Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 26

26 – Metal Storm

“Incoming! Yang Ye’s mechanical golem legion!” A man wrapped in two small black snakes, with each having a single long horn, said in a deep voice. The man was dressed in a black Changpao, had snake-like vertical eyes and was holding a 2m long mace.

That man wearing the black Changpao, with snake-like vertical eyes, was Snake Evil Eyes’ level-2 Warlock Arbane.

A handsome middle-aged man wearing a white Pao, blonde and blue-eyed, was holding a black book as he said in a deep voice: “Blood Bat Knights, attack! Exterminate those golems!”

This middle-aged man was Fernandro Clan’s level-2 Warlock Kenny! He was also one of the three strongest, a level-2 Warlock, and this army’s commander.

Blood Bat Knights, the warriors riding the enormous Blood Bats, immediately flew down

“Great Strength!”

“Precision Shooting!”


Below, Apprentice Warlocks were madly casting level-0 spells. Large amounts of strengthening spells blessed Blood Bad Knights’s warriors and their pets.

After Blood Bat Knights’ warriors and their pets were blessed, their battle prowess immediately rose by two times and they once again flew high into the sky.

Blood Bat Knights quickly flew towards above the mechanical legion composed of Bladed-troops and immediately threw down palm-sized bombs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The palm-sized alchemic bombs landed along with loud sounds and shortly after emitted terrifying explosions. That terrifying explosion directly blew apart the level-4 mechanical Bladed-troops, as countless parts scattered on the ground.1

Yang Feng watched as the mechanical Bladed-troops were blown apart and his eyes flashed a whiff of dignity: “Biological bombers! Truly amazing!”2

Under the bombardment of Blood Bat Knights, those level-4 Bladed-troops were as unfazed as before. There weren’t any noises from within the affected areas, and the Bladed-troops expressionlessly rushed towards Fernandro Principality’s forces.

White Bear Fangs’ level-2 Warlock Jamt, with a medium build and dressed in white bear skin, his eyes had a whiff of dignity as he slowly said: “Sure enough, the mechanical golem legion was Sixth Dynasty’s one of the most terrifying trump cards. Even if they’re only Knight rank defects, once a large amount appears, they’re still so terrifying.”

An average human army under the bombardment of Blood Bat Knights would have collapsed long ago. Even if they wouldn’t have collapsed, they would still scatter and look for cover. But those mechanical Bladed-troops were as fearless as before, as they charged towards Fernandro Principality’s army, they were simply terrifying. Under the siege of the more than 10,000 level-4 Bladed-troops, even a level-2 Warlock could only cut a sorry figure and flee.

“In the end they’re just some defects!” Kenny smiled coldly, as the black book in his hands opened at once and from within a black page instantly flew out several tens of pitch-black seeds that then entered the ground.

Shortly after, the several tens of pitch-black seeds entered the ground, they had a crazy growth spurt and grew into several tens of several ten meters long pitch-black vines.

Those several tens of pitch-black vines crazily swung, like several tens of enormous whips, they whipped ferociously at the level-4 Bladed-troops, directly flinging them aside.

The several tens of long pitch-black vines blocked a large amount of the level-4 mechanical Bladed-troops, then a unit of heavy cavalry mobilized an assault, and destroyed the scattered level-4 Bladed-troops.

A 1,000 of high-level warriors wielded sledgehammers, as they resolutely attacked those level-4 Bladed-troops, smashing them one at a time.

After Fernandro Principality became aware of Yang Feng’s employment of the mechanical legion, they immediately switched their own troops’ weaponry. They replaced them with sledgehammers and various other types oh heavy weaponry. Thus, after the ordinary troops were blessed by Great Strength, Acceleration and other series of level-0 auxiliary spells, they could threaten an average level-4 Bladed-troop.

The Apprentice Warlocks stood quietly, they were located in the center of the army in order to protect them, they didn’t release any offensive level-0 spells. Rather, they were ready to cast a variety of level-0 auxiliary spells at a moments notice and bless the human forces.

Official level-1 Warlocks were among those that surrounded and protected the Apprentice Warlocks, they calmly observed the happenings, they preserved their spirit force and physical strength, and would only act at the most crucial moments.

Whenever the formidable level-2 Warlock Kenny acted, he would forcibly block that huge level-4 mechanical legion for a while.

Blood Bat Knights’ warriors continuously threw the bombs from the sky at the level-4 Bladed-troops, blowing them into pieces and scattering everywhere the countless parts.

A large number of mechanical Bladed-troops were blown into countless parts and pieces.

Yang Feng gave coldly an order as he looked at those level-4 mechanical Bladed-troops being blown into pieces: “Gunner-troops, attack!”

10,000 Gunner-troops suddenly appeared – they had since an earlier time found a place to hide – they raised their 12.5mm heavy machine-guns towards the Blood Bat Knights in the sky and crazily shot at them.

Countless blazes bloomed along with the waves of ear-piercing fabric tearing sounds, a metal barrage as dense as rain shrouded the sky in the blink of an eye.

Specks of blood blossoms bloomed in the sky, Blood Bat Knights’ warriors, one after another, were into sieves by the terrifying heavy machine-gun bullets and then fell from the sky.

The huge Blood Bats also fell continuously from the sky and became corpses.

“Take off! Take off!” Fernão’s complexion changed tremendously as his entire body instantly erupted with a formidable life force field that enveloped him – simultaneously he issued a loud howl and urged the huge Blood Bat underneath him to rise higher.

More than a dozen heavy machine-guns shot bullets at Fernão, shortly after, the incomparably formidable life force field twisted and the bullets were reflected.

For every 100,000 Knight ranks, only then will a Sky Knight rank appear. Once one is promoted to a Sky Knight, one can for a short time erupt with a formidable life force field to defend oneself. The defensive force of the life force field is comparable to a level-1 defensive spell. This is also the most important reason why a Sky Knight may contend against a level-1 Warlock.

In order for the Blood Bat Knights to do as much damage as possible against the level-4 Bladed-troops they had to fly relatively low, that is also why they were the perfect target. Under the crazy shooting of the 10,000 Gunner-troops, more than a 1,000 Blood Bat Knights were torn and crashed under the terrifying firepower. The rest of the Blood bat Knights did they utmost to rise higher.

“Damn it! That wretched bastard!!” Kenny saw as the more that 1,000 Blood Bat Knights were eliminated, his heart bled, he gnashed his teeth and spat out a sentence of curses.3

Blood Bat Knights’ warriors were trained by Fernandro Clan from childhood to be loyal and devoted to them. Every Blood Bat Knights’ warrior consumed resources equivalent to their size in gold. Because of the current loss of more than a 1,000 warriors, the Blood Bat Knights have been damaged as a whole.4

1 – Idiom: 四分五裂 – all split up and in pieces

2 – Idiom: 支离破碎 – scattered and smashed

3 – Idiom: 咬牙切齿 – gnashing one’s teeth

4 – Idiom: 忠心耿耿 – loyal and devoted

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