Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1458: Yanshen Clan’s Divine Son

Chapter 1458: Yanshen Clan’s Divine Son

“Release the young master!”

The eyes of Xingzhu, Yuemei, and the two male Eternal Sovereigns next to Xuanguang Young Master flashed with a grave shade, and they cast offensive secret methods and attacked Yang Feng.


Yang Feng broke out with countless runes, diffused overbearing aura, and unleashed two punches.

Two stars suddenly emerged, radiated divine light, shot towards Xingzhu, Yuemei, and the other two Eternal Sovereigns, and blasted them away.

Along with a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared in front of Xuanguang Young Master and grabbed him.

Things played out extremely fast. Almost in an instant, Xuanguang Young Master fell into Yang Feng’s hands.

“Can we talk nicely now?”

While grabbing Xuanguang Young Master, Yang Feng smiled, looked around, and spoke domineeringly.

In the hall, the young masters and divine sons of various great forces stared at Yang Feng, and their eyes flickered with an enigmatic shade.

Xuanguang Young Master is a 5th layer Eternal Sovereign and ranks in the top 10 among the present young masters. Since Xuanguang Young Master was easily suppressed, it showed how strong Yang Feng is.

“Xuanguang Young Master, I’ll rescue you! You lowly servant, go to hell!”

With a ferocious flash in his eyes, Leisha Young Master suddenly cast the Leisha Heavenly Art.

In an instant, a fearsome world filled with endless lightning appeared behind Leisha Young Master, and thunder rumbled and lightning danced.

Countless creatures born from lightning emerged and howled.

A terrifying lightning sword shrouded in the essences of extinction and creation flew out of the lightning world and slashed towards Yang Feng.

“Leisha Heavenly Art! That’s a truly extraordinary Eternal heavenly art!”

“With this sword strike, it is possible to cut down a 6th layer Eternal Sovereign!”

“That’s Leisha Young Master for you!”


When the young masters and divine sons saw this scene, their eyes flashed with a solemn shade.

Only a few people in the hall can receive this sword strike of Leisha Young Master.

“Leisha Young Master, are you trying to kill Xuanguang Young Master? What gall!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly. Along with a flash of ripples, Xuanguang Young Master flew out and blocked in front of the terrifying lightning sword that can cut down a 6th layer Eternal Sovereign.

“Not good!”

When Leisha Young Master saw Xuanguang Young Master in front of his lightning sword, he felt a chill in his heart. Although he and Xuanguang Young Master are at odds, although they often stab each other with sharp words and use Eternal battle servants to fight each other, they aren’t willing to truly fall out.

If Leisha Young Master kills Xuanguang Young Master in public, an irreconcilable feud with be formed between the two. Once Xuanguang Young Master dies here, although he can be reborn by using Eternal Origin Energy Pools, but the reborn body and soul will be weaker than before.

If Xuanguang Young Master dies, in addition to having to use Eternal Origin Energy Pools, if he wants to have a solid foundation, regain his peak condition, and be able to attach the 7th layer Eternal realm in the future, he will need to cultivate for at least several hundred thousand years.

Lightning runes glimmered, and the fearsome lightning sword collapsed directly.

Yang Feng slammed his fist into Leisha Young Master, and a terrifying force broke out, blasted Leisha Young Master away, and knocked him into a wall of the hall, breaking many bones.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with surprise, “He wasn’t blasted apart! Young masters of Boda Sacred Firmament are really extraordinary!”

“I want you to die!!”

Countless strands of lightning swirled. In an instant, the injuries of Leisha Young Master healed completely. As if an enraged direbeast, countless strands of lightning surged and swept in all directions along with boundless killing intent.

Leisha Young Master lost face in front of everyone present and started to go crazy. He no longer cared about the life of Xuanguang Young Master and only wanted to kill Yang Feng.

Yang Feng’s eyes constricted and surged with ferocious and domineering killing intent.

“Everyone, stop!”

A melodious voice emerged in the hall and, as if a limpid stream, entered the minds of Yang Feng and Leisha Young Master.

“Amazing! What secret method is that?”

Yang Feng’s expression changed slightly and his eyes flickered with a dignified shade. He clearly felt that his murderous intent disappeared along with the melodious voice.

“She’s strong!!”

Yang Feng glanced at Kongling Fairy in the center of the palace, a solemn gleam in his eyes.

Kongling Fairy smiled, looking immeasurable beautiful, “I am Kongling Fairy. How do I address you?”

Yang Feng replied with a smile, “I am Feng Eternal Sovereign.”

Kongling Fairy smiled sweetly and uttered: “Feng Eternal Sovereign, please release Xuanguang Young Master. Xuanguang Young Master, there is no enmity between you and Feng Eternal Sovereign. Why don’t you sweep this incident under the rug? I will present you with a bottle of Kongling Dew!!”

Xuanguang Young Master’s eyes glimmered. He took a deep look at Yang Feng, a flash of killing intent in his eyes. In the end, he restrained the killing intent in his eyes and uttered flatly, “Fine. Kongling Fairy, for your sake, this matter will be swept under the rug.”

Yang Feng waved his hand, and Ying withdrew the Lance of the Ruler and stood behind Yang Feng, a smile on her face.

In the palace, the eyes of the young masters and divine sons fell on Ying and flashed with a scorching shade.

Among the many young masters, Xuanguang Young Master is a top powerhouse. He is a 5th layer Eternal Sovereign. For her to be able to easily quell him, Ying’s combat power is simply terrific. In addition, Ying’s extreme beauty and unique charm also deeply attracted the young masters.

After Xuanguang Young Master was released, his eyes flickered ferociously. He glared at Yang Feng, and then returned to his seat.

“Feng Eternal Sovereign, please take a seat!”

Kongling Fairy waved her fair hand. Green light glimmered, and a green jade crystal table appeared. On the green jade crystal table, there are various divine fruits and magic liquors.

“These are eternal divine fruits! As expected of Boda Sacred Firmament! How extravagant!”

After Yang Feng took a seat, he glanced at the divine fruits, and his eyes lit up.

In the world of Warlocks, eternal divine fruits are treasures that have nearly disappeared. Once they appear, they will cause countless powerhouses to fight over them.

But in Boda Sacred Firmament, eternal divine fruits are used as mere fruits by Kongling Fairy to entertain guests. The gap between the two worlds is apparent.

It is very difficult to produce an Eternal Sovereign in the world of Warlocks. But in Eternal World, a young master of a major force has 300 Eternal Sovereign servants. The difference between the two worlds is really great.

After Yang Feng took his seat, he ate and drank as much as he liked and left the seeds of the eternal divine fruits in his great world.

In the world of Warlocks, eternal divine trees are unique. Unless they are destroyed, their seeds will never become a second eternal divine tree.

However, in Eternal World, as long as there are sufficient resources, a seed of an eternal divine tree can be cultivated into another eternal divine tree.

Of course, the time, energy, and resources required to cultivate a seed of an eternal divine tree into an eternal divine tree are extremely terrifying. Only top great forces can cultivate eternal divine trees.

“Yanshen clan’s divine son has arrived!”

A voice came from the outside, and a handsome young man with long red hair and fair skin stepped into the hall.

Following behind the yanshen clan’s divine son, there are four servants, each of whom emits a fearsome aura.

“Yanshen clan’s divine son! That’s the divine son of Taixuan Sacred Firmament’s yanshen clan.”

“Yanshen clan’s divine son! He is one of the strongest prodigies of Taixuan Sacred Firmament! It is said that he is hopeful to advance to an Eternal tycoon in the future!”


When they saw the yanshen clan’s divine son, the eyes of the young masters flashed with an enigmatic shade.

In Eternal World, 9th layer Eternal Sovereigns are known as Eternal tycoons, each of which is the foundation of an Eternal force.

The greatest dream of the young masters is to advance to the 7th layer Eternal realm. As for the 9th layer Eternal Realm, they have little to no nope to reach this realm.

Yang Feng’s complexion changed slightly. Mysterious runes appeared quietly, and his aura disappeared slowly and his face changed: “The Yanshen clan’s divine son? Crap!!”

Behind the yanshen clan’s divine son, a man suddenly raised his head and took a deep look at Yang Feng, his eyes filled with endless resentment. That man is Yan Hai.

Yan Hai smiled viciously at Yang Feng and sent a voice transmission to the yanshen clan’s divine son.

The yanshen clan’s divine son was startled, and then his gaze fell on Yang Feng, and he showed a strange smile.

The yanshen clan’s divine son smiled and said, “Kongling Fairy, I want to ask you for someone! This person is a mortal enemy of the yanshen clan. Please hand him over to the yanshen clan. As long as you hand him over, the yanshen clan will owe you a favor! The yanshen clan will give you an opportunity to enter the Tycoon Stele Forest!”

“Tycoon Stele Forest!!”

When he said that, the countenance of the young masters changed greatly and their eyes flickered with greed.

The Tycoon Stele Forest is a cultivation holy land. In the Tycoon Stele Forest, there are inheritances left by numerous tycoons of Boda Sacred Firmament after their fall.

Even top forces of Boda Sacred Firmament like the yanshen clan must make countless contributions and can only enter once every 500,000 years.

The opportunity to enter the Tycoon Stele Forest is extremely precious for the yanshen clan, and it’s virtually impossible to be given to others. Yet now the yanshen clan’s divine son unexpectedly is willing to give this opportunity to Kongling Fairy. This made her eyes shine brightly.

Kongling Fairy’s eyes glimmered, and she spoke firmly, “Alright! Deal!”


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