Max Leveled Boss is Forced to be Pampered by Others

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

‘Academic research?

‘Students nowadays actually use such high-ended words?’

That did not seem right. This term could only be used by experts in a certain field. Ordinary people would just use the word ‘learning’.

Qiao Yuechu and Chi Yun looked at each other for an unknown amount of time. In the end, they just shook their heads.

Their daughter was allowed to daydream.

Life was already very cruel. They could not further destroy her fantasy.

“Yes, we believe that you can do it.”

Qiao Yuechu said encouragingly as she patted Chi Wei’s hand.

“The school doesn’t need your donations either. I’ve already contacted the principal,” Chi Wei said calmly.

However, Qiao Yuechu was not as calm as her daughter. Her large eyes were filled with confusion.

After thinking for a while, she finally decided to tell her daughter the harsh truth.

“There’s a difference between reality and wishful thinking…”

“Oh no, I seem to have forgotten to get the clothes back!”

After Qiao Yuechu and Chi Yun finished talking with Chi Wei, they gave her a bottle of milk and told her to finish it.

A faint sleeping incense was lit in her room. Chi Wei sat in front of the computer desk while holding her phone in one hand. After a short while, she opened her WeChat.

[ I’m not going to teach at your school anymore. ]

She sent the message.

Meanwhile, in a villa in Rongcheng, a middle-aged man who was already drowsy suddenly widened his eyes. He quickly put on his glasses and looked at his phone. After reading the message a few times, he finally accepted the cruel reality.

He was so shocked that he accidentally bit his tongue.

However, he did not have time to care about the minor injury. As if he could not feel the pain, he quickly sent a few voice messages.

[ Rongcheng-Chen Ming: ????? ]

[ Rongcheng-Chen Ming: What’s wrong, Weiwei? Is it because the decoration of our school does not suit your taste? Or is the environment not beautiful enough? Did something make you feel bad? Don’t be shy. Tell me everything. I’ll fix it! ]

Chen Ming was trying his best to figure out what was wrong.

Could it be that he was too ugly, so Chi Wei refused to come?

After mulling it over in his heart for a while, Chen Ming took a deep breath. Finally, as if he had made up his mind, he typed and sent another message.

[ Rongcheng-Chen Ming: If it’s because I’m not good-looking enough, then I can go and get plastic surgery! ]


[ I won’t be teaching because I’m enrolled as a student. ]


[ Rongcheng-Chen Ming: ????? ]

‘He really likes to use question marks.’

Chen Ming quickly composed himself and began to think. The situation seemed to be beneficial.

A genius was actually willing to disguise herself so she could get close and observe potentially talented students, then develop their strengths!

Such self-sacrifice. Other than Chi Wei, who else would be willing to do it?

Chen Ming could not help himself and shed a few tears. He trembled as he sent a new message.

[ As expected of you! ]

However, what should he do with the banner that he had already printed in advance?

Looking at the large banner, the words “Welcome to our school, Professor Chi! Your presence brings light to our humble abode” were printed on it.

Chen Ming began to think to himself again. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he had a new idea…

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