Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

Chapter 176 - Chapter 176: Master and Disciple’s Thoughts on Opening a Medical Center

Chapter 176: Master and Disciple’s Thoughts on Opening a Medical Center

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After Huangfu Lingyao lay down, he fell asleep not long after. He was like a dog that was tired from playing without any schemes. He slept soundly.


Liu Shimei did not pay any attention to the acupuncture manual that she had brought over. Instead, she stared at his face thoughtfully.

She tried her best to recall every little thing that had happened since she met him. She always felt that there were many suspicious places, but those suspicious points were like a gust of wind that slipped away in an instant. She could not stand it at all.

She still could not find any problems with his pulse, but what could she do if she suspected him?

Liu Shimei even started to think of some questions.

If Huangfu Lingyao was playing dumb, why did he want to trap her? What was there about her that was worth digging out? Why did he appear in that alley and have sex with her by accident?

… Wait, let’s think about this.

But now, their engagement was set. Whether he was stupid or not, she could not change this fact.

In the end, when she was a little sleepy, she finally found a reasonable conclusion. Perhaps, Huangfu Lingyao’s question could not be complicated in the first place. He was an adult to begin with, and it was only because of special reasons that his IQ.was low. So it seemed reasonable that there would be such a contradictory moment and occasionally a moment of normalcy?

Liu Shimei pulled Huangfu Lingyao’s blanket properly, stood up, and went out with the candle flame. “Forget it, forget it. If he really lied to me, let’s see why he lied! It’s not that 1 can’t accept it. But if he just wants to use me… Ha!”

The next day.

After 12 hours, the water in the bathtub that Zhong Lang was soaking in had turned completely black and was emitting a foul smell!

Liu Shimei put on a mask and handed one to Qi Yang.

Qi Yang was stunned. He stared at her face and chuckled, “This is interesting! Won’t it stink after wearing it?”

He also put on his mask, sniffed it, and said, “Aiya, I can still smell it, but at least it’s separated by quite a bit!”

Then, he took off her mask like it was a treasure and stared at it for a while. He suddenly turned to Liu Shimei and asked, “Disciple, if you make a lot of this thing and sell it, do you think there’s a possibility of making a lot of money?”

Liu Shimei was wearing a mask, covering half of her face. However, from her slightly curved eyebrows, it was obvious that she was smiling.

“Right now, we don’t have a platform to rely on. We can only seek cooperation from others. It’s also very easy for others to learn and steal the idea. Why would they need to buy ours? 1 have to wait until I have my own platform,” she said lightly. “I have to create a unique name through my own channels. Then, 1 can sell it myself and pull in large orders. Only then will there be a possibility of making a lot of money from small things!”

For example, there was only room for money if sterilized medical masks were used as consumables. Otherwise, how could she earn money by using a mask for a year?

Qi Yang’s eyes lit up even more. “Disciple, you’re good! What do you think?”

Liu Shimei did not hide his thoughts from his master and said directly, “Of course, I want to understand the market clearly and open my own medical center that can compete with the Zheng Medical Hall and even the National Medical Hall! In the future, these masks, the rubber gloves that I’m researching, the medical disinfectant alcohol, the stethoscope… Those things would be a source of money in the future!”

“That sounds pretty good!” Qi Yang became even more interested and chuckled. “Count me in!”

Without waiting for Liu Shimei to speak, he continued, “Don’t worry about capital. The thing I’m not lacking in is money!”

Liu Shimei chuckled and said, “Are you saying I’m a poor person?”

“That’s true, you’re not!” Qi Yang saw that he could not beat her on this point, so he thought for a moment and said, “Then I have connections!”

Hearing this, Liu Shimei immediately became interested.. “What connections? All you have is me as your disciple, no?”

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