Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Fiend Morph

A Bladed-troop arrived before the Warlock Pagoda, stretched out its hands to press against the Warlock Pagoda, from his fingers extended fine suckers that firmly latched on the Warlock Pagoda. Then its hands alternately, very nimbly went to climb along the glossy Warlock’s Pagoda’s wall.

The two Steel Golems restricted a lot of Bladed-troops. Yet large number of Bladed-troops still went to climb the Warlock Pagoda’s wall from other directions.

A dense crowd of Bladed-troops, as if ants, climbed the Warlock Pagoda – it was an extremely appalling sight.

The complexions of the the many Apprentice Warlocks within the Warlock Pagoda paled as they saw this scene, fear flashed in their eyes.

Those Apprentice Warlocks also had adventured at one point, and defeated a lot of enemies. However, they had yet to witness such large crowds of freaks, like the one of the Bladed-troops. No matter how many spells they cast nor how many Bladed-troops they knock down, there are always even more Bladed-troops to fill up the gaps – this feeling of endless struggle would make anyone despair.

"Arcane Projectiles!"

“Acid Rain!”

“Dark Rays!”

There were four windows at the second floor of the Warlock Pagoda, the Apprentice Warlocks at those four windows were becoming unable to bear the huge pressure, they constantly cast spells at the Bladed-troops, shooting them down one by one.

After those Bladed-troops fall to the ground, as long as the core-microchip isn’t destroyed then they’ll once again be quickly climbing up towards the Warlock Pagoda’s windows.

As the two Steel Golems lost the Apprentice Warlocks’ support, they were frantically besieged by several hundred Bladed-troops with, not caring about their existences.

The two Steel Golems only managed to sustain more than ten bouts, before they were defeated by the several hundred of Bladed-troops, and fell to the ground. However, before they fell to the ground, they still managed to destroy more than 150 Bladed-troops.

After the two Steel Golems fell to the ground, countless Bladed-troops rushed towards the Warlock Pagoda. Some of the mechanical Bladed-troops put away their alloy blades, from each hand extended a drill bit, as they resolutely stabbed towards the Warlock Pagoda’s gate, frantically spinning, drilling holes into it, some Bladed-troops then fiercely brandished the alloy Blades in their hands, chopping at the gate, cutting one after another shallow scars.

Yang Feng watched the scene from afar, where the Bladed-troops besieged the Warlock Pagoda, as some doubts welled up within him.

The Official level-1 Warlock Bonney all along hadn’t made a move, what could he be thinking? If he made a move, he’d probably destroy several hundred Bladed-troops.

For Yang Feng, even if several thousand mechanical Bladed-troops were to be destroyed, as long as he wins, the cost to pay wouldn’t matter. Those mechanical Bladed-troops can be remelted in the the Arsenal Factory and then reborn. Unless the enemy is extremely clever and carries away the remains of the Bladed-troops, only then would it be considered a real death for them.


Suddenly, the Warlock Pagoda shined as a shrub of ten huge fireballs, almost appearing to be forming a line, attacked in Yang Feng’s direction.

The Bladed-troops around Yang Feng successively jumped up to strike tat the fireballs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Huge explosion sounded one after another, as the Bladed-troops were directly smashed by the huge fireballs.

Yang Feng gave a cold laugh: “The strategy to get rid of the leader? A truly great idea! Unfortunately, to kill me isn’t so simple!”

“Really? Steel Lord Yang Ye, drop dead for me!”

From the midst of the huge explosions, came a cold and tyrannical voice, an enormous sphere of black mist suddenly poured out, and instantly enveloped Yang Feng together with the eight hundred Bladed-troops around him.

In the blink of the eye, endless darkness swallowed Yang Feng up, so that he couldn’t see anything.

Yang Feng spoke in a extremely tranquil voice: “Start the Infrared Scanning System and Sonography …”

“Die!” A claw pierced towards Yang Feng’s chest along with a wrathful scream.

Practically at the same time, Yang Feng also started the Infrared Scanning System and the Sonography System, he received information by means of those two scanning systems – after analyzing it in his mind, he begun to reconstruct the images, and ‘saw’ the image of someone piercing his chest.

At this moment, Bonney had already transformed into a 3m tall black fiend with his skin completely black, with a pair of fiendish horns and a pair of fiendish wings on the back.

Nr.3796 transmitted information into Yang Feng’s mind: <Fiend Morph! It’s a secret art of a Blood Meridian Warlock! By transplanting a fiends blood meridian, allows a warlock to obtain a fiends formidable power.>

Fiends were extremely powerful monsters. The lowest level fiends were comparable to level-1 Warlocks in terms of battle proves. Additionally, they’re not only tyrannical, but also innately skilled in casting spells. Some Warlocks liked to transplant the fiends blood meridians, so that they could quickly become extremely powerful – it’s more smooth to cultivate in that way.

Blood Meridian Warlocks are Warlocks that have transplanted different kinds of blood meridians into their human bodies, they’re a type of Warlocks that received powers of formidable monsters. This type of Warlocks will become extremely powerful once the transplant of a formidable blood meridian is successful. They are amongst the most powerful types of Warlocks. The only drawback is that once the body and the transplanted blood meridian were incompatible, the body may burst and one might die, go crazy, or be exposed to other dangers.

Bonney was originally already a peak level-1 Warlock, but after undergoing Fiend Morph, his battle proves became equivalent to the weakest level-2 Warlock’s, if this attack succeeds, it will piece Yang Feng’s heart.

“You, don’t have a heart! No, you’re a puppet? No!! What’s going on? What the hell are you?” After Bonney’s claw pierced Yang Feng’s heart, the sinister smile on his face suddenly had a fierce change – with horror on his face, he forcefully ripped of a liquid-metal heart from the place where Yang Feng’s heart was supposed to be.

That liquid-metal heart then flew out of Bonney’s hand into Yang Feng’s body.

“The Black Cottage’s Master is really formidable! Let me see you off with a gift!”

Yang Feng slightly smiled towards Bonney, as his body instantly underwent an enormous explosion.

“Warping Force Field!” Bonney’s face suddenly had a fierce change as he cast a level-1 protective spell.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The 800 Bladed-troops around Yang Feng exploded at the same time as him – a terrifying explosions instantly swallowed Bonney.

The earth shook, as violent shock-waves spread in all directions, raising a burst of terrifying dust.

The explosion’s dust still hasn’t completely dispersed, as 200 Bladed-troops then quickly rushed into the dust from the side.

Soon after, the 200 Bladed-troops carried out the extremely dilapidated body of Bonney.

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