Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 917 - 917 Reentering the Dam, Third-Ranked Divine General (2)

917 Reentering the Dam, Third-Ranked Divine General (2)

The person who dared to sacrifice one world, even the Endless Divine Venerable wouldn’t dare to offend easily.

For Han Muye, having this promise was already the best outcome.

As he walked out of the Endless Divine Venerable’s hall, he saw Bai Zeyu walking towards him with unsteady steps.

“Haha, Brother Han, Brother.” Bai Zeyu’s enthusiasm surprised Han Muye.

Soon, a smile appeared on Han Muye’s face. “I still have a few bottles of pills left. Do you want them?”

Bai Zeyu laughed heartily. “I want the ones with the biggest side effects. The bigger, the better.”

Han Muye shook his head and threw the jade bottle over with a laugh.

For him now, the value of these pills was no longer worth mentioning.

He used only top-grade spirit stones from the Divine Court’s treasure trove for his cultivation.

After leaving the Endless Sea, Han Muye did not return to the Dao Battlefield.

Originally, he had planned to use his Divine Beast Avatar to enter the Dao Battlefield directly and merge with his main body, thereby enhancing his strength to its peak.

But now, he realized that the crisis in the Dao Battlefield was not internal, but external.

Even if he had strong power, he could not convince those powerful beings to not sacrifice the Dao Battlefield.

No matter how strong an ant was, it was still an ant.

His main body went into seclusion, and his Divine Beast Avatar crossed through space and headed towards the dam.

The dam was his third visit.

The first time he passed through the dam to the Ancient Cloud Galaxy, he encountered many strange beasts, and even encountered the Wood Deity Palace, obtaining the precious Grass Whip.

The second time, he returned from the Ancient Cloud Galaxy and had a great battle with the Divine Generals, obtaining many treasures guarded by them, and even saw the scattered Divine Court’s treasure trove from their memories.

The Divine Court’s treasure trove was his chance to rise.

This time, what he had to do was to re-enter the dam.


As he entered the dam for 3,000 miles, a flying bull with a single horn and double wings crashed into him.

In this dam that prohibited spiritual energy and soul power, it was not strange to encounter beasts with strong physical strength and strange shapes.

The bull, which was 100 feet tall, was sent flying.

“What tough cowhide,” Han Muyeo murmured, looking at the howling flying bull.

He flew up and punched and kicked non-stop.

In just a moment, the flying bull was already on its last breath.

In Han Muye’s palm, a faint green immortal light enveloped it, and a trace of lightning entered the flying bull’s body.


The flying bull trembled, and a hint of clarity could be seen in its blood-red eyes.

The immortal light and lightning surged, and the flying bull howled in pain, with a hint of submission flashing in its eyes.

When Han Muye let go, the flying bull was already standing obediently in front of him.

Han Muye took a step forward and landed on the back of the flying bull.

The flying bull raised its four hooves and spread its wings, running through the rubble-filled dam.

With the flying bull as his mount, Han Muyeo saved himself a lot of trouble.

At least there were fewer beasts intercepting him.

Even the ancient divine generals who had lost their spiritual intelligence and only knew about killing had not come looking for him again. He wasn’t sure if it was because of the flying bull or because he himself had not taken action and kept his breath from leaking.

For three consecutive days, the flying bull traveled 800,000 miles.


A slash came down from above and blocked Han Muye’s path.

The flying bull couldn’t dodge in time and had one of its wings cut off by the slash.

A black-armored general with an ancient look stood with his long sword in hand.

The robe and armor on this general was actually the armor of a third-ranked Divine General of the ancient Divine Court.

Third-ranked Divine Generals in the ancient Divine Court commanded a million-strong army and were able to sweep across the world.

“Beasts flying above the Divine Capital shall be beheaded.”

Shouting in a low voice, the Divine General raised his sword and slashed at his head again.

The sword was bright and clear. With just one slash, the blade had appeared at Han Muye’s waist.

Spatial transcendence!

This slash was imbued with spatial power!

Han Muye moved his body and disappeared in place, reappearing a hundred feet away.

If it were an ordinary Dao Ancestor, or even someone who had just entered the Divine Venerable realm, they would probably not be able to block this Divine General’s sword.

If not for Han Muye’s deep comprehension of time and spatial power, he would not have been able to withstand it.

With just this slash, this person in front of him could fight a Divine Venerable.

Han Muye’s gaze fell on the long sword, and then he furrowed his brows.

“Dark Nether Saber…”

In Zhou Bangyu’s treasure trove records, there was this blade.

“You are Yu Jun, the commander of the Imperial Guards of the Divine Court.”

This saber was obtained by the commander of the Imperial Guards.

Hearing Han Muye’s words, the Divine General, who was about to slash again, was slightly stunned, and his blood-colored eyes revealed a trace of intelligence.

“Court Guards, Court Guards…”

“Protect the Divine Court, fight to the death, fight to the death…”

The Divine General’s eyes suddenly turned bloodshot. He clenched the long saber in his hand and slashed at the surrounding void.

He did not look for Han Muye again and just slashed in the void.

Illusory saber beams tore through the layers of space, and from time to time, saber beams appeared out of nowhere and disappeared.

This was the disorderly appearance of spatial power.

If this person was sober, he would definitely be an expert among Heavenly Venerables.

Han Muye’s eyes flickered as his figure slowly melted.

When Divine General Yu Jun slashed down and retreated, Han Muye suddenly appeared behind Yu Jun and punched out.

Activating it with the power of time, it landed where he had been standing previously.


A punch emitting lightning landed on Yu Jun’s waist, causing his entire body to stiffen.

However, Han Muye also looked pained.

A knife mark appeared on his arm.

The saber light with spatial power tore a hole in his arm.

This avatar of his had the body of a divine beast, Baxia. Even with such defense, it could not withstand this saber.


Surrounded by lightning, Yu Jun’s body surged with a murderous aura.

The Vitality Force on his body instantly spread out and transformed into a blood-colored cloak.

This was the aura of a Divine Court general.

“Who are you?” Looking at Han Muye, Yu Jun’s eyes were cold.

“General Yu, it doesn’t matter who I am. What’s important is that the Divine Court has already collapsed. You’re trapped here and can’t escape.”

Sword light rose from Han Muye’s body.

A hint of pain appeared on Yu Jun’s face, and blood appeared in his eyes.

Han Muye raised his hand, and green immortal light and lightning wrapped around him as he flew forward.

Yu Jun reached out and grabbed the ball of light, crushing it with his palm.


Lightning radiance and immortal energy interweaved, circulating around his body.

He heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Han Muye, his expression becoming more relaxed.

“Can you tell me what’s going on outside?”

The creatures in the dam did not directly lose their intelligence. They had also struggled.

They also knew their situation.

Han Muye nodded and roughly recounted what he knew.

Yu Jun had a complicated expression on his face and he sighed from time to time.

As a divine general of the Divine Court, he had feelings for the Divine Court.

“If it weren’t for the elders who left without a trace on the Ascension Platform, how could the Divine Court collapse…”

Yu Jun shook his head.

“What happened to the Immortal Ascension Platform later?” he asked.

Han Muye then talked about the Ascension Platform being sealed and how someone was preparing to reopen it until now.

“Reopen the Immortal Ascension Platform?” Fear flashed across Yu Jun’s face.

“Do they really want this world to be destroyed?” Yu Jun whispered, looking at Han Muye.

“What about you? Why did you come here?”

Han Muye’s expression was calm as he whispered, “I want to see the Wood Deity.”

Wood Deity.

It was not the Wood Deity Palace.

Upon hearing his words, Yu Jun’s expression became complicated as he nodded and said, “The Wood Deity is here. He’s severely injured and in seclusion in the Wood Deity Palace.”

Speaking of this, he looked around and said, “Since the Ascension Platform is going to be reopened, we shouldn’t stay here either.”

“You’re from the Heavenly Mystic in the Dao Battlefield, right?”

“After I wake up those old brothers, I’ll go to the Heavenly Mystic.”

Han Muye didn’t know how many old brothers Yu Jun had here, nor did he know if they were all as strong as him.

However, based on the principle that more allies were better, he took out several treasures containing immortal spirit qi and a few magic weapons that could stimulate lightning power.

Yu Jun pointed Han Muye towards the Wood Deity Palace.

Watching him leave, Yu Jun stood rooted to the ground, his eyes revealing a trace of profoundness.

“I’m afraid only the Divine Emperor can awaken my original power…”

“Who are you exactly?

Following Yu Jun’s guidance, Han Muye finally saw the Wood Deity Palace again after five days.

However, there were no wooden puppets in front of him. Instead, there were dilapidated palaces.

There were also countless mutated beasts besieging the main hall.

Golden Wolves.

Countless golden giant wolves pounced on the green light-wrapped main hall.

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