Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 940 – Another Rise in Prestige

Chapter 940 – Another Rise in Prestige

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On the Seven Color Holy Mountain, countless dragon projections emerge and dragons soared and cast spells, forming a seven-colored barrier around the Seven Color Holy Mountain.

When the giant hand radiating gold light slammed into the seven-colored barrier, it shattered the barrier and continued towards the Seven Color Holy Mountain itself.

“Brilliant Great Holy, that’s going too far!”

A 10,000-meter-long dragon with seven-colored scales flew out of the Seven Color Holy Mountain and extended a claw towards the giant hand emitting gold light.


A world-shaking shock wave spread across the Seven Color Holy Mountain. Swept by the terrifying shock wave, dragons exploded one after another. Even seven Moonlight Warlock rank dragons were crushed.

The 10,000-meter-long Seven Color Holy Dragon was knocked against the Seven Color Holy Mountain, which resulted in an earth-shaking blare.

“So strong!”

“So this is a Great Holy step powerhouse!”



When the human Warlocks saw this scene, their spirits rose, and they commented one after another.

The other race powerhouses, on the other hand, looked towards the sky with apprehension.

Corpse Holy smiled coldly and said in provocation: “Brilliant Great Holy, what are you going to do? Are you going to fight us all?”

A series of Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power suddenly soared into the sky and breaths locked on the Brilliant Great Holy.

On their own, each one of the seven superior races are not a match to the human race. Therefore, before they came, they established a military alliance. Since they wanted to test how much strength the Brilliant Great Holy has recovered to begin with, they jumped on this opportunity to launch a challenge.

“Heh-heh! One of your own didn’t comply with the rules, so I just gave him a small punishment! But if you want a fight, then you will all die here!”

The eyes of the Brilliant Great Holy flickered coldly, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the God Slayer White Jade Sword appeared in his hand. Empyrean grade fluctuations of power emanated from the God Slayer White Jade Sword and spread in all directions.

“Empyrean grade secret treasure!”

“He actually has an Empyrean grade secret treasure!”

“Damn it!”


When the Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses of the seven superior races sensed the Empyrean grade fluctuations of power released by the God Slayer White Jade Sword, their complexion suddenly changed dramatically and the color of fear streaked across their eyes.

Even though Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses are not a match for a Great Holy step powerhouse, but they can unleash secret methods to escape. However, if the Great Holy step powerhouse uses an Empyrean grade secret treasure, they will have the power to slay the Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

The Ninth True Ancestor uttered faintly: “Enough, Brilliant Great Holy, the Seven Color Dragon Holy was indeed at fault here. You already taught him a lesson, so let’s put this matter to rest! As stated by the agreement, we will enter the Cangzhi Plane according to your proposal. Please have all your people on those territories leave immediately.”

Except for humans, Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses basically have a lifespan of more than 30,000 years if they have not suffered any irrecoverable injuries. Consequently, unless it is a critical moment, they will not easily go all out against an opponent.

When the Seven Color Dragon Holy broke the rules and attacked Yang Feng, the powerhouses of the seven superior races were happy to see this. However, none of them is willing to fight the Brilliant Great Holy.

The Brilliant Great Holy’s breath slowly dwindled, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the God Slayer White Jade Sword disappeared.

The astral secret treasures dropped light down on the other race powerhouses and collected them.

The other race powerhouses disappeared along with flashes of light.

“We won!”


“Beautifully done, Chairman Yang Feng!”


As soon as the other race powerhouses disappeared, bursts of cheers erupted from the human Warlocks.

Yang Feng turned the tide and defeated or killed the five other race powerhouses by himself, forcing the other races to accept the proposal of the human race and greatly improving the morale of the human race. At the same time, he preserved some strength of the human race. This naturally excited the human Warlocks. His reputation in the human race has risen to a new height thanks to this competition.

Chairman of the Human Supreme Council represent the greatest power and influence that beings below the Holy Spirit Warlock realm can hold in this universe. Although Yang Feng was able to become a chairman of the Human Supreme Council thanks to his status as the person ranked first on the human merit steles and the support from the Brilliant Great Holy, but many Warlocks still refused to acknowledge him.

Now that Yang Feng has turned the tides and defeated the participants of the seven superior races, his reputation reached a new level, and he won the support and recognition of more Warlock leaders.

The whole Star Cloud City was caught in merriment.

As soon as the Human Supreme Council was formally established, it began to absorb the human Warlock groups with the momentum of a clap of thunder and integrate their resources, forming a terrifying monster.

As one of the seven chairmen, the number of Warlock groups that desire to be Yang Feng’s allies is already enough to destroy his gate.

Countless human Warlock groups, large and small, have become Yang Feng’s vassals, making his influence reach all over the universe.

Yang Feng has also advanced the sale of battle robots among his allies. The Warlock groups, big and small, frantically placed arms orders and purchased Transcendent rank battle robots from Yang Feng.

A tremendous stream of resources flows towards Yang Feng. In the planes under his control, munitions factories are all working at full capacity to churn out all kinds of powerful battle robots, enhancing his power.

The branch floating continent of the Battle Demon Sect, inside the gold lake, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes and exhaled a long breath, and a strange thing formed from countless runes and filthy blood flew out.

Fire enveloped the strange thing and burned is to ashes.

At this time, Yang Feng is a terrifying Infinity Warlock realm powerhouse. His filthy blood mixed with life energy, plus the pure life magic energy contained in the gold lake, can produce a fearsome monster.

If Yang Feng’s blood dropped on the earth and combined with the life magic energy contained in the earth, after a certain period of time, it would form all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth.

Yang Feng mused unhurriedly: “Silver Flash, a dragon race peerless genius, he was incredibly strong! I used all my strength to only be able to narrowly defeat him. If it wasn’t for the Eternal Imperishable Body, I’m afraid I would have been a little weaker than him! In the vast universe, geniuses are like stars! It’s really not that easy to reach the top!”

At this time, Yang Feng stands virtually at the summit of human Warlocks when it comes to the Infinity Warlock realm. But in the vast universe, in addition to human Warlocks, there are countless powerful races. These powerful races also have their own peerless talents.

If Yang Feng wants to promote to the Warlock Emperor realm, he has to compete with these peerless talents. Only when he survives at the end, can he promote to the rank Warlock Emperor realm.

“The power and influence of a chairman of the Human Supreme Council is really useful. The materials for the construction of the level-6 stronghold have mostly been collected. Now, only one kind of primary material, Starless Sea Gold, is left!”

He connected with a level-5 optical computer and understood the current state of the various rare materials.

After Yang Feng assumed the position of chairman of the Human Supreme Council, he used the power of chairman to collect all kinds of rare materials.

Many Warlock groups have hidden their rare materials. Yang Feng sent people to these Warlock groups and forcibly bought the rare materials at three or four times the market price. Those Warlock groups could only sell their rare materials obediently. Since Yang Feng has bought them at a high price, those Warlock groups don’t have too many complaints.

At this times, when resources are flowing towards him in a stream, what Yang Feng lacks most are rare materials. If there was Starless Sea Gold available, Yang Feng would even be willing to buy it ten or twenty times the market price.

However, Starless Sea Gold is an extremely rare God grade material. There was a lot of it during the archgod age. However, after the rise of the eight Warlock Imperial Courts, a large amount of Starless Sea Gold was used to make Empyrean grade secret treasures. Currently, there is extremely little Starless Sea Gold remaining. With his status as a chairman, Yang Feng was only able to obtain five grams of Starless Sea Gold, which is far from enough to construct a level-6 stronghold.

Yang Feng has spent an astronomical amount of resources to purchase some God grade treasures necessary to build a level-7 stronghold. But, for the current Yang Feng, who has many allies and abundant resources, ordinary resources are nothing at all.

“Now the only things that can enhance my strength are Eternal Sovereign relic sites, the Gumana Universe, and the treasure troves of various races on the thirty six primary material planes. Among them, the Gumana Universe is my best choice at the moment.”

Yang Feng thought of the Universe Stairs.

When the Universe Stairs were undamaged, they could open a universe passage that enabled Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses to travel between two universes.

Now that the Universe Stairs have gone through a battle between Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse and the cleansing of the river of time, they can barely open a universe passage that allows Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses to pass through.

With enough treasures of heaven and earth and the corresponding alchemy arts, the Universe Stairs can open a universe passage that enables Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses to pass through. Naturally, Yang Feng would not spend so much resources to open such a dangerous universe passage.

If Yang Feng were become a Warlock Monarch in this universe, and then enter the Gumana Universe, he will have to spend a lot of resources and time to repair the universe passage that links the two universes.

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