Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 337 - In a Hurry to Give Away Money?  

Chapter 337: In a Hurry to Give Away Money?

When the crowd heard Su Jin’s words, they looked at her with disdain. How could this piece of trash be so shameless? She had been scoring zero points in all the subjects. It wasn’t that long ago and now she thought she could get first place? Wasn’t she just daydreaming? No one dared to ridicule Su Jin despite of their unhappiness because of Yu Haiyang.

Su Jin couldn’t care less about what everyone thought. She offered some of her snacks to Pang Lili. She had plenty of snacks anyway and once she finished them, Yu Haiyang would buy her more. There was no need to save… Moreover, she was about to win billions of yuan from this group of people. She smiled at Pang Lili and said,

“Lili, don’t be sad. You will definitely lead a better life. Hang in there!”

Pang Lili was greatly encouraged by Su Jin’s words. That’s right, with her grandmother by her side, there was nothing to be afraid of. Everything would get better. She would also make lots of money in future to give her grandmother a good life. She took the snacks offered by Su Jin and nodded as she said,

“Okay, thank, thank you. Sister… Sister Su.”

Su Jin saw Pang Lili’s grateful face and frowned slightly. Su Jin wanted Pang Lili to have a better life and not be bullied by her two-faced adopted sister. Besides, there was no need to say thanks between true friends… She patted Pang Lili’s back and said softly,

“We are sisters. There’s no need to say thank you.”

After saying that, Su Jin turned to walk back to her seat. She happened to pass by Zhang De. Zhang De saw that Su Jin who was not nervous at all and was very curious. How could this good-for-nothing be so calm? Could she really afford to lose the bet? He looked at Su Jin and asked plainly,

“You piece of trash, aren’t you scared?”

Su Jin was disgusted by Zhang De’s words. However, she couldn’t let others think that she was scared or they might say more nasty things about her. She looked coldly at Zhang De, the guy who would be kneeling before her and calling her “mom” when the time came. Su Jin replied indifferently,

“Scared? Why would I be scared?”

Zhang De just wanted to provoke Su Jin to see if she was panicking but when he saw Su Jin’s calm demeanor, he was not happy. This piece of trash was really good; she could still pretend as if nothing really mattered at this time. He mocked,

“Still pretending? You and I were in the same exam room. I know what it was like .”

Su Jin was a little puzzled. What did he know? Could he have seen her answers? This guy was really annoying, wasting his time here and couldn’t wait to call her “mom”… Su Jin asked in puzzlement,

“What do you know?”

Zhang De was extremely annoyed at Su Jin’s puzzled look. This piece of trash was still pretending to be confused at this time. She was courting death and yet she was so calm. Could she really have that much money? Even if Yu Haiyang helped her, she wouldn’t have that much money. His eyes were full of disdain as he replied,

“I know that after you finished writing your name, you put your head on the table and slept. And when you woke up, you would start writing blindly. Do you think that you can get full marks just by writing blindly?”

Su Jin nodded indifferently when she heard this. So, it was just such a small matter. She thought that this guy had seen her answers! Besides, she knew how to answer every question. She wasn’t writing randomly at all. She looked at Zhang De seriously and said coldly,

“You’re right. That’s what I think.”

Zhang De got angry. This d*mn piece of trash was actually talking back! Just because she had Yu Haiyang’s protection, she behaved so arrogantly? Did she really think that Yu Haiyang would foot her bill? He said to Su Jin with great disdain,

“You’re really shameless. Don’t beg for mercy when you cry, okay?”

Su Jin was even more disgusted when she heard this. When the time came, the one who would kneel crying on the ground would definitely not be her! But Zhang De was in the same exam room and thought that she would definitely lose… She laughed coldly and said to the arrogant Zhang De,

“Oh well, we don’t know yet who will be crying… Since you are so concerned, do you want to be my lackey now and give me some spending money? There’s no need to be in such a hurry. You can give me your money when the exam results are out.”

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