Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 5

5 – Black Wind Bandits

“Terminator! Awesome! Three Terminator’s acting as my bodyguards. Not even earth’s heads of states could compare to this kind of treatment!” Yang Feng was currently looking at three Humanoid Robots. He exclaimed while being unable to bear: “Terminator bodyguards, that’s a man’s fantasy!”

Yang Feng stood in front of the three Humanoid Robots with cold faces wearing black sunglasses, clothed in black robs, lofty figures and extremely cool. The bladed-troop had a two-handed super-alloy battle blade stuck to his back, the gunner-troop had an outstanding 12.5mm heavy Machine-gun, the cannon-troop had a hatch of 120mm heavy Artillery pipe.

Those three Humanoid Robots possess enormous research value. By selling them to earth, each one of them would most likely go for a hefty price of 100000000RMB or higher. Yang Feng would have a lifetime without worries if he casually sold one.

Nr.3796 reminded: <Owner, this kind of design Greatly reduces they’re combat capability. Human-shape is far from the best battle-shape. If they were to be designed to look like spiders or other kinds of beasts, then they’re fighting ability could increase by at least 20 times up to a maximum of 120 times!>

The bladed-troops initial form originally was a beast-shape with 8 bladed arms. Yang Feng’s current simplified version became Humanoid resulting in a considerable drop in fighting ability.

Yang Feng faintly smiled and explained his reasoning: “Even if the fighting ability of the beast-shape is much more powerful in comparison to the human-shape. However we’re in a human society! And those Humanoid Robots in comparison to the beast-shaped ones are much more practical.”

Nr.3796 said: <Affirmative!>

Yang Feng said: “By the way, help me infer how log I’d have to cultivate Thunder-ox technique in order to promote to Knight.”

<Affirmative! Initiating inferring! The inferring consumes 0.1Kun of energy! Inferring initiated!” Nr.3796’s eyes flashed with red light, as he made use of his super-computing ability to begin the inferring.

After 20 seconds.

<Inferring concluded while taking into account Owner’s present circumstances. After cultivating my optimized design of the cultivation method, in two years time can promote to junior Warrior, in five years time can promote to intermediate Warrior, in ten years time can promote to advanced Warrior. Incapable of advancing to Knight. Incapable of advancing to Great Knight.>

Yang Feng was completely incredulous as he spoke: “How is that possible? Obviously the Thunder-ox can be cultivated until Great Knight rank! Additionally for the cultivation-method go through an optimization, how is it that I’m unable to promote to a Knight?

Note: Idiom: 不可思议- inconceivable

<There are two reasons, the first reason is that Owner is already past the optimal cultivation age. According to the analysis, the optimal period to cultivate this technique is from 9 until 16 years of age. The second reason is that Owner doesn’t possess any cultivation talent. In short, you’re exceptionally talentless and completely incompatible with the Thunder-ox technique. You don’t have any External Force and fundamentally incapable to breakthrough to Knight rank.> Nr.3796 ruthlessly said.

Note: Idiom: 格格不入 – inharmonious

“Exceptionally talentless!” Yang Feng was speechless, how could he have imagined that he’s cultivation aptitude was actually so lacking.

Nr.3796 consolingly said: “But Owner doesn’t need to be too ashamed, de facto, after several millennia of atrophy earth’s residents, in the aspect of cultivation, are basically cripples. Yours is not the only case.”

Yang Feng remained somewhat speechless after hearing that, but finally became a little bit more at ease.

Yang Feng asked: “Is there any solution? Don’t tell me, the Xi Clan doesn’t have a single cultivation method?”

<Galactic Golden Flower, True Sun Water, Seven Colored Amethyst Fruit, Star Field Embryo Membrane, using these treasures will let You promote directly to become level-10 or higher. A trifling Knight can be easily killed with a slap. Furthermore, You’re cultivation aptitude will be completely upgrade. As for the Xi Clan, they basically don’t have any cultivation methods, because the Xi Clan is composed of Spirit-based existences fused together with us Robots. They’re Immortal as long as they’re subordinates under an Immortal Robot.>

Note: I’m assuming the ranks (Warrior, Knight, Great Knight…) are divided in three, junior, intermediate and advanced. Then level-10 should be the next level after advanced Great Knight, aka, level-9

<Owner, if You seek Immortality, then we can undertake fusion! Henceforth, as long as Your Spirit Brand is marked on a Robot then you can live forever and wherever!> Nr.3796’s eyes flashed with red light as he was persuading.

Yang Feng laughed as he spoke: “Ha ha, lets save it for later! Currently I have no intentions of becoming a Robot.”

Nr.3796 has finally laid such an Golden Egg. Yang Feng has yet to enjoy the benefits of this Golden Egg, but at the moment he doesn’t wish to become a robot. He’s absolutely doesn’t wish to become a robot, at least until he’s not forced into despair.

Yang Feng had a trace of a bad premonition as he spoke: ” Galactic Golden Flower, True Sun Water, Seven Colored Amethyst Fruit, Star Field Embryo Membrane, can you produce those treasures?”

<After you build a Level-7 Portable Stronghold, only then can the treasures be produced!>

“Level-7 Portable Fortified Stronghold!”Yang Feng became speechless.

Material requirements for every follow up level of Portable Fortified Stronghold has an exponential increase. In addition to considering the exponential increase in the precious material requirement there’s still a lot of materials of which Yang Feng hasn’t even heard of. There’s not knowing how long it will take until he’s able to build a level-7 Portable Fortified Stronghold.

Yang Feng spoke: “One step at a time! The first priority is to produce a Level-5 Liquid-Metal Robot. Reduce the weight as much as possible and augment the amour ability after it morphs. Its purpose is going to be my protection!”

<Affirmative! Lavel-5 Liquid-Metal Robot has an energy requirement of 20Kun! Which should be given priority, the Simplified Primary Bladed Robot or the Level-5 Liquid-Metal Robot?>

“The Liquid Metal Robot!”


Outside Autumn-Leaf Village, the whole area is covered in incomparably fertile soil.

A lot of black and lean peasants were beneath the sunshine, as if ants, working hard to farm.

Golden bright rice crops waved in the wind, forming a beautiful piece of scenery.

All of a sudden a burst of a horse’s hoof sound came from afar, those peasants that were in the process of farming looked up only to see a group with pitch-black cloaks, a fully armed cavalry speeding in this direction.

” Black Wind Bandits! They are the Black Wind Bandits!!

” Black Wind Bandits!”

Everyone’s alarmed voices sounded in this area. All those peasants had appalled expressions as they abandoning everything and fled in each and every way.

Note: Idiom: 连滚带爬的 – rolling and crawling

That group of pitch-black cloaked cavalry men wore sinister smiling expressions, as if arrows living a bowstring, shot towards the Autumn-Leaf Village.

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

A resonant alarm sound all of a reverberated in the Autumn-Leaf Village. All the villages were dismayed as they turned around and hided in their homes while, grabbing for any weapon at hand as they shivered in cold sweat.

“Close the door! Immediately close gate! Those morons, hurry up! Act as if your lives were on the line! Quickly close the gate!” At the gate of Autumn-Leaf’s castle was an officer with a pale face commanding the castle soldiers to close the gate.

That officer scolded while cursing in rage. The castle gates finally became to close slowly.

“Lord, it’s bad! The Black Wind Bandits are here! The Black Wind Bandits are here!!” Manager Liu’s face was pale and in dismay as he stormed into the castle’s garden and shouted in a loud voice towards Yang Feng.

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