Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

Chapter 556 - Chapter 556: Being Strong on Your Own Is Truly Being Strong

Chapter 556: Being Strong on Your Own Is Truly Being Strong

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Seeing him steer the conversation toward the main topic, Liu Shimei relaxed and replied, “The verdict hasn’t been announced yet, but it should be soon.”

She continued feeding him and said, “Du Gong attempted to spread leprosy and hired assassins to kill me. Although he failed to kill me, he accidentally injured you. I guess he’s likely to be sentenced to death. The reputation of Zhenyaotang has also plummeted. In the future, they might target Fusheng Pavilion. Our Fusheng Pavilion might have to directly compete with the largest private medical hall!”

“Ah?” Huangfu Lingyao wanted to discuss this matter with her, fearing she might not be wary of the Zheng Medical Hall, but he couldn’t directly state the possibility. He could only indirectly hint at it, guiding her thoughts in that direction.

Since she had already thought of it, he cooperated by expressing his surprise, “You must be careful from now on, Wife!”

“Okay.” Liu Shimei nodded, saying, “I will be careful. Now, Changge is there in the open, and Zhong Lang is there in the shadows…”


“Don’t even mention that Zhong Lang! If he hadn’t run off recklessly, how could this have happened!” Mentioning this, Huangfu Lingyao was still very upset.

He had initially thought the same way; with Zhong Lang, such a skilled expert, protecting them, and the fact that Yong’an Inn was his territory, nothing could go wrong.

As a result, the first time he took his wife to his own territory, they encountered such danger!

Of course, even if Mu Jiangli hadn’t intervened, they wouldn’t have died. It’s just that his cover would have been blown for sure!

At that time, he had already blown the whistle, summoning Li Xin and others.

Mu Jiangli came out quickly, and by the time his men arrived, those black-clothed men had already been taken care of.

He was also certain that his wife had heard him blow the whistle, but the events that followed were too complex. She probably hadn’t remembered it immediately. If she ever remembered in the future, he would have a headache figuring out how to cover it up.

Returning to the story, if it weren’t for Zhong Lang’s slip-up, none of these crises would have occurred.

Liu Shimei sighed and said, “Everyone has their own private matters. A person can never rely entirely on others. At any time, relying on oneself is the most reliable. Being strong on your own is truly being strong.”

Being strong on your own is truly being strong. Huangfu Lingyao deeply agreed with this statement, but—

He frowned and said, “Wife, haven’t you ever thought of relying on me? Maybe I’m also very capable. Look at this time, with my experience in fighting, didn’t I protect you?”

He instinctively didn’t like Liu Shimei’s way of thinking. He didn’t understand why she was like this.

Could it be because ever since they got together, she found her biological father unreliable, deeply hurting her heart, making it difficult for her to trust anyone completely?


Was it because she had a “foolish” fiance like him that she felt the need to shoulder everything as a woman?

Liu Shimei didn’t grasp the deep meaning behind his words. She thought her silly fiance wanted her to ‘trust him’ and ‘rely on him’, believing he was just asserting his usefulness.

Children often have this kind of thinking, wanting to show their useful side in front of adults.

Therefore, encouraging and educating them often yield good results.

She mainly encouraged her silly son this way, smiling and saying, “Yes, Lingyao, you’re very capable! This time, thanks to you, otherwise, with my limited evasion skills, I could dodge one attack but not two, it would have been disastrous!”

This incident also made her realize that having poison is useless against someone skilled in martial arts!

Huangfu Lingyao,”…”

My wife always treats me like she’s placating a child. What should I do?

But then, who can I blame for this?

I reap what I sow!

After the assassination attempt, Huangfu Lingyao realized that Liu Shimei seemed to have forgotten something important.. “Wife, is the information we obtained from the Pavilion of Six Paths and Eight Directions still of no use?”

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