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Chapter 1695 - 1695 The Last Auction Item

Chapter 1695 - 1695 The Last Auction Item

Chapter 1695 The Last Auction Item

The ones from Europa were not stupid.

This type of short-runic sword might not be of much use to other people, but it was extremely beneficial in strengthening their power.

After all, every region was special.

For example, if any other foreigner got Huaxianese divine swords, they would definitely not be able to exert all their strength.

Moreover, 8 million dollars was not a big sum of money for those major Europan countries and top forces. It was worth spending it.

After seeing the transaction of the short-runic sword with his own eyes, the Eighth Guardian nodded with a satisfied smile on the auction stage. Then, he shouted, “Presenting the third auction item.”

After he said that, the black-robed man carried the tray out of the backstage of the auction house again.

Everyone took a closer look.

It was a wrist guard made of silver that was rolled into a closed shape and had a pink gem the size of a thumb set on the front.

The man in black placed the wrist guard on the auction stage.

Everyone took a closer look and found that this wrist guard was obviously a little obsolete. There were some grids on it, and there were vines-like patterns crawling on the edges around it. It looked particularly delicate.

In the venue, everyone who looked at the auction item was very curious about what it was.

However, the Eighth Guardian, who took the initiative to act as the auctioneer, did not introduce the origin of this item. Instead, he looked at the area on the far right of the venue where Anglanish were with a smile on his face.

Everyone turned to look in the same direction.

They were surprised to find that the eyes of the group of Anglanish people were shining with desire when they looked at that item.

“Is it that thing?”

Fang Qiu stared at that wrist guard.

He vaguely remembered that he had seen this kind of thing when he fought with Isabel, the witch of England, in the past. It seemed to be a gem that could strengthen the spiritual force of the witches.

However, judging from the size of the gem on the wrist guard, it was indeed very big.

Everyone also understood that this item was obviously from Anglan.

“Everyone can see that this item is an ancient knight’s wrist guard.”

The Eighth Guardian smiled and introduced, “This also came from a relic of Anglan. It is inlaid with the gem of the Anglanish royal family in ancient times. This gem has a very strong amplification effect on the metahumans and witches in Anglan. According to the test of our Nirvana Organization, this gem can also be used to enhance the metahumans from other countries. The energy contained in can magnify any user’s power, not only the metahumans from Anglan!

“For example…”

The Eighth Guardian stretched out his left hand and picked up the wrist guard on the auction stage. On his right hand, a thumb-sized ball of black energy quickly condensed in his palm. The moment he put the wrist guard on his hand, the ball of black energy instantly grew to the size of an egg.

After the demonstration, the Eighth Guardian took off the wrist guard.

Putting the wrist guard back on the auction stage, the Eighth Guardian said, “The reserve price of this item is 10 million dollars. The bidding begins now!”

“Fifteen million!”

An Anglanish immediately got up to bid.

Seeing this, the expressions of the people from Murica, Soviett, and L’hexagone changed, and they bid one after another.

“Sixteen million.”

The Muricans bid.

“Eighteen million.”

The Anglanish bid.

“Nineteen million.”

The people from Soviett bid.

“Twenty million.”

The Anglanish bid.

“Twenty-one million.”

The ones from L’hexagone bid.

The three great powers took turns bidding.

Judging from their expressions, they didn’t really want to get the wrist guard. Instead, they bid one after another with a faint smile on their faces.

That made the faces of all the people from Anglan look extremely gloomy.

“Thirty million!”

After bidding for several rounds in a row, the Anglanish finally couldn’t stand it anymore and directly offered 30 million.

“Thirty-one million.”

The Soviett people continued to bid.

“Forty million.”

The Anglanish bid again.

As soon as that price was offered, the other three countries stopped with smiles on their faces.

In their opinion, 40 million was already the maximum price of this wrist guard. If they continued to bid, the Anglanish might not want it.

“Forty million, deal.”

After waiting for five seconds and confirming that no one else was bidding, the Eighth Guardian smiled and said to the people from Anglan, “It’s really lucky for you to get such an antique back at the price of 40 million.”

The faces of the people from Anglan all turned livid.

“This belongs to us, and you still say that we’re lucky to get it back at the cost of 40 million?”

In front of everyone, the Anglanish took the initiative to get on the stage. After transferring the 400 million under the gaze of everyone, they resentfully took the wrist guard and returned to their seats.


On the auction stage, the Eighth Guardian chuckled and said, “Presenting the next item!”

The black-robed man came out of the backstage again with the tray.

It was a small magic tool from a South Murica tribe. There were not many people from the South Murica tribes, and since the Water Clan, the top force in South Murica, had been wiped out by the Nirvana Organization, this thing did not cause competition. The deal was quickly completed.

After that, the Nirvana Organization presented some ancient weapons, armor, and other lost things from various countries for auction, some of which were valuable and some didn’t worth much.

Soon, the atmosphere in the auction house became heated.

During this period, Fang Qiu, Wei Jian, and the other two had yet to bid. Instead, they were carefully observing the countries, as well as the auction and backstage situation.

When it came to the tenth auction item, the auction reached its most heated moment.

What was carried to the stage was a leaf emitting green light, which looked like a trefoil flower. The moment the trefoil appeared, the energy of the whole auction house began to fluctuate quietly.

A gust of strong vitality filled the whole auction house, which made people feel particularly refreshed.

“This is the top-level spiritual herb, the No.1 Earth Treasure in the world, Green Spiritual Flame!”

When the Eighth Guardian introduced the Green Spiritual Flame, everyone’s eyes were fixed on it on the auction stage.

Previously, the items auctioned by the Nirvana Organization were all from various countries.

Only big and small forces dared to compete for those things. Some small and medium-sized forces didn’t dare to compete at all, for fear of offending big forces, so they didn’t take action.

Now, the appearance of the Green Spiritual Flame finally aroused the desire of medium-sized countries and forces.

Of course, it wasn’t just them who wanted to get that item.

For those big countries, as long as it was beneficial, they wanted to get it.

However, because the Green Spiritual Flame didn’t belong to any country, people didn’t have to worry about offending other countries when bidding. They could have a fair bidding.

The Eighth Guardian said, “The reserve price is 5 million. The bidding now begins!”

“Five million.”

“Five million and five hundred thousand.”

“Seven million.”

“Eight million!”

For a time, all the small forces went crazy.

Everyone made a bid one after another.

It could be seen that these people really wanted to get this spiritual herb.

The four major countries and some large forces did not make a sound for the time being. Instead, they waited quietly, ready to see how much others would offer for this Green Flexibility Flame. If the price was acceptable, they would definitely get it. If it exceeded their budget, they would give it up directly.

Fang Qiu and the other three were the same.

The four of them were all gurus. As the No. 1 Earth Treasure, the Green Spiritual Flame had amazing effects, but it was useless for masters at their level.

Moreover, Fang Qiu now didn’t even like Heaven Treasures, for fear that eating some would affect his cultivation in the future, let alone the Earth Treasures.

As for Wei Jian and the other two, they had a lot of Heaven and Earth Treasures in the Sword Sect. It was not the first time for them to see a Green Spiritual Flame, so they had no desire to compete for it at all.

The four of them had been observing the details of the auction, trying to find some clues.

But after observing for a long time, they found nothing unusual.

It seemed that Nirvana Organization really just wanted to hold an auction.

This made Fang Qiu very puzzled.

The Nirvana Organization’s auction items were all good stuff.

If the Nirvana Organization needed money, they could extort money from any country with their power. It could even be said that they could get whatever they wanted by force.

In this case, why did they offer these good things and auction them?

The more Fang Qiu thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.

Why was Nirvana doing this? They were benefiting others, which would bring losses to themselves.

With a heart full of doubts, Fang Qiu continued to observe.

The auction continued.

Under the competition of countless small and medium-sized forces, the Green Spiritual Flame, the No. 1 Earth Treasure, was finally sold at a price of 30 million dollars.

Thirty million dollars was worth nearly 200 million Huaxia coins.

That was terrifying.

Later, the Nirvana Organization continued to auction all kinds of ancient swords, jade, magic tools, and so on.

And each one was better than the last.

Generally speaking, the quality of these auction items was stronger than the ones in the first half of the auction, which caused all the countries to fight for them.

However, what made all the countries the most excited was that the Nirvana Organization had offered those things that had been lost from all over the world, and even some things that only existed in legends.

These things made all the countries who participated in the auction extremely excited. In order to get back what belonged to them, they spent a lot of money.

At the same time, it also made people from all over the world and major forces couldn’t help but be shocked and sigh with emotion.

Where did the Nirvana Organization get so many good things?

According to the introduction of the Eighth Guardian, almost every ancient object that appeared at the auction was found in an ancient relic of a country.

There were at least dozens of antiques that had been auctioned. Did this mean that the Nirvana Organization had already raided dozens of ancient ruins sites?

No wonder the Nirvana Organization was so powerful.

They had obtained the resources of dozens of relics. How could they not be powerful?

Moreover, what they had presented at the auction was not all. How many more were they keeping in secret?

That was unimaginable.

Soon, the auction came to an end. At the same time, the biggest focus of the auction showed up.

“Here is the last item up for auction.”

With the voice of the Eighth Guardian, everyone in the auction venue became focused and stared at the auction stage, waiting for their final target, the speed-up technique.

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