Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 9

9 – The Fall of Black-Rock Town

Baron Kirov walked towards the edge of the City Wall, looked at Yang Feng at the bottom and bowed as he said respectfully: "I am Black-Rock Town's Lord Baron Kirov, distinguishable Warlock Daren, may i ask why You must attack my Black-Rock Town? If we from Black-Rock Town offended You in any way, then I hope to be able to compensate You with Gold Coins, to pacify Your anger."

Note: 大人 aka Daren – title of respect towards superiores

Baron Kirov as an aristocrat is fully conscientious of the distinguishable and powerful Warlocks. In Dulanduo Subcontinent behind every state must possess an Warlock as its official becker. If a state ever lost its Warlock's support then it will either perish and give birth to a new state, or be annexed by some other state.

"Baron Kirov, don't you recognise me?" Yang Feng lifted up his masked face, revealing Zhao Jiang's face to Baron Kirow while faintly laughing.

Baron Kirov's complexion changed greatly, in his heart welled up a trace of ominous premonition as he involuntarily cried out: "Baron Zhao Jiang!!"

Baron Kirov's mind turned quickly as he said: "Baron Zhao Jiang, to invade a baron's territory for no reason is a serious crime! If the court finds out about it, then you'll be directly stripped of your Title and territory. Leave now as it's still not too late! This matter, I can treat it as if it didn't took place!"

Attacking other aristocrat's territory within Fernandro Principality is a heinous crime, if discovered, even if it was Viscount Herlu, that kind of higher-up Daren, he'd also be deprived of his Title and territory. Baron Kirov since long ago wanted to seize Zhao Jiang's Title and territory, but alas he also had no choice except to execute all kinds of dirty tricks, he absolutely wouldn’t dare to directly attack Zhao Jiang's territory.

Yang Feng coldly smiled, his gaze cold as he said: "Baron Kirov, you went as far as to send someone to assassinate me! Today, I'll send you on your journey, please go nicely to Hell as penitence! Attack! Kill anyone that resists!"

Yang Feng's developed in Autumn-Leaf Town already reached a bottleneck some time ago. Black-Rock Town is his target, as it possesses a large supply of ore. With Black-Rock Town captured, Yang Feng can then quickly develop and produce even more powerful robots. Only by possessing more powerful robots can he have a better chance of survival in this world.

No matter what Baron Kirov said, Yang Feng won't abandon his plans of controlling Black-Rock Town.

30 Gunned-troops at once pointed the muzzle of their heavy machine-guns towards above the City Wall and pulled the trigger.

In a split second flames were spat, soon after the whole City Wall was completely enveloped by fresh blood. Under the fire of the heavy machine-gun bullets, nearly all warriors were completely eradicated.

Baron Kirov also faced the shredding of countless heavy machine-gun bullets, that turned him into countless minced meat littering the floor.

5 Cannon-troops used 120mm heavy artillery to directly aim at Black-Rock Castle's entrance. Sparks blazed and the Black-Rock Castle's City Gate directly exploded into shrapnel.

30 blade wielding figures, comparable to the Knight grade, rushed like sparks directly into Black-Rock Castle.

From within Black-Rock Castle reverberated waves of miserable screams and wails.

Before long, Black-Rock Castle's resistance was easily quelled. With the thick smell of blood, Black-Rock Castle also directly fell under Yang Feng's control.

Without a Knight or Warlock, this kind of powerful existences assuming personal command, ordinary people are basically unable to resist Yang Feng's mechanical legion.

After Black-Rock Castle surrendered, then the whole Black-Rock Town fell into Yang Feng's hands.

The first thing that Yang Feng did was to dispatch a large number of Bladed-troops and mining robots to directly occupy the mines and furthermore resume the mining of ore.

Simultaneously a large number of Solar Parasols also appeared at the hilly area surrounding Black-Rock Town, appearing as if the wasteland is unceasingly blossoming.

One by one engineering robots, as if ants, are laboring in the expanding wasteland, as they begin constructing a large-scale Arsenal Factory.

The entire Black-Rock Town's mining area is reverberating with mechanical continuous mechanical rumbles, all kinds of large-scale iron smelting and steelmaking mechanical facilities were produced by those engineering robots

What those mining robots holded in their hands far surpassed this age's mining tools as they incessantly mined ore around the clock. After upgrading all kinds of mining facilities, Black-Rock Town's everyday ore production skyrocketed by more than a hundredfold.

After receiving Black-Rock Town's large quantities of produced ore, Autumn-Leaf Town's Arsenal Factory also worked at full capacity, as every day large quantities of mining robots, engineering robots and battle robots were produced and then transport to Black-Rock Town.

As a result of Yang Feng killing Baron Kirov, in Black-Rock Town appeared a large fleeing tide. Large quantities of miners, towns people, and lesser aristocrats, all without being obstructed, directly fled from Black-Rock Town and moved mainly towards the Giant-Stone City's direction.

For an ordinary Lord to have large amounts of leaders escape, will absolutely make them have an extreme headache. After all, every leader pays taxes, which contributes to the Lord's wealth. However in regards to Yang Feng, if those leaders want to flee then they should just do that. For him, to have his mechanical legion that is the most loyal and creates the greatest wealth, is the most important.

After the entire Black-Rock Castle was swept once, Yang Feng scrapped altogether, 30000 Gold Coins in cash, a large quantity of antiques, works of art and a variety of Giant-Stone City's real estate deeds.

Black-Rock Town is a small town rich in all kinds of ore, although Baron Kirov needed to prepare large amounts of funds every year as bribes, but he still possesses a fortune exceeding 200000 Gold Coins. However the bulk of the fortune was used to purchase a variety of Giant-Stone City's real estate, works of art and antiques, so the cash on hand is limited and merely 30000 Gold Coins.

Yang Feng obtained a lot of information from reading Baron Kirov's mind, even receiving a cultivation method capable of reaching a Knight's rank. However that method can't be cultivated beyond Knight rank, it's far lacking in comparison to Zhao Family's Thunder-ox method. Yang Feng also doesn't has any interest in cultivation.

A Small Reconnaissance Satellite flew into the sky, to scout Giant-Stone City's situation.

The information obtained from Baron Kirov's mind shows, that Giant-Stone City's population reaches a staggering amount of 600000. The quantity of Knights at Giant-Stone City surpasses a 100, just Viscount Harley's has more than 30 Knights and 3 Great knights as his subordinates. Apart from this, in Giant-Stone City also reside more than 30 Apprentice Warlocks.

An Earth Knight rank can compare to a level-3 Apprentice Warlock, a Sky Knight's battle prowess are comparable to level-1's Official Warlock. However to cultivate to Great Knight and to Sky Knight power is exceedingly rare. Only extremely powerful Warlock's followers might have the chance of obtaining an Earth Knight's and a Sky Knight's power.

In Fernandro Principality Knight rank powers number more than 10000 people, however there's only 1 person with a Sky Knight rank's power. It is easy to imagine how rare Sky Knight's are.

Note: Official Warlock = Warlock

Yang Feng is confident in his own mechanical legion's ability in destroying Giant-Stone City's forces. However, Giant-Stone City is backed by the so called Black Cottage's Warlock. The Black Cottage has an incomparably powerful level-1 Warlock.

In Dulanduo Subcontinent, Warlocks represent the summit of power. In case a level-1 Warlock participates in the battles of ordinary people, and in case the other side doesn't has a method to restrict him, then a level-1 Warlock can easily behead the enemy's General in the middle of a large army, destroying the enemy's will to resist.

Currently the main troops of Yang Feng's mechanical legion are level-4. After the main troops of the mechanical legion become level-6, then he's able to completely ensure the defeat of a level-1 Warlock.

After the occupation of Black-Rock Town, Yang Feng's forces continue to increase exponentially every day. Every day the forces that stand by his side increase sharply.

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