Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 34

Rong Zhan Liked Sang Xia? Testing Him

“Did you see it yourself? How do you know that Bo Yi was the one who saved her back then?”

“Didn’t she say it herself? Besides, who else could it be if not Bo Yi?” Tang Ye answered casually.

Who else could it be if not Bo Yi?

Rong Zhan’s expression was completely dark, looking terribly cold.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Feeling that something was wrong, Tang Ye got up and moved towards Rong Zhan. The moment he walked over, he actually saw a small box of medicine with “Levonorgestrel Tablets” written in Rong Zhan’s hands.

His eyes instantly widened as he snatched the box. “Why are you holding onto contraceptive pills? Who does this belong to?”

Rong Zhan instantly lifted the blanket away from him as he snatched the box back. “Scram, scram off quickly!”

F*ck this. The more he looked at this man, the more annoyed he got.

“Alright, I’ll leave now. You should lie down to rest, don’t stand up again.” As Tang Ye spoke, he paused for a second, his eyes darkening before he spoke casually. “Women are really clingy. That Mayor’s daughter asked me to go to the singer auditions today to help her get rid of one person.”

“Scram quickly!” Rong Zhan was really impatient now.

“I’ll scram. However, the person I was asked to get rid of… Haha, what a coincidence, it’s Sang Xia.” When Tang Ye said this, he stared fixedly at Rong Zhan to observe his reaction.

He wasn’t hallucinating.

He kept feeling that there seemed… to be something weird between Rong Zhan and Sang Xia.

Sang Xia?

Something flashed in Rong Zhan’s eyes when he looked down, then it disappeared as quickly as it came.

“This woman is really busy.”

Rong Zhan laughed once before he fell silent.

Seeing that Rong Zhan barely had any reaction, Tang Ye raised an eyebrow before he turned around to leave. However, right as he was about to leave the room, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Rong Zhan, let me advise you. Don’t walk in the tiger mountain when you know there are tigers there.”

One of his brothers had already been badly tortured. He didn’t want to see another one in the same state.

Not when they were caused by the same f*cking person.

After Tang Ye left, Rong Zhan played with the box of contraceptive pills. His slightly long fringe had covered half of his eyes, making others unable to guess what he was thinking about.

This box of contraceptive pills was the only thing Sang Xia left at his place.

Because of him, she hadn’t been able to take any of it.

Somehow, he didn’t want her to either.

He wanted to possess her completely. Not only in name, but he also wanted her body as well.

When he looked up again, Rong Zhan sucked in a deep breath as he aimed the box at the rubbish bin. With a perfect throw, the box of contraceptive pills landed right in the rubbish bin.

He got up, walking towards the large floor-to-ceiling window to stretch lazily. He then leaned against it, the lighter snapping open and close in his hands while his other hand held onto a cigarette. However, he never lit it up.

When it came to Sang Xia, it was already too late for him to stop.

It had been a few years now. Perhaps when it first started, he didn’t like her that much. Perhaps, it wasn’t love at first sight. However, slowly, as he saw her saying that she got together with Bo Yi because he had saved her, he started to feel unhappy, angry, and frustrated.

Later, it became jealousy. An extremely strong jealousy.

Throughout the last few years, the jealousy had been torturing him. Everything he saw was related to her, no matter if they were the good things or the bad things.

No one was able to stop feelings from growing.

After holding his feelings back for so many years, he was already at his limit. He wanted Sang Xia, not because of the many years of holding back his desires, but more because…

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