Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 50

50 – Eunice

Yang Feng asked: “You are still analyzing Dragon Blood! Won’t a simultaneous analysis of two types of medicine influence the analysis rate?”

Nr.3796 said: <Not at all! I’ve made another super processing chip. The simultaneous analysis of two types of medicine won’t affect the analysis rate. The other super processing chip was installed with a self-destructing device, as long a it leaves my control for even a second, then I have the confidence in destroying it.>

“Now lets promote my soul aptitude!”1

Yang Feng took out a bottle of Blue Mirage and unplugged the cork, then gulped it down.

When Blue Mirage entered Yang Feng’s mouth it begun to squirm, giving one the impression of swallowing a huge bug.

The groans of a beautiful woman sounded from Yang Feng.

“It hurts so much!!”

Waves of pain spread within Yang Feng’s body, so much that he felt like his head was bursting, he tumbled to the ground, struggled in pain for a while and then finally passed out from it.

<A mysterious life force initiated the strengthening of Host’s physical constitution!>

<The probability of the pain threatening the Host’s life is at 9%, not severing Host’s sense of pain. Proceeding with the strengthening!>

Strings of information flashed on Yang Feng’s eyeglasses.

Without knowing how long after, Yang Feng finally woke up.

“What is this stench?!” Yang Feng woke up and then inquired about the stench coming from his body. He gave it a careful look and saw that every inch of his body was effusing a black oily and smelly refuse.

From the side came Shi Xue’s sweet voice: “Ge-ge, the bathing water is ready!”

“Alright!” Yang Feng immediately stood up and entered the bathroom in large strides.

After his body was cleaned from that layer of black oily and smelly refuse, Yang Feng then entered the bathtub filled with hot water, he soaked in the comfortable hot water and then immediately ordered: “Scan my body!”

<Yang Feng, basic properties, strength 1.1, agility 1.2, physique 1, spirit 1.>

<Blood-meridians: earth’s waste.>

<Soul aptitude: inferior level-1.>

<General evaluation, classified as a level-1 life form. Evolution potential, small!>

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a whiff of excitement and he sincerely praised: “It’s an elixir worthy of the price of 5,000 Magic Stones! The effect is so great!”

Yang Feng practiced Magic Note’s Titan for 10 days and except for his spirit force, all of his properties rose by 0.1. However, during those 10 days of practice, he also drank a lot of Repairing Water in order to be able to practice cultivation at such a fast rate. Furthermore, the further one advances in one’s practice of cultivation then the more difficult it would be to continue increasing one’s properties – that bottle of Blue Mirage allowed his physical constitution to promote by a wide margin, it was simply unreasonable.

If this Blue Mirage appeared on earth, then casually selling a bottle would garner a sky high price.

Yang Feng said: “Analyze my body and formulate the best way of practicing cultivation!”

<Initiating the analysis! Initiating the model!>

<The complete analysis requires 30 seconds! Initiating countdown, 30!>

<With Host’s current physical constitution, Host can currently use 1 bottle of Blue Mirage every day, the medicinal effects can be enhanced by simultaneously practicing Magic Note’s Titan. It is estimated that Host’s soul aptitude will promote to superior level-2 after 100 days and that Host’s body constitution will break through the mortal boundary and Host will be promoted to a level-1 Apprentice Warlock.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a whiff of delight: “Warlock’s means are truly mystical! Without Blue Mirage, my physical constitution wouldn’t be able to break trough to the Knight rank in a lifetime. However, as long as there’s enough Blue Mirage, then I can easily break through and become an Apprentice Warlock. Having enough resources is such a pleasing feeling.”

Originally, Nr.3796 came to the conclusion that if Yang Feng practiced a Knight rank secret method such as Thunder-ox, then through his whole life, he would be unable to promote to a Knight rank expert. But now, as long as there was a large amount of Blue Mirage, then he could promote to level-1 Apprentice Warlock within 100 days, this was precisely one of the means of a Warlock.

The admitted students were divided into 20 classes, every class had 50 students or so, Yang Feng and Shi Xue were both assigned to class 10.

Yang Feng and Shi Xue entered the classroom together – gazes brimming with complicated feelings were shot within the classroom, focusing on the two people that just came in.

Even though Yang Feng’s appearance was ordinary, yet he was the mighty Steel City’s only successor. Just a sentence from him spelled Bantanya’s death, making so that the students from class 10 were all extremely afraid of him. And Shi Xue had a peerless appearance and her natural charm easily attracted all of the gazes in class 10.

Gars took the initiative to come over and said with a smile: “Yang Feng, what a coincidence, we’re in the same class.”

“Such a coincidence!” The corners of Yang Feng’s mouth curved slightly, his eyes flashed with a whiff of a smile.

Yang Feng’s gaze fell on the four youngsters behind Gars. Among the four youngsters, there were the two young lady’s Bella and Iryna. The two youngsters were Luka and Leal. Gars, Luka and Leal had inferior level-4 soul aptitudes, Balla had an intermediate level-4 soul aptitude and Iryna had a superior level-4 soul aptitude.

Bella was a petite girl with an ordinary appearance and short blue hair. Iryna was a tall and beautiful young lady with a rather lovely appearance as well as some dangerous curves. Including Gars, the five youngsters were rescued by Yang Feng in the Hunting Fangs Wilderness.

After some polite banter, the relationship between both parties quickly became much closer.

Gars tried to build some mystery while saying meaningfully: “Yang Feng, we actually entered class 10, we’re so lucky, ah!”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “So lucky?”

Gars had a somewhat vulgar and mysterious smile and looked towards the entrance of the classroom: “Heh heh, you’ll soon know!”

Yang Feng followed Gars’ gaze and looked at the same direction.

With a height of 1.76m, dressed in a silver low-cut Warlock’s Pao that revealed the legs, with a pair of peeks nearly bursting out, resplendent and smooth sun-like blond hair, exquisite smooth and tender silk-like skin, fiery and peerless facial features, the whole body exuding a fiery charm, appearing to be 23 or 24 years old, a stunningly beautiful woman with a formidable aura gracefully walked into the classroom.

“So beautiful! Such a beautiful woman is capable of causing the downfall of entire states!” Yang Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air as his eyes flashed with a whiff of incandescence.

The skin of caucasians was relatively rough. Ms. Sissy, known as Giant-Stone City’s number one beauty, her skin was also awful. She could only rely on make-up in order to conceal her many flaws. Yet that stunningly beautiful woman that entered the classroom didn’t had any such flaws, she didn’t even use any make-up, it was evident that she was a formidable official Warlock.

The students of class 10, no matter male or female, they all were deeply attracted to that stunningly beautiful woman, all of them revealing scorching gazes.

Eunice exposed a trace of a deadly-sweet smile: “I’m Eunice, the teacher of your class 10. Lets talk a bit about the rules when studying here.”

1 – ‘spirit aptitude’ was changed to ‘soul aptitude’, also ‘spirit contract’ and ‘spirit research’ were respectively changed to ‘soul contract’ and ‘soul research’

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