Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

Chapter 740 - Deliberately Rub Salt in the Wound

Deliberately Rub Salt in the Wound

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With a heart full of schadenfreude, Huangfu Lingyao arrived at the Eastern Palace.

As the primary residence for the heir to the throne, the Eastern Palace was evidently more spacious than the Western Palace. While the latter housed seven or eight imperial princes, the Eastern Palace, of the same size, accommodated only one Crown Prince!

Today was not just a regular day; it was also the grand wedding of the Crown Prince.

The entire palace had been adorned anew, presenting a sight filled with festive colors.

“Greetings, King Dun Yu!”

Although the palace attendants were not particularly fond of Huangfu Lingyao, they extended the proper courtesies.

He wore a foolish grin, his eyes filled with an excited expression, like any ordinary young boy showing intense interest in the lively and colorful scene before him.

Taking a few steps, he would casually pull at the red silk hanging on the corridor pillars, only to be stopped by the chief eunuch who followed closely behind him.

Someone bowed to him, and he waved it off, casually grabbing a young eunuch, asking, “Where is Brother Crown Prince?”

He came to watch the spectacle; how could he not see the Crown Prince?

The young eunuch replied, “His Highness, the Crown Prince, is in the sleeping chambers.”

“Oh! Then I’ll go find him!” Huangfu Lingyao smiled mischievously, released the eunuch, and turned towards the direction of the sleeping chambers.

Another young eunuch, watching his figure, expressed some concern, “Is it really okay to let him run around in the Eastern Palace? What if he messes up all the arrangements we’ve worked so hard on?!”

The other one answered, “Are you going to stop him then? Haven’t you seen the chief eunuch trailing behind him all the way? If King Dun Yu throws a tantrum, the Eastern Palace is sure to be in chaos! When the blame comes down from the Empress Dowager, who do you think will suffer?”

That’s the characteristic of the Silly Second Prince!

For seven years, it had become ingrained in everyone’s minds!

Huangfu Lingyao, intentionally oblivious, paid no heed to what others said about him behind his back.

He arrived at the Crown Prince’s sleeping chambers, first observing his surroundings, then without waiting for the eunuch at the door to announce him, he slipped in like a swift and agile husky!

Entering, he glanced around and noticed the Crown Prince sitting in a chair, gripping a book but not actually reading it.

Huangfu He’s expression wasn’t great, his eyes lowered as if lost in thought.

Huangfu Lingyao suddenly shouted loudly, “Big Brother Crown Prince, I’m here!”

Seeing his foolish younger brother’s arrival, Huangfu He’s expression worsened, and he asked, “Why are you here?”

Today, his mood was so gloomy that he couldn’t even maintain his usual amiable facade.

“Isn’t it Empress Mother who asked me to come!” Huangfu Lingyao grinned, passing the blame to the Empress, knowing she enjoyed meddling in such matters!

He added, “They all say there’s an order to things, the Crown Prince must marry first before I can. In another month, I’ll be taking a wife too, so I came to see my dear Crown Prince and learn a thing or two about pleasing my future wife!”

Huangfu He’s breath hitched.

He had figured it out; this fool came to deliberately rub salt in the wound!

His idiotic brother was marrying the woman he was originally supposed to marry. How could he possibly be at ease when this fact was thrown in his face?

Huangfu Lingyao observed the surroundings with a smile on his face but cursed inwardly, ‘Damn it, getting married is the same for everyone, yet all the good things are being sent to the Crown Prince! In a month, it’ll be my turn, and if they don’t arrange things nicely for me, those servants in the internal affairs office won’t be spared!’

But then, after giving it some thought, he felt it wasn’t enough. ‘Before getting married, I have to personally cause a ruckus in the internal affairs office. All the good things should be moved to my Dun Yu Residence!’

Seeing the Crown Prince not engaging in conversation, he continued, “I heard Brother Crown Prince is marrying two wives. What great luck! But I’m curious, who will be the first one to share the bridal chamber Brother Crown Prince tonight? You only have one sleeping palace…”

He suddenly widened his eyes as if discovering a new world, “Could it be…. both of them are in your sleeping palace together?”

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