the plan.”


Fang Qiu was stunned and asked, “What change of plan?”

Yang Ningyuan said, “Now I’m going to publicize the Life-prolonging Earth Pill!”

Fang Qiu was confused. “Why are you suddenly changing the plan?”

Originally, Yang Ningyuan intended to promote the Trillium Root-Securing Pill until the market became sluggish. As people bought whatever they wanted and the sales began to decline, he would promote the Life-prolonging Earth Pill so that those who did not dare to buy Trillium Root-Securing Pill due to their health problems would participate in the buying and let the Trillium Root-Securing Pill become popular again.

But now, it was obviously not the scheduled time yet.

“Why did Yang Ningyuan suddenly want to publicize the pill now?”

“The reason why we promoted the Trillium Root-Securing Pill first is because we wanted to get the maximum usage of this product. When the sales become sluggish, we’ll sell the Earth Pill to regain its popularity in the market again. However, gauging from the current situation, the sale doesn’t seem to be slackening at all. Now the supply of the pills is inadequate to meet the demand, so the scheme we planned before is useless.”

Speaking of this, Yang Ningyuan paused for a moment and added, “Now, I’m going to promote the Life-prolonging Earth Pill and sell it at the same time as the Trillium Root-Securing Pill. In this way, those who failed to buy the Trillium Root-Securing Pill will naturally try to buy the Life-prolonging Earth Pill. I don’t have to worry about the sales of these two products at all.”

“Since I have such a great opportunity to make money, why should I wait for it? Isn’t it better to make money now?”

Hearing this, Fang Qiu immediately understood.

Even if he sold the Life-prolonging Earth Pill now, there would still be people who wanted to buy. Therefore, what Yang Ningyuan was concerned about before was that the sales for the Trillium Root-Securing Pill would decline after they brought out the Life-prolonging Earth Pill. However, it seemed that he didn’t need to worry about this at all.

Moreover, the most important thing now was to dominate the market!

He wouldn’t give others a chance to follow the trend and have a share of the market. After all, the Trillium Root-Securing Pill was so popular that many businessmen must have noticed the limitations of this drug. They might be preparing to produce a medicine that could solve this problem so that they could make a fortune by taking advantage of the popularity of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill.

As a business tycoon, how could Yang Ningyuan let his own interests fall into the hands of others?

As long as the Life-prolonging Earth Pill came out, these two products could dominate a large portion of the market.

The business world was really unpredictable. Therefore, once he had an idea, he had to put it into action immediately!

“You’re right. It’s not bad to promote it now.”

After figuring out the causes, Fang Qiu nodded with understanding and asked, “Are you going to bring out the Life-prolonging Earth Pill after half a month?”


Yang Ningyuan immediately shook his head and said, “I’m going to do it now. We’ll start the preselling three days later, selling the Trillium Root-Securing Pill and the Life-prolonging Earth Pill at the same time.”

“It’s also because of this plan that I can only divide the supply of Desert Cistanche in half a month into two portions to make these two products. In this way, I can sell both of them at the same time. Although the number of preselling has been fixed, I also need to do some marketing. That’s why I asked you how long it will take and whether you can guarantee it.”

“If you can’t guarantee it, then I’ll have to continue selling the Trillium Root-Securing Pill.”

Fang Qiu nodded knowingly and said, “Don’t worry. Since I’ve promised you, I’ll definitely do it.”

“That’s great.” Yang Ningyuan laughed with satisfaction.


Fang Qiu asked as if he had suddenly realized something, “So that’s why you bought the land for me?”


Yang Ningyuan laughed and said, “You’re really smart! Since you can guarantee it, it’s settled then. I’ll arrange the following things first. I’ll give you the information you want tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” Fang Qiu replied and hung up.

As expected, the official website of Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation released an introduction of the Life-prolonging Earth Pill that night.

New product promotion: Life-prolonging Earth Pill.

The Life-prolonging Earth Pill is the same as the Trillium Root-Securing Pill. They are both Taoist secret recipes with the Desert Cistanche as the main composition.

The formula of the Life-prolonging Earth Pill came from the ancient book, Taiping Shenghui Prescription in the Song Dynasty, which was originally called the “Pill of Grass Recovery”.

This pill could help cure one’s weakness and colds, adjust vital qi, strengthen muscles, improve sight and hearing, increase one’s appetite, promote spleen and stomach, prolong one’s life and solidify one’s dantian.

It would mainly cure labor injuries and dizziness. It could soothe the nerves, prolong one’s life, make one’s beard and hair turn black, make one feel light and healthy. It could also improve sight and hearing, eliminate cold and heat, and adjust Qi and blood circulation. Taking this drug on a regular basis could cure labor injuries, enhance the head and eyes, prolong life, turn one’s beard and hair black, and improve the complexion.

When people clicked on the introduction, the first thing that came into sight were three words written in the cursive script—Life-prolonging Earth Pill!

It looked particularly attractive.

Because it was not the preselling day, not many netizens paid attention to the official website of the company.

However, with the release of the introduction of this new product, the official Weibo of Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation also released a brand new publicity post on Weibo right away.

“New product promotion: Life-prolonging Earth Pill! There will be no tryouts for this product. The presales of this drug will start in the morning the day after tomorrow with the Trillium Root-Securing Pill!”

There was also a link with the detailed introduction of the Life-prolonging Earth Pill, which was attached to the post.

Although no one paid attention to the official website of Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation because it was not the preselling time, people were still following the official Weibo of the company.

Therefore, as soon as this Weibo was posted, it aroused everyone’s curiosity.

“Life-prolonging Earth Pill?”

“Are they bringing out a new health product?”

“What the f*ck, how long has it been? The production of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill is not sufficient as yet. Why are they promoting the Life-prolonging Earth Pill?”

“Damn, is Hua Yuan preparing to create a mythical style? Why are they naming the products Trillium and Root-Securing and Life-prolonging Earth? It sounds so mythical.”

“It can’t be another kind of magical medicine, can it?”

“Hurry up. Let’s go to the official website and see what kind of new medicine it is.”

Amid the heated discussion that ensued, netizens clicked on the link and entered the official website of the company to have a look.

However, the netizens were shocked when they read it.

“What the f*ck, this new product is so awesome!”

“Judging from the effect, this Life-prolonging Earth Pill seems to be more powerful than the Trillium Root-Securing Pill. At least, it’s suitable for everyone.”

“It also contains Desert Cistanche like the Trillium Root-Securing Pill. That is to say, the efficacy of this drug is definitely not bad!”

“Is this another type of magical medicine being created?”

“I must buy it!”

Soon, the news spread to other pharmaceutical companies.

When they heard this news, they were all dumbfounded.

They really couldn’t figure out Yang Ningyuan’s plan.

No matter how they looked at it, they all felt that the Life-prolonging Earth Pill was like an upgraded version of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill. According to the current market situation, sales of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill were like wildfire. Shouldn’t Hua Yuan focus on the promotion of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill and try to make a fortune before they promoted the Life-prolonging Earth Pill?

“Why did Yang Ningyuan bring out the Life-prolonging Earth Pill now? The demand for the Trillium Root-Securing Pill is apparently exceeding its supply.”

Why would they do this?

Not only the major pharmaceutical companies, but the netizens all over the country were also baffled.

In their eyes, this was simply the benefit given by the Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation.

It was obvious that Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation did not need to promote the Life-prolonging Earth Pill until everyone got one pack of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill each. Once the Life-prolonging Earth Pill came out, it was apparent that some people would choose it first. Of course, there were also people who would buy both of them.

However, now they chose to release both of the popular products, but they didn’t have an adequate supply.

Everyone found it confusing.

However, even if they couldn’t understand it, they would still scramble to buy it. The employees of the pharmaceutical companies were also ordinary people. Just like the public, they also wanted to buy good medicine. Since the pharmaceutical companies they worked for couldn’t produce such good medicine, they had to buy it from other companies because the Trillium Root-Securing Pill was indeed efficacious.

If Hua Yuan dared to start the preselling without asking for a tryout, it meant that the effect of this drug would definitely not be any less than that of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill.

Therefore, they had to buy the Life-prolonging Earth Pill!

The scalpers were also excited.

Many scalpers even quit selling tickets for the stars’ concerts. Instead, they went for the sales of Trillium Root-Securing Pill. As the drug was sold in batches, they earned more than selling concert tickets.

Now, the company even released Life-prolonging Earth Pill.

Through reading the introduction, they could tell that this thing would absolutely be a hit.

For them, they would love to see more popular products like this coming out. The more products were brought out, the more money they would make.

Early the next morning, after Fang Qiu finished his morning practice, he went back to his office to have breakfast and turned on his computer to check the email, for Yang Ningyuan told him that all the information had been sent to his email.

As he checked his email, Fang Qiu saw the email sent by Yang Ningyuan.

When he clicked on it, he found that there were actually more than a dozen senior management talents from large companies.

“What a relief.”

Reading through the documents, Fang Qiu murmured with a smile, “Yang Ningyuan is actually reliable. At least he didn’t get the talents from the ten major advertisement agencies and the three video websites companies. If I really wanted one of the talents from their companies, I don’t know if I should poach from them. It’s embarrassing to think about it.”

As he murmured, Fang Qiu quickly looked at the information aside and selected one of them!

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