Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 23

23 – An Unusual Variable

In the evening, the entire Black City was under curfew.

In the streets of Black City, everywhere, teams of level-4 Bladed-troops were patrolling.

It was not allowed to ignite lamps within the entire Black City. It was a place of darkness, a world without light, it seemed like a city of death and silence. Only the red of the mechanical Bladed-troops’ electronic eyes could be seen jumping from place to place in the darkness, it was extremely terrifying.

The earth was slightly shaking, as the sound of marching rang.

200 level-6 Bladed-troops, 50 level-7 Shield-troops, 100 level-6 Gunner-troops and 30 level-7 Artillery-troops, walked in a big unit within Black City.1

A silver vehicle was within that big unit, driving slowly.

An owl silently flew out from a cottage into the air, it’s eyes flashing with a unique light of wisdom.

The owl had just flew out of the cottage when from within a fort a dot of red light flashed, an electronic eye had locked onto the owl and a 12.5mm artillery-barrel came out.

With the sound of fabric being ripped, a dot of red light flashed and the owl in the sky was directly torn to pieces – countless pieces of meat scattered on the ground.

A team of 100 Bladed-troops rushed from afar and quickly arrived before the cottage.

The leading Bladed-troop brandished its blade and chop at the cottage’s door, cutting the door into pieces, and then led the charge into the cottage.

A small candle was lit within the cottage – dim radiance lighted its interior, making the things within it indistinct.

Within the cottage stood a handsome man and a beautiful woman. Their complexions became extremely pale after those mechanical Bladed-troops stormed the cottage.

That young man asked somewhat cowardly: “Daren, may I ask why you all came? Why would you break into our home?”

Those mechanical Bladed-troops raised the alloy battle blades in their hands and instantly attacked the young couple.

“Greasing Spell!!” That seemingly ordinary woman clenched her teeth, pointed towards the leading Bladed-troop and cast a level-0 spell.

That Bladed-troop slipped and fell to the floor.

The Bladed-troops in the rear weren’t affected, they stepped on the Bladed-troop that fell on the floor and continued their attack.

The young man watched the expressionless Bladed-troops and couldn’t help but shout: “We surrender! We’re White Ivory’s spies, but also its appointed envoys. Please stop!! I wish to request an audience with Steel Lord Yang Ye Daren!”

Six alloy battle blades instantly stopped, with the sharp edges already only 1cm from the young man.

Ten alloy battle blades also stopped beside the neck of the beautiful woman, she was so scared that she didn’t dare to move in the slightest. After the battle when the city got damaged, the two of them became aware of those mechanical Bladed-troops’ cruelty. No matter how they plead to those bandits, those mechanical Bladed-troops will ruthlessly kill them one at a time, their fundamentally different from humans.2

A mechanical Bladed-troop spoke with a mechanically synthesized and emotionless voice: “Come with me! Don’t do anything strange or there will be only death awaiting you.”

Only then did the two White Ivory’s spies relaxed a bit, and the team of Bladed-troops escorted them towards the prison.


Along with the sounds of gunfire, a mouse hidden in the corner of a nearby house, together with the corner, was directly pulverized into pieces.3

After the mouse that was hiding in the dim corner was disposed of, a 5m tall level-6 Gunner-troop, equipped with 4 six-barrel Vulcan cannons and equipped with two 37mm anti-aircraft machine-guns – its electronic eyes flashed with red light and it lowering the outstanding six-barrel Vulcan cannons.

Warlocks’ methods were varied and extremely strange. Some Warlocks could easily control a variety of animals to act as their eyes and ears, to carry out investigations.

With regards to those methods, Yang Feng knew too little about them. So the only thing he could do was to evade everyone simultaneously, by wiping out every animal and human that got close to him.

The sound of firearms was continuously ringing, while Yang Feng was on his way – teams of level-4 Gunner-troops and level-4 Bladed-troops continuously patrolled, wiping out completely those mice, cockroaches and other similar creatures.

One team was positioned in front of the Warlock Pagoda, 8m tall Shield-troops with shields flashing radiantly in their hands, formed an enormous protective cover enveloping this entire area.

Yang Feng in his own body went down the silver vehicle and entered the Warlock Pagoda in large strides.

The elite level-6 battle robots formed a small elite team to immediately guard the surroundings of the Warlock Pagoda.

Yang Feng, accompanied by Robot Bonney, once again arrived at the altar in the lowest floor of Warlock Pagoda.

Yang Feng gave the egg above the altar a deep glance and then went near it with large strides – he took out a syringe, extracted some blood and dripped it on the egg.

Strands of a silk-like magical pattern flashed on the egg, then Yang Feng’s blood directly merged into the egg. From the egg was transmitted a whiff of timid spiritual fluctuations, very carefully contacting Yang Feng.4

Yang Feng made himself comfortable beside the huge egg. On one side, he was gently stroking the huge egg, on the other side, Robot Bonney was teaching him secret arts, so that his spirit can become intangible and he’s able to transmit his own spiritual fluctuations.

After Yang Feng’s spiritual fluctuations and the spirit of the creature within the egg mixed together – shortly after, from within the dark and lonely interior of the egg, an exceptionally joyous feeling was transmitted, firmly intertwining with Yang Feng’s spirit. Yang Feng all of a sudden, as he hadn’t cultivated before, was devoured and he fainted.

“Shit! What the fuck? I still haven’t finished with all the arrangements!!” Thoughts welled up in Yang Feng’s mind before he directly fainted.

Within the originally deathly silence, Robot Bonney’s eyes flashed once with a whiff of human doubt and he whispered: “What’s going on? According to the analysis of Bonney’s memories, this shouldn’t be happening! It seems that this egg from the Taboo Stone is unusual.”

Nr.3796’s super-mind suddenly took control over Robot Bonney.

Nr.3796 approached Yang Feng, from it’s right hand came out wiggling mechanical tentacles, they then enveloped Yang Feng’s head.

Nr.3796 made its analysis: “The Owner isn’t dead! However, the ceremony must go on, or the Owner might become an imbecile or a real rubbish! During this time, protecting the Owner is of the highest priority.”

A stream of mysterious fluctuations quickly spread over Yang Feng’s forces, all the Arsenal Factories begun to work around the clock, crazily manufacturing a variety of battle weaponry. Additionally, excluding the necessary defense forces, the mechanical legion was quickly transferred from the defense posts towards Black City to be on standby.

1 – ‘Cannon-troops’ was changed to ‘Artillery-troops’

2 – Idiom: 趁机打家 – to break into a house for robbery

3 – Idiom: 接连不断 – in unbroken succession

4 – Idiom: 小心翼翼 – cautious and solemn

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