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Chapter 1947 The Fourth Holy Doctor!

Chapter 1947 The Fourth Holy Doctor!

“Electronic rights released?”

When they saw the announcement made on Weibo by the Traditional Culture Publishing House, netizens were all excited.

Many people had been suffering in their hearts because they had not grabbed the Undiseased Codex, nor were they willing to watch the clips that others had sent out to show off. Although the Undiseased Codex was about to go on sale for the second batch, the number of copies on sale was surely also limited, and it wasn’t certain whether they could grab it or not.

And the advent of electronic versions has solved the whole problem very well, so that people don’t need to go out and grab the book.

The bottom line is this.

Many people’s image of the book “The Undiseased Canon” so far has been heard from inside other people’s mouths, and although there are expectations in their hearts, there are also concerns, fearing that “The Undiseased Canon” will not be as good as their expectations.

Once it’s out in electronic form, people with expectations and concerns can just read it online and make sure it’s the book they want before they go ahead and make a physical book grab.

Online, there was a lot of rejoicing.

Everyone was particularly happy, and they all flocked to the Huaxia Chinese website, waiting for the update of the electronic version of the Undiseased Codex.

Eight o’clock that night.

The Chinese Chinese website is exactly where you can release the ebook of The Undiseased Codex.

With the opening of eBooks.

Countless people who have not read the net article, have run to Huaxia Chinese net to register to read books.


Huaxia Chinese website’s traffic in the industry is not too high, but it is not low either, it has always been in the middle and upper reaches, but with the electronic version of the “Undiseased Codex” on the shelves, Huaxia Chinese website’s traffic instantly skyrocketed.

This way.

The executives of Huaxia Chinese Network, simply did not expect that the traffic brought by a book of “Undiseased Canon” would be so large that the original server almost did not hold up.

Fortunately, just in case, the senior management of Huaxia Chinese website prepared new servers in advance, and under the impact of the sudden heavy traffic, the technical department quickly expanded the new servers, which held up.

With the influx of traffic.

The background data of is rising rapidly.

Ten hours later.

The executives of opened up the background data and took a look.

It was a shock to everyone.

Ten million.

It had only been ten hours, and the number of people who had recharged on had risen by ten million people!

What kind of data is that?

When they saw this data, the senior management of Huaxia Chinese Network all went crazy.

That’s a statistic that’s just crazy.

According to the current market price, a novel should be recharged at least 2 dollars, and the site’s recharge starting price is 3 dollars, that is to say, this new 10 million recharge users, has been the site to pay the copyright holder’s cash flow to make up for the back, and this is only ten hours ah!

Behind it, the growth will inevitably continue, and even if the rate of growth will be greatly reduced, the momentum of growth will definitely not stop there.

Ten hours.

All the newly registered users of Huaxia Chinese website who rushed to the Undiseased Codex, after finishing the Undiseased Codex, most of them saw that there was still a little bit of money left inside their accounts, so they were curious to wander around and browse inside the Huaxia Chinese website, and they were soon attracted by some interesting titles and synopses of the books.

“Eh? Kung Fu Doctor?”

“Yo, not bad, writing about Chinese medicine.”

A reader curiously clicked on the kung fu god doctor to look at it, this look immediately can not stop, look at a moment to find no money inside the account, immediately rushed to recharge.

Start promoting while recharging.

“Kung Fu Divine Doctor is really good, this is the first time I’ve read this type of novel, it’s just too good.”

“Specialty Doctor is the only good one, I’m reading Specialty Doctor right now, and I’ve charged ten dollars.”


In this case.

Although some of these 10 million new users just closed the site after watching and playing Undiseased Codex, regardless of the money left inside their accounts, most of them stayed.

During the wandering and browsing of, although another part of the people left because they could not find books attached to their preferences, there were really quite a lot of people who stayed.

And this ten million rechargeable users brought thirty million dollars of profit for Huaxia Chinese Network, after removing the twenty million dollars for reading the “Undiseased Canon”, there is still ten million dollars left over.

Of that ten million dollars, minus what wasn’t used and the site’s cut, close to seven million of it was divided into countless portions that went into the pockets of the various sitters.


People are still very active in discussing the Undiseased Codex.

“Worthy of being a book written by the great god Fang Qiu, it’s simply too useful.”

“In terms of literary value, the book is not as high quality as one might expect, but in terms of the quality of the content, it is absolutely top notch.”

“A must-have book that will allow ordinary people to use Chinese medicine treatments with confidence and safety.”

“After reading the e-version, I want to read the physical book even more.”

“I’m buying the e-version, I’m buying the physical book, and I’m definitely losing money by not buying this book!”

After reading the electronic version of the Undiseased Canon, netizens were all the more impatient to have the physical book, and for a while countless people were calling the bookstore to order the book.

And this way.

After signing the contract and handing over the electronic rights completely to Huaxia Chinese Network, the executives of the Traditional Culture Publishing House, too, were waiting for news.

None of them knew how much of an impact the e-version would have on the physical book industry, and they all wanted to get a good look at whether or not physical book sales would suffer with the release of Point and a Half.


At the end of the day, the publisher’s side of the story hears that all the plus bookstore chains are stocking more.

This situation has made the executives of the publishing house, very happy.


The opening up of electronic rights really didn’t cause much of a shock to the physical publishing industry.

After learning that the major bookstore chains require a large increase in the amount of stock, Zhang Xingjie did not hesitate to call and contact the major printers, requesting to continue to increase the amount of printing.


This way.

After a day of rushing.

Fang Qiu had finally arrived at the place where the third Holy Doctor was.

This time, Xu Miaolin was not accompanied.


The location of the third Sacred Doctor was also told to Fang Qiu by Xu Miaolin.

Through Xu Miaolin.

Fang Qiu learned that this third Holy Doctor’s surname was Niu, as for his full name no one knew yet, everyone called him Holy Doctor Niu.

The place where the cattle business resides is in the southern border, in a small county.

It was because of the distance between them that it took Fang Qiu a whole day to drive all the way over.

Come to the time.

Fang Qiu found that this small county is particularly similar to Linxi County, the greening is particularly good, that is, there are a little too many ants, other than that both the weather and the environment are quite good.

According to the address given by Xu Miaolin, Fang Qiu quickly arrived at a herb garden on the outskirts of this small county.

No walls, no fences.

The entire herb garden is a hill.

There are no big trees or small trees on this hill, which growers many herbs, but also planted a lot of tea trees, in the eyes of people who do not know how to do, this is a tea plantation.

Entering the confines of the herb garden, Fang Qiu saw a wooden house from afar.

The floor of the house was propped up, about two meters or so from the ground, the cabin was not big, but the platform to build it was big, and there was a not-so-small plank floor outside of the cabin’s people, and at the very outside of this plank, there were a few steps connecting to the ground.

At this point.

A goatee-bearded old man, who was sitting on the platform outside the wooden house and drinking tea, wasn’t at all surprised to see Fang Qiu come over, instead, he even smiled slightly.

“Late generation Fang Qiu, meet Saint Doctor Niu.”

Walking to the front of the cabin, at the bottom of the steps, Fang Qiu cupped his fists and bowed to the old man with the goatee above him.

“Come on up.”

The goatee-bearded old man smiled and responded.

Fang Qiu immediately stepped up.

“Sit down.”

The goatee-bearded old man pointed to the empty seat opposite the tea table in front of him and said, “This is the tea I prepared especially for you, I personally picked and fried it, you taste it.”

Without hesitation, Fang Qiu stepped forward to do the next.

The goatee-bearded old man reached out and stroked his beard while lifting the sand pot on the tea table and poured a cup of tea for Fang Qiu.


“The environment and weather over here is great, but there will be more ants and bugs, aren’t you afraid of being nested by ants if the house is built like this?”

Fang Qiu inquired about the doctor, lifted the tea that the old man had personally poured, and took a sip.

“There’s a thing called paint.”

The old man shook his head and said, “In the greatness of heaven and earth, there is one and there must be two, there is yin and there must be yang, there is heat and there is cold, and there are ants and naturally there are ways to clean up the ants.”

“Good tea.”

Fang Qiu nodded with a smile and turned his head to look around before continuing, “I see this garden of senior, on the surface it’s a tea garden, but in fact it’s a herb garden, the herbs in the garden are all growing happily, to be able to take such good care of such a large yard, junior is really impressed.”

“It’s just a teatime pastime for me, instead I admire you.”

The old man with the goatee smiled and shook his head, saying, “I’ve heard about all the contributions you’ve made to Chinese medicine over the years, and most of all, as a Chinese medicine practitioner, I want to thank you for all that you’ve done, especially the issue of the Chinese medicine market.”

“In fact, I discovered the problem with herbs some years ago, and I’ve been trying to find a way to fix it, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix it all these years, but with little success.”

“I didn’t expect to be given a head start by you.”

Said here.

The goatee-bearded old man smiled and shook his head as he continued to add, “However, in addition to that, I’ve also been researching herbal medicine all these years, so since you’re here, let’s have a good chat.”


The old man stood up and said, “Don’t call me senior either, just call me by my name, my name is Niu Dali.”


The moment Fang Qiu heard this name, he froze for a moment, then hurriedly opened his mouth and said, “I, I’d better call you Sacred Doctor Niu?”

“Suit yourself.”

Saint Doctor Niu waved his hand and said, “Wait here, I’ll go get something.”

After saying in, he changed his body and went into the house.

Not a moment later, he reemerged from inside the house with a thick notebook in his hand, which looked like it had been well organized, but was still a bit cluttered.

As he walked over to the tea table and resumed his seat, the cow sage doctor raised the notebook in his hand.

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