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Chapter 1439 - Chapter 1439 Following the Way

Chapter 1439 Following the Way


The report from this subordinate added fuel to General Will’s flames.


Secretly, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

The person who sneaked up on the military base must have aimed at Fang Qiu and the other five people. Fortunately, he had obtained the treatment methods from Fang Qiu and Antonio. Otherwise, he would have been in big trouble!

At this point…

“General Will. General Will!”

An excited shout suddenly came.

General Will looked over.


An expert, holding the photo General Will had given him, excitedly ran into the command room under repair. Others sized him up with curious eyes, yet he didn’t care about it. He rushed straight to General Will and held up the photo with excitement. Pointing to a fruit in the photo, he passionately explained, “A treasure! This is an invaluable asset. This fruit in the photo possesses the activated substance in the life movement we long yearn for day and night. It can improve our current method and help us create perfect fighters. Human genes could be developed for real!”

“Are you sure?”

The anger on General Will’s face vanished. He was all smiles in wonderment.

Sure enough…

Compared with the transformation toward super fighters, everything among the ruins before him was worthless!

“Sure. I’m very sure.”

The expert immediately nodded joyfully.


General Will looked even happier, and his eyes were full of burning desire. He said, “If that’s the case… Whatever the price is, we can pay it. So what if the base would be destroyed?”

At this critical moment…

The smile on General Will’s face gradually widened.

He had instigated this biotechnology experiment. Since he had been monitoring it, he was very familiar with its progress. Why was the experimental progress so slow? He was well aware of the reason: they lacked the bioactive substance.

Of course…

As a Murica general, General Will knew about the special groups in the world, like martial arts practitioners in Huaxia, werewolves in Rashk, and witches in Anglan.

There was one special group in Murica.

The blood clan!

They were the so-called descendants of vampires.

Vampire descendants had their roots in Europa. They had few branches and were small in number. As such, in terms of special forces, it had been at a disadvantage compared with other countries.

Since Murica was weak in this respect, General Will proposed biotechnology experiments.

Of course…

The foundation of such experiments…

It was based on the blood clan in the very beginning. The research department first studied this clan’s genes. Then they tried to reverse other people’s genes, intending to strengthen ordinary people and make them experts. These Murica researchers had tried various methods but could not change a person’s genes directly.

Helplessly, to speed up the research schedule, they could only use a part of their research power to try something else while studying genes. The genes of the blood clan were taken and injected into human bodies. They were trying to complete this experiment with a more straightforward method. However, something unexpected happened during the experiments.

The blood essence of experts in the blood clan was injected into human bodies. No matter how sturdy the man was, he could not bear the genetic change. Because of this, many experimental subjects died suddenly.


These Murica experts could only choose those who were particularly strong. After strengthening these people in the nutrition capsules, they continued experimenting with them.

But even so…

These experimental subjects still couldn’t withstand that kind of power.

Through the comprehensive analysis of countless scientific research teams, these Murica people finally found the key: the bioactive substance.

Ordinary people didn’t have this kind of bioactive substance. It only existed in the bodies of special groups like the blood clan.

This bioactive substance could strengthen humans and exploit their potential.

Because of the big benefits, the Murica researchers tried to make this active substance with technology. But it would die once this substance left anyone from the blood clan. Even if it were transferred directly to other people, it would become inactive.

Without other choices…

In severe distress, these Murica researchers could only find a way to create such a substance. Over the years, they had developed many kinds of active energy, but the human body could absorb none.

This was why their biotechnology experiments had not succeeded so far. By sheer luck, two successful cases appeared. However, they suffered significant side effects. The side effects killed one of them, and only Lester survived!

In this situation…

The bioactive substance’s importance was self-evident.

Unfortunately, through research, they couldn’t find a suitable substance or produce any.


They finally found it!


General Will was overjoyed. Immediately, he waved his hand and said, “Follow me. Let’s get this fruit!”

As he spoke, he left the military base with the expert and the scientific researcher. They drove all the way south.

Behind them…

Fang Qiu had been hiding on the periphery of the base.

General Will left with some people while Fang Qiu quietly returned to the military base. Some primitives from the tribes were locked up in the four biology technology labs. He finished off all the Murica soldiers in the base. Then he advanced fast in the direction where General Will had left.

At this time…

General Will and the others were already five or six kilometers away.

Fang Qiu followed them quietly all the way.

They reached the Amazing River 10 kilometers away from the base. However, Fang Qiu found General Will did not stop there. Instead, he bypassed the river and advanced toward the depths of the jungle.

“What are they going to do?”

Fang Qiu was curious.

“What could make General Will give up the military base?

“Could there be another military base in the depths of the jungle?”

Less than 100 meters away…

While hiding, Fang Qiu carefully observed the team’s situation before him. He was surprised to see several experts in the group.

The strangest thing was…

General Will brought a research expert with him. They talked and laughed, looking particularly excited.

“I don’t feel quite right.”

Fang Qiu quietly shook his head.

“The military base was destroyed. Shouldn’t General Will be furious?

“How could he be so thrilled?”

“Do scientific research?”

Thinking about it carefully, Fang Qiu immediately frowned.

He had a vague feeling that this group would do something unusual. It was a great, joyous event that could make them forget the unpleasant thing — their base had been destroyed.

When Fang Qiu thought of this…

He looked ahead and even completely spread out his Divine Consciousness. It covered the area within 60 kilometers around him. But he carefully sensed everything around but found nothing unusual.

“Could it be somewhere further away?”

Fang Qiu was confused.

This group of people had walked more than 10 kilometers. Plus the Divine Consciousness, he had searched the large area within 70 kilometers.

There was nothing unusual within 70 kilometers. Perhaps, something special was 70 kilometers away.

Fang Qiu withdrew his Divine Consciousness.

He continued tailing them.

But since they were in such a hurry, there must be something worth noticing. As long as he followed them, he could see it.

In the jungle…

The vehicle drove very slowly. It took them almost two hours to get more than 100 kilometers away.

They came to a very dense primeval rainforest.


The car stopped.

Five hundred meters away, Fang Qiu also halted and went on observing them under cover.

Through this glance…

He saw a very strange forest ahead.

It was a marshy land.

There were many small water areas dotted about the ground. Apart from the trees, not even a single weed was in his sight. This area looked particularly refreshing and clean.

Most crucially…

Those trees were all very tall. Each was over 50 meters tall.

These tree trunks were very straight. Except for the canopies dozens of meters high in the air, the tree trunks without branches looked remarkably smooth!


Suddenly, Fang Qiu detected a smell of blood in the air while observing the situation ahead.

Fang Qiu quietly moved a few steps aside.

Right ahead of the car, a giant python loomed over them!

There was a punctured bump and a bloodstain on the python.

It was the previous one!

Fang Qiu was quite taken aback.

With a closer look, Fang Qiu found that all its scales had recovered except for its wounded head. They didn’t seem to have ever been broken.

It seemed to have evolved.

At this time…

This python wound around a trunk, raising its head high and sticking out its tongue. It was confronting General Will and the others.

Its pair of blood-red eyes appeared very fierce. However, it showed no desire to attack. Seemingly, it was not here to fight but to defend.

In doubt…

Fang Qiu looked into the depths of the jungle on wetlands.

After this glance…

He literally jumped out of his skin.


An even more giant python coiled up in the depths of the woods.

The thickest part of this giant python was more than one meter wide. Its body part around the heart and its tail were much thicker than the previous one’s.

Especially the head…

Its mouth was so big that it could swallow a person with a casual bite.

Of course…

There was also a horn on the top of its head.

Different from the previous python, this one had a fully grown horn on its head. It was sharp, more than 20 centimeters long.

At this time…

The giant python was lying between several towering trees, slithering lazily. Not caring about the arrival of General Will and the others, the python didn’t even bother looking back. Instead, it focused only on the area circled by its body.

“Is there something inside?”

As Fang Qiu thought of this, he looked toward General Will. He seemed not afraid of these two huge pythons at all. Instead, he was very excited.

“Sure enough, this fellow isn’t ordinary!”

Fang Qiu sighed with feeling. Releasing his Divine Consciousness, he explored the area surrounded by the giant python.

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