Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1

1 – Nr.3796

A flow of light falls from the sky straight at a green lush mountain.

Yang Feng opened his eyes, felt some pain in his head while holding a crimson rhombus-shaped crystal. He turned to look towards the side only to see a body emitting a metallic luster seemingly made of gold. There was a humanoid robot sitting beside him.

<Initiating the unlocking!>

<Unlocking of the program complete. Xi clan soul fluctuations are not perceivable. Conclusion, Xi clan has already disappeared. According to the 372rd article of the regulations, the search for a new owner initiating.>

<Initiating scanning >

The eyes of a humanoid robot bloomed with streams of crimson light, consequently the light experienced strange fluctuations and scattered in all directions.

The crimson rhombus-shaped crystal bloomed with crimson light in the middle of Yang Feng’s hands, while emitting a horrifying heat.

“So hot!!” Yang Feng felt his right hand hot as if being cooked, face twisted in pain while screaming. Soon after the scarlet rhombus-shaped crystal strangely flew up and disappeared within the space between his eyebrows.

Yang Feng merely felt a burst of dizziness before immediately fainting.

<Locked down on the new owner! The new owner receives the 1st level of authority.> That humanoid robot, gaze glimmering, arrived next to Yang Feng and sat down.

The next day early in the morning sunshine sprinkled onto the Earth, only a long time after did Yang Feng woke up.

<Owner, You’re awake!> Shortly after Yang Feng opened his eyes, a voice arrived from his vicinity.

Note: 您 – the robot uses a courteous way to address Yang Feng as “You”

“You are! Robot? Artificial Intelligence (AI)?” Yang Feng was startled awake to see beside him the frame of the humanoid robot, while consequently exclaiming in shock in his heart: {Owner? What is the meaning of this? I don’t remember buying a robot!}

That golden humanoid robot spoke: <I am Xi clan’s inheritance robot. Responsible for the inheritance of Xi Clan’s technology. In the Universe there aren’t any more Xi clan members, therefore was I activated and according to the regulations selected You to become my new owner.>

{Inheritance robot! AI! That means I’m going to get rich! Excellent! This is Earth’s first genuine robot with AI! Excellent! I’m going to make a fortune!} Yang Feng this very common person’s eyes blossomed with rapt light, then in an extreme fashion fell to the ground and rolled several times.

A real AI robot on earth is an absolutely priceless treasure, as long as one takes advantage, one can easily earn 100s of millions of RMB (RMB = 0,13EU). 100s of millions of RMB is enough to accommodate Yang Feng to a lifetime of matchless luxury.

Note: Idiom: 花天酒地 – to spend one’s life in drinking and pleasure

Ha ha, I’m rich, blond blue-eyed sisters, black haired pure oriental sisters, luxurious cruise ships, beautiful beaches, world’s finest culinary delicacies, I’m going to enjoy all the available pleasures. I’m such a vulgar person!

Yang Feng, while rolling around on the ground, elatedly imagined his future.

The golden human shaped robot spoke: <Owner, I’m regretful to inform You that this is not earth. Rather it’s a planet with an assessment grade ten thousand times higher than earth. By applying earth’s common expression, You crossed over!>

Yang Feng’s smiling expression stiffened, blond blue-eyed sisters, black haired pure oriental sisters, luxurious cruise ships, beautiful beaches, world’s finest culinary delicacies, all those beautiful images immediately disintegrated.

Yang Feng got up from the ground, somewhat nervously asked: “How high is your fighting ability?”

That golden humanoid robot spoke: <Biochemical beasts of third-level or lower are not my match. According to earth’s standards, lion or tiger, this kind of ferocious beast will be blown away with one punch. However I’m not a fighting class robot, a random forth-level or higher fighter robot’s fighting ability is higher than mine!>

Yang Feng’s spoke with an unsightly complexion: “What are your abilities?>

That golden humanoid robot spoke: <Owner, my abilities have already been carved via a mark in Your mind at an earlier time. You only need concentrate carefully to become aware of my abilities.

Yang Feng started to concentrate accordingly, shortly after countless information flooded his mind. He became able to grasp overall abilities of the golden humanoid robot.

This golden robot possess a matchlessly formidable intelligent mind with an astronomically high processing speed. All of earth’s electronic devices put together doesn’t measure to one billionth of processing speed of this golden robot’s intelligent mind.

This golden robots intelligent mind contains the record of countless information concerning the technology of the Xi clan, from the time when the Xi Clan was at its weakest and inexperienced up to the time when it was at its most powerful and its technology in its most developed stage. It also contained countless blueprints of weapons of war. In the event that any one of those blueprints appeared on earth it could be sold for an astronomical price followed by various applications of it, which in turn would propel earth’s own technology in a ground breaking fashion. Furthermore, this golden robot still possesses a terrifying capability to manifest out of the void. As long as the energy is sufficient, then it is able to manufacture weapons of war out of thin air.

Note: Idiom: 翻天覆地- Sky and earth turning upside down

Yang Feng opened his eyes, stared at that humanoid robot and asked: “How should I call you?”

<I’m Nr.3796th inheritance robot. Owner, You can call me Nr.3796, or give me a name that is to Your liking!>

“Then I will call you Nr. 3796! Nr.3796, Initiate mimicry system and morph into human shape!”

<Yes! Owner!>

Nr.3796 complied with a cry. It’s body twisted noisily and quickly morphed into a body with Yang Feng’s general size and an average human appearance.

Yang Feng proceeded to give out commands: “Initiate the scanning system and search for a humanlike settlement! In case there are no settlements area within 50Km, then search for an area with a water source that doesn’t contains powerful life forms.

Although even if the fighting ability of Nr.3796 is weak, but it still possesses a lot of formidable auxiliary abilities, such as a life form radar ability. Furthermore, as long as the energy reserves are sufficient, its radar capacity can reach up to a diameter of 5000Km or more. Of course the higher the radar range the higher the energy consumption. Every action of Nr.3796 already requires energy consumption, so Yang Feng naturally dares not to recklessly squander the precious energy.

<Yes! Owner! Initiating scanning mode, scanning a range of 50Km in diameter. Energy consumption is at 0.1Kun per hour.> Nr.3796’s eyes flashed with red light as a powerful radar ripple spread in all directions with it the core.

Kun is one of Xi clan’s energy measurement units, also is Xi clan’s smallest energy measurement unit.

<Scanning finished!>

The red light in Nr.3796’s eyes fades away, pointing towards the occident: <5Km in this direction for there are someone humans residing in a village, on the way there is a corpse. The corpse’s time of death doesn’t exceed 9 hours.>

Yang Feng said: “In that case lets go first to the place with the corpse, to gather some intelligence about this world!”

<Yes! Owner!>

Under the lead of Nr.3796, they went approximately for 1Km before arriving in a remote place. Inside the underbrush Yang Feng found a black haired and black eyed 21 or 22 year old, wearing gorgeous occidental medieval hunting clothes.

Yang Feng commanded: “Read his memory!”

Although Nr.3796’s fighting ability was not high, and in the Xi clan its fighting proves made it be part of the lowest rank of existence, yet it possesses a lot of terrifying auxiliary abilities. Whatever the life form, as long as the brain wasn’t completely exposed to microbial degradation, its memory can be read from the inside of the brain.

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