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Chapter 1092 - The Three of You Come at Me Together!

Chapter 1092 The Three of You Come at Me Together!

“I’m coming!” It seemed that Lester had been stimulated by Fang Qiu’s powerful aura, his blood-red eyes glowed. Shouting at Fang Qiu, he immediately rushed toward him.

The sound of the breaking wind was strident.

Surrounded by the aura of blood, Lester was incredibly fast that he turned into a streak of red light almost instantly and charged at Fang Qiu.

He waved his right hand, directing it to attack Fang Qiu’s throat.

“Oh?” Fang Qiu was stunned.

Although Lester’s speed was great, Fang Qiu could still see his every movement clearly and completely disassemble it. This was the strength of a guru.

Such ability did not disappear when one’s strength was suppressed. Just like night vision, Fang Qiu could still do it at any time, even without using the strength of the Guru Realm.

The advantage of this ability was that it could easily make him find the flaws in the moves of his opponents and break them.

When Lester approached him, Fang Qiu was not attracted by his moves. It was Lester’s fingers that drew his attention.

Fang Qiu could clearly see that Lester’s fingers had turned extremely long and white. A sickle-shaped horn that looked like a bat claw grew on each of his fingertips, and it looked particularly sharp.

Fang Qiu took a fierce step back to avoid Lester’s attack as he thought curiously, “Is it true that vampires are bats?”

Lester attacked once more. This time, he struck out with both hands at the same time. His speed was much greater than before, and his movements were also very nimble.

“Impressive!” Fang Qiu praised, dodging another attack.

And then, he waved his hands and counterattacked the storming Lester head-on.

The sound of the collision came instantly, just like soybeans falling on the ground.

Both of them were too fast.

All the onlookers were dumbfounded.

They were strong as well, but the combat speed of these two was too fast that they almost collided with each other several times in an instant.

In the collision, John Doe seized the opportunity to suppress Lester, who had had the upper hand.

Nevertheless, from everyone’s point of view, it was not surprising at all and seemed to be a matter of course. After all, they had a rough idea of John Doe’s strength.

How would someone who was able to kill a Half-step Guru lose to Lester?

On the battlefield, Lester was excited.

He had felt some pressure from John Doe. Though it was not too strong, it indeed happened, which made him figure out that he was no match for John Doe. Moreover, he had a better understanding of John Doe’s strength.

The strength John Doe showed indicated that he was not hiding.

As he thought of this, Lester continued to attack harder, trying to collect more information about John Doe’s strength.

Meanwhile, Fang Qiu was very calm.

He had long guessed what Lester was thinking, so he did not use all his strength from the beginning. Instead, he only utilized the power in his current state. At least 80% of his internal Qi was still suppressed in his Dantian. If his whole internal Qi was released, he was afraid Lester would not even withstand one move.

Fang Qiu knew exactly how he should display his strength.

Without exposing too much information about his strength, he could perfectly subdue Lester and make him think that this was his all. It was the best way for him to hide his strength.

Needless to say, Fang Qiu also knew that he had better conceal it appropriately and stop just when needed.

After nine collisions in a row, Fang Qiu’s suppression of Lester grew stronger. And under the subdual, Lester burst out more and more strength. The longer he lasted in his battle with John Doe, the more information he would get.

But Fang Qiu did not give him any extra chances.

During the tenth attack, just as Lester was about to counterattack again, Fang Qiu calmly slapped him on the chest at a speed that made him unable to react in time.

A loud banging sound rang out, and Lester was instantly sent flying away.

Since Fang Qiu had deliberately controlled his strength, Lester was not injured. He has just been pushed away and had to take a few steps back to stabilize himself.

Just as Lester’s feet stopped, Fang Qiu was already in front of him, changing his right hand into a sword finger and pointing it at Lester’s throat.

“I… lost.” Although Lester wanted to continue fighting, he was not so shameless as to do so in front of so many people. He could only bitterly laugh, shrugging.

But this time, he had collected enough information. Now, he at least knew John Doe’s strength like the back of his hand.

Seeing Lester admit defeat, everyone was shocked.

Though they were not familiar with him, they all knew that as the Murican special envoy, Lester was a very proud person. He had even pompously said he could complete the task without anyone’s help when they had first met.

“How could such an arrogant person admit defeat?” they wondered, unable to believe their eyes.

But, compared to Lester’s admission of defeat, what shocked everyone more was John Doe’s strength.

Ten moves!

John Doe had defeated Lester with only ten moves.

No one doubted that if it had been a fight to the death, Lester would be dead by now.

Therefore, everyone was stunned.

They had never expected that John Doe would use all his strength to fight against Lester.

It seemed that John Doe was not afraid of exposing his strength.

They thought he was so confident.

On the other side, Lester took a deep breath and dispersed all the aura of blood around his body. He walked to the side and frowned slightly, looking at John Doe with vigilance.

“A formidable opponent!” he thought, internally evaluating John Doe.

Although the latter had defeated him after only ten moves, he thought that the strength John Doe had shown was not invincible. Therefore, he merely regarded him as some strong opponent, not only of himself but also of the country he represented.

“It’s over.” Fang Qiu smiled and withdrew his Qi power, ready to leave.

“Wait.” But right at this moment, Yakov stood up, looked at Fang Qiu with a serious expression, and said, “I also want to have a fight with you. Let’s do our best!”

“What?” Fang Qiu was astonished, then gave a wry smile.

“I want to compete with you, too.” Isabel stepped forward and walked directly to Fang Qiu. She licked her red lip temptingly as she looked at him with seductive eyes and added, “Although we’ve fought the first time we met, we all know that it was just a game at that time. No one took it seriously. Since you fought with Lester with all your strength today, we can’t miss it. What do you say?”

When Isabel finished her words, the envoy of L’hexagone, Bernard, stood forth with a harmless smile on his face.

What he meant was very clear.

He wanted to fight as well.

“What about you? What’s your reason?” asked Fang Qiu.

“I’m just curious.” Bernard smiled. “I’m wondering how powerful the person who killed my predecessor is.”

Fang Qiu pursed his lips, returning to the place where he had been standing.

“You three, come at me at once!” Fang Qiu waved his hand.

Judging from the expressions on their faces, he knew that if they did not fight, he would not be able to leave. In this case, he had no choice but to let the three of them fight him together, for it would take forever if they took turns.

But as soon as Fang Qiu said that, everyone, including Lester, was dumbfounded. The envoys of the four major countries looked at each other, surprised at John Doe’s arrogance.

But if he could withstand ten moves from one opponent, it did not mean he could resist thirty moves from three.

So, since two heads are better than one, John Doe could not win if the three of them attacked him together.

Yet, there was another person present who was not shocked.

It was Will, the head of the Black Mamba Mercenaries.

He knew very well that John Doe could kill two Half-step Gurus and three ninth-class experts; thus, confronting the three envoys would not pose a problem to him.

“Are you sure?” Isabel looked at Fang Qiu, asking with a spurious smile.

“Come on. Don’t waste time.” Fang Qiu waved his hand calmly, and his internal Qi burst out again.

Looking at each other, the three envoys did their best to exert their most robust fighting power.

Yakov transformed into a werewolf, exploding an extremely ferocious aura of beasts.

Isabel disappeared amidst the red mist.

Bernard, who had not shown his strength, took out a military-use dagger from his trouser pocket and held it in a reverse grip. He stood where he was, not moving an inch. An incomparably sharp aura radiated from his body like an unsheathed sharp blade.

“This team is pretty good,” Fang Qiu smiled and said. “The werewolf fights in the hand-to-hand combat, the witch controls the rival, and the assassin assaults the main target!”

As soon as Fang Qiu finished speaking, the werewolf Yakov suddenly roared to the sky and immediately pounced on Fang Qiu.

Beside him, Bernard instantly turned into a flash of silver light. Like a sharp sword, he rushed straight to Fang Qiu at the speed of lightning.

Isabel, on the other hand, made use of her witchy red mist to hide in the distance, constantly putting pressure on Fang Qiu.

“Fight!” At this moment, Fang Qiu shouted intensely. As the three envoys approached, Fang Qiu rushed up at once and attacked without any hesitation, resulting in a banging sound of collision.

Even though the three envoys had joined forces, Fang Qiu was still quite calm. Not only did he not fall into a disadvantageous position, but he also started to subdue Yakov and Bernard after only ten moves.

This kind of immense pressure shocked both Yakov and Bernard.

In order not to expose any more information, Fang Qiu did not delay any longer. After five moves, he sent Bernard flying away and defeated Yakov after another three moves.

Finally, he rushed to Isabel, grabbing her out of the red mist at the nineteenth move.

And just like that, all three of them had been defeated in less than twenty moves.

As a result, the whole crowd stared at Fang Qiu in shock.

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