Max Leveled Boss is Forced to be Pampered by Others

Chapter 251 - Chapter 251: Should I Make a Public Appearance?

Chapter 251: Should I Make a Public Appearance?

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The research institute definitely had its own rules.

Before the final outcome of any matter had been decided, they could not announce it in advance to prevent loopholes from appearing. They did not have time to fill in the gaps, and they were afraid that announcing it in advance would cause too much commotion. It was better to keep a low profile and wait for the results to be decided before discussing it together.

The netizens didn’t notice this at first, but they quickly remembered something and quickly started to post.

[Don’t disturb the professor, don’t disturb the research institute. They must have their reasons for not announcing it. We just need to wait for the professor to stand up and tell us everything, not force him to admit it!]

Moreover, the professor was doing a serious job that was beneficial to humans. They should not rush him. After all, the mood could not eat hot tofu. There must be a reason why he had to do things for so long in the past. Otherwise, no one would be willing to waste time.

Everyone quickly united.

However, the netizens couldn’t help but hide their curiosity. Some people couldn’t help but send private messages to Chi Wan to ask about the matter.

[Well, Wanwan, didn’t you say that Professor Chi helped you assign tasks?

Were those missions related to this research? Then can you be counted as the person in charge of this research…?]

[Wanwan! We know you’re the kindest and won’t hide the progress of the research institute from us. Has the professor really succeeded?]

Chi Wan was looking at her phone.

Since the matter had already been spread online, as a member of the research institute, she naturally knew about it. Chi Wan couldn’t help but smile, feeling a little happy for a moment.


If Professor Chi’s experiment was really successful and the drugs could be used  to treat the human body, it would definitely cause a huge uproar. She happened to be involved in this experiment.

Although he had been asked to modify it on the first day of participation because of a calculation problem and had written a guarantee, it was an indisputable fact that he had participated.

Chi Wan couldn’t help but feel a little happy. This was the first time she was so sure of her decision.

Then, she quickly replied to the netizens.

[Chi Wan: I did participate in Professor’s experiment, but I was only a small helper. I didn’t play any role, but in my eyes, it’s already an honor and affirmation to be able to participate.]

Although his tone sounded very humble, his meaning was very clear. He was telling the netizens that they had a part in this research.

This time.

The netizens were still waiting for the news, but Chi Wan’s fans couldn’t help but jump for joy when they heard the news.

Oh my god.

Although they had always known that the baby they liked was very outstanding, they had never thought that he would be so outstanding. He was only a teenager and had successfully entered the research institute with amazing exam results. Now that he had participated in this experiment, his future would be limitless.

Professor Chi Weichi himself did not notice the uproar that was going on online.

She was a person who separated her work and life. When she was working, she might not think much of it, but once the working hours were over and her goal was achieved, the little girl would quickly switch to rest mode and start to be a big salted fish that she did not want to happen.

No matter how loud the voices on the Internet were, the little girl was already recuperating.

Every day, Fu Shiyan would make a nutritious meal. The taste was good and it could be said to be good for the body, so as to prevent any side effects from being too tired during this period.

Meanwhile, Chi Wei didn’t need to spend too much time managing the research institute. After all, the people in the research institute were the best in the country. They weren’t bad, but some people were just not used to being out there.

Even if Chi Wei wasn’t around, the other professors could still assign tasks to them so that they wouldn’t be left without work.

Therefore, after finishing the research, the little girl, who had given herself a short long vacation, felt even more comfortable. If she did not have to wait for the results from the medical team, so she could not be too far away from the capital, Chi Wei would probably have returned to Rong city directly to avoid Qiao Yuechu calling her every day to confirm her daughter’s health.

A few days passed leisurely.

There was still quite a lot of attention on the Internet. Everyone was waiting for the progress of this matter, and they were also waiting for an official announcement.

As the main character of this matter, Chi Wei naturally received the notice in advance.

He sent someone over to call about the matter.

His tone was especially respectful and cautious.

[Hello, Professor Chi. “Our medical team from Capital University is in charge of this matter. After our strict screening and several clinical trials, the thing you extracted is completely fine and can be used for medical treatment!”

The little girl didn’t have any reaction after hearing this.

Instead, he reached out and took a sip of the Chinese goji berry tea beside him. His expression was calm and even a little satisfied.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

As soon as he said this, how could the other party dare to accept it? He quickly shook his head and denied his credit.” No, we didn’t have it hard at all. The one who had it the hardest was you, Professor. I heard that in order to speed up the progress of this matter, you deliberately didn’t sleep or rest for an entire day.

It’s really hard on you! ‘

Chi Wei was speechless.

The little girl was silent for a moment. She still did not tell them the truth that she had not been busy all day.

According to the actual situation, it was obvious that the experiment had ended in the morning. The experiment was only to ensure that the experimental data was true and that there were no mistakes. Therefore, they spent the entire afternoon repeating the experiment several times. After confirming that there were no mistakes, they were notified.

But that was not important.

The little girl yawned sleepily again. Recently, she was a little sleepy.”lt’s good that it can be used.”

Although the words were short, the hospital had been talking to Chi Wei for the past few days and had already figured out the young lady’s personality. Perhaps she was really too talented, so it was normal for her to be cold.

“Of course it can be used!” Not only could it be used, but it could also inject new energy into many dying lives.


“There’s one thing we still want to seek your opinion on before making a decision.”

There was a pause on the other end, and his tone became even more serious.”We need to announce this matter publicly.”

“Do you think we should also make a public appearance?”

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