Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 357 - River Breaker (3)

Chapter 357: River Breaker (3)

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Someone let out a low cry, and his body fell into the water as if it had been hit by a heavy hammer.

“So heavy!”

“At least a thousand tons of power!”

The others shouted in panic as spiritual light and sword light flashed all over their bodies.

At this moment, a faint halo pressed down from the sky.

Array formation.

“After 10 breaths in the air, the power of the Flight Restriction Array will increase by 100 tons.

“100 breaths later, 1,000 tons per breath.

“200 breaths later, 10,000 tons per breath.”

Daoist Wan Hua’s voice was cold.

The elites on the dragon boat below all revealed panic on their faces.

Who could withstand such heavy pressure?

However, they could neither withdraw from this sect competition nor fly in the air. If the dragon boat capsized, wouldn’t they die?

Han Muye looked up at the sky.

The Spiritual Dao Sect.

These rules seemed to be extremely unreasonable, but considering the fact that the Nine Mystic Sword Sect had been suppressed for so many years, it made sense.

As a sect that suppressed the Western Frontier, not only did they have to increase their strength, but they also had to suppress the strength of the juniors of other sects.

As for whether the other sects were willing to follow this rule, that depended on whether the rules were beneficial to their own sects.

This time, the rules of the Nine Sects’ rematch seemed extremely cruel.

However, to a truly powerful sect, there was not much pressure.

If they could compete for the position of the nine sects, could they not guarantee that their dragon boats would not be overturned?


The elites of the sects fell into the water one by one, attracting countless black fishes to bite them.

The young man who had called for help earlier was pale. His entire body was trembling, as if there was a heavy weight on his shoulder.

He gritted his teeth and took a step forward, landing on the bow of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s dragon boat.

When the young man was 10 feet away from the dragon boat, his face suddenly turned cold. He reached out and grabbed Han Muye’s neck!

“I’m sorry, Immortal Han!”

He growled and charged at Han Muye at an extreme speed.

Capture the leader!

Among the disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, Han Muye was clearly the pillar.

As long as he took down Han Muye and suppressed all the disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, he would have a chance of survival!

Han Muye looked up, his expression indifferent.

He didn’t blame him.

Although they had been drinking together a few days ago and they even asked him for advice on cultivation, they were facing death now.

In the face of death, this was the only way.

If they fought, they would die.

If they did not fight, they would die all the more!

In the distance, countless people stared at the bow of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

The Nine Mystic Sword Sect is naturally powerful.

However, if they are caught off guard, will they be overtaken?

Does the Sword Dao Immortal Han Muye still have any cultivation? Can he stop this person?

If Han Muye is really captured by this person, will the Nine Mystic Sword Sect abandon Han Muye or actually be controlled?

At this moment, everyone was waiting to see the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s response.

Beside Han Muye, Gu Yuanlong raised his hand and gently pressed it on the hilt of his sword, then turned to look at Han Muye.

Han Muye looked down at the water.

“Go away.”

Before Gu Yuanlong could draw his sword, Lu Gao, who was standing behind Han Muye, took a step forward. His figure turned into a long sword and slashed out.

A thousand feet of sword light.

The sword shot out like a rainbow.

Transforming his body into a sword, his heart integrated with his sword!

With a slash of the sword, the young man could not even react and his body immediately shattered!

After the sword light killed one person, it didn’t slow down at all and continued to charge forward.

The awe-inspiring sword light slashed on the river surface.


The thousand-foot-long sword light entered the water and cut open a chasm that was dozens of miles long!

This sword cut open half of the Jialing River!

The water on the entire river surface seemed to have stopped for a moment before waves formed and collided with each other with a loud rumble.

Dozens of dragon boats were overturned by the waves, and the elite disciples on them flew up in panic.


The sound of the waves crashing reverberated like thunder for a hundred miles.

This strike made everyone widen their eyes.

Who could resist such a sword?

To split open Jialing River with a single sword strike, this method could be said to be the pinnacle of the younger generation of the Western Frontier!

Ahead, a few youths on the Spiritual Dao Sect’s dragon boat had solemn expressions.

On the dragon boat of the Wind Spiritual Sword Sect, Du Feng, who was sitting cross-legged on the bow of the boat in a white robe, frowned.

On the river bank, all the cultivators opened their mouths wide.

In the sky, the eyes of the experts of the various sects flickered.

“Brother Tuoba, this is…”

“The gatekeeper of the Sword Pavilion is considered the guardian of the Sword Pavilion. He is also one of the inheritors of the Sword Pavilion’s cultivation method,” Tuoba Cheng said indifferently.

Hearing his words, gazes landed on Han Muye again.

The river shook and the dragon boat rippled, but not a single black fish jumped out of the water.

The thousand-foot-long sword hung high in the air until all the sect elites who had capsized returned to the dragon boats. Only then did the sword return to the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s dragon boat and land behind Han Muye.

On the river, all the dragon boats moved forward silently.

It was quiet under the river.

Lu Gao’s sword attack stunned all the sects and the demons under the river.

Han Muye smiled.

It was smart to kill 300 demons with one strike. It would be strange if they dared to show their faces now!

After one sword strike, the river was calm. More than 800 dragon boats traveled 1,000 miles in the opposite direction.

The might of a single sword strike was terrifying.

After a thousand miles, the river became narrower. Rocks and reefs were everywhere, and vortexes and undercurrents were everywhere.

“Chenyan Gorge. This is one of the dangerous places in Jialing River.”

On the river bank, everyone stared at the dragon boat that was the first to rush out.


Two dragon boats that collided with the reef shattered into pieces.

Figures flew up and circled in the air before rushing to the side.

Since their own dragon boat was destroyed, they would seize another dragon boat!


Sword light and spiritual light exploded!

In the rematch between the nine sects, after Lu Gao suppressed it with a single strike, a bloody battle began again!

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