Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 704 - 704 Chalcedony Essence, Thousand Chances Sword (2)

704 Chalcedony Essence, Thousand Chances Sword (2)

‘This sword is forged using a mix of forging techniques. It retains the greatest characteristics of chalcedony. When forging, spiritual power was injected to protect the sword and engrave dark patterns.’

The first jade slip was filled with a lot of information.

Most of the information was about refining techniques. There were also a few recommendations for the sword techniques.

After reading the information on this jade slip, everyone on and off the stage was silent.

Qin Zhaoyue reached out and picked up another jade slip.

Another wave of information.

The length and thickness of the sword were evaluated in all aspects.

Moreover, there were introductions and comments on the refining methods of the sword that were compatible with sword cultivators.

After reading the jade slips of five sword appraisers, everyone suddenly felt that there was nothing more to see.

It seemed that if they showed their true abilities, every appraiser would be about the same.

They had thought that Shopkeeper Han of Imperial View Sword Shop had special abilities, but it turned out that that was not the case.

Other than Yu Changguan and Yu Qingzhu, who were still filled with anticipation, Zhu Mingshen was the only one who was curious.

Xu Chuanhe turned to look at Han Muye with a faint smile.

Outsiders could not tell the difference between these evaluations and Han Muye’s evaluation of the previous sword.

If one wasn’t a truly meticulous sword evaluator, it would be difficult to notice the difference.

When the other sword appraisers used Han Muye’s model to evaluate the sword, those who were not true sword experts and refining masters would not notice the difference at all.

With these comments, Han Muye’s advantage was immediately suppressed.

At the front, Qin Zhaoyue was expressionless as he finally obtained the ninth jade slip.

Everyone looked up at the jade slip in midair.


The information in the jade slip was revealed.

“Empty?” someone below exclaimed.

The information in the jade slip was blank.

On and off the stage, everyone looked at Han Muye.

Was he unable to evaluate the sword, or was he doing it on purpose to attract everyone’s attention?

Xu Chuanhe frowned and said, “Shopkeeper Han, if you forfeit, you have to make it clear that the jade slip is blank. What does it mean?”

As the organizer of this Sword Evaluation, he had to bear a lot of responsibility.

Not inscribing a word on the jade slip was disrespectful to the sword assessment meeting.

The other sword judges on the stage also looked displeased.

The first round had been stolen by Han Muye. Now what was the meaning of his blank jade slip for this second round?

“Second Uncle…” Yu Qingzhu looked at Yu Changguan in confusion.

Yu Changguan’s expression was solemn. He frowned and said in a low voice, “The sword appraiser’s jade slip is blank. Either he forfeits or there’s something wrong with this sword.

“No matter what, today’s matter will not be resolved easily.”

Yu Changguan’s gaze landed on Qin Zhaoyue and he lowered his voice. “I’m afraid either Qin Zhaoyue or Han Muye will lose his reputation.”

Ruining one’s reputation!

There was a commotion in the venue. After a while, most people knew what a blank jade slip meant. Their gazes shifted to Han Muye and Qin Zhaoyue.

“Brother Qin, for today’s sword evaluation, all the swords were personally delivered by the owners.” Xu Chuanhe looked at Qin Zhaoyue and said, “Since Shopkeeper Han left a blank jade slip, I wonder if Brother Qin wants to pursue the matter?”

If it wasn’t on the stage, no one would have seen this sword evaluation. It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t pursue the matter.

However, in this situation, if they did not give an explanation, who would go to Zhaoyue Sword Furnace to buy swords in the future?

“This sword is refined from chalcedony, and the spiritual patterns carved on it are the three chosen spiritual patterns. There should be great cultivators who study the path of chalcedony here, as well as fellow Daoists who are proficient in these spiritual patterns.” Xu Chuanhe glanced at Han Muye.

“Why don’t we invite a few cultivators to appraise in another round?”

The sword evaluator was only evaluating the sword. Whether the sword was suitable or not depended on the person who used the sword.

Hearing Xu Chuanhe’s words, many people below the stage were eager to give it a try.

Han Muye did not speak and only looked at Qin Zhaoyue.

Qin Zhaoyue frowned and pondered. Suddenly, he said, “Shopkeeper Han, please tell me what is the key to refining a sword with chalcedony.”

What did that mean?

Was he admitting that his sword was flawed?

On the stage, the sword appraisers and even Xu Chuanhe furrowed their brows.

Below the stage, there was an uproar.

Han Muye chuckled and shook his head. “Master Qin, I’m not sure about sword refinement with chalcedony. You should ask someone else.”


Or is Han Muye trying to manipulate Qin Zhaoyue?

Everyone looked at Qin Zhaoyue.

Qin Zhaoyue’s expression changed. Then he let out a long laugh and cupped his hands, saying, “Fellow Daoists, I was wrong.”

He turned to Han Muye and bowed.

“The Zhaoyue Sword Furnace had obtained a piece of Song Yuan Chalcedony Essence. This sword was refined from the scraps. After refining it into a sword, I felt that there were flaws in the sword, but I couldn’t detect them. I didn’t dare to use Chalcedony Essence to refine swords.”

“I came here today to test you. I lost my conscience. Please don’t blame me, Mr. Han and fellow sword appraisers.”


Chalcedony essence.

On the surface, it looked like there was not much difference, but the value was worlds apart.

A portion of chalcedony essence could be used to refine magic treasures and Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts would fight over them.

Although chalcedony was precious, it was not enough to tempt a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert.

Qin Zhaoyue’s words caused an uproar.

“Cough, cough—”

A light cough sounded in the venue.

A hush fell over the crowd.

“The Zhaoyue Sword Furnace has promised to sell 90% of the chalcedony essence to our Muyang Hall, leaving 10% for self-refinement.

“I don’t think anyone will have designs on this chalcedony essence.”

The voice slowly faded.

The excitement in the venue was also suppressed.

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