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Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: Sister Yan Yan, Are You Free to Hang Out?

Chapter 47: Sister Yan Yan, Are You Free to Hang Out?

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After going downstairs, Nan Yan sent a message to Tao Qingming.

Nan Yan: [I won’t treat this patient. I’m going back.]

Tao Qingming: [What happened, Little Friend?]

Nan Yan: [I don’t like her. Don’t reveal my information. Just find someone else to treat her.]

Tao Qingming: [Alright, I’ll have someone else treat her then.]

Nan Yan gently rubbed her fingertips on the screen.

The injuries she caused to An Muyao couldn’t be healed by anyone else.

If Director Tao found someone else to treat her and couldn’t achieve results, knowing Lu Lehua’s temper, it would probably put Tao Qingming in an awkward position.

After considering for a moment, Nan Yan sent another message to Tao Qingming, informing him which acupoints to needle.

Tao Qingming: [Okay, I’ll perform acupuncture on her later.]

Nan Yan: [Okay.]

Putting her phone back in her pocket, Nan Yan planned to take the elevator.

Feeling someone’s gaze on her, she subconsciously looked up.

Qin Lu stood not far away from her, tall and elegant, possessing an extraordinary temperament that made him a captivating sight.


Nan Yan was somewhat surprised.

Why did Qin Lu follow her out of the car?

Did he see what happened earlier…?

Qin Lu walked over with big strides and ruffled Nan Yan’s hair. “Let’s go, let’s eat.”

Nan Yan silently followed behind him all the way back to the car without saying a word.

Wu Yue didn’t need to wait for Qin Lu to speak; he understood and started the car, driving back.

After a moment of silence, Nan Yan couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, why did you go in?”

“Just wanted to take a look,” Qin Lu said casually, but upon closer listening, his tone was gentler than usual.

“Oh…” Nan Yan replied leisurely without saying anything else. Forget it, whether he saw it or not, she would pretend he didn’t.

Otherwise, it would only add to the awkwardness.

In the office of Tao Qingming, An Muyao was comforting Lu Lehua.

Lu Lehua’s face turned pale from anger, and her body trembled with rage.

Under An Muyao’s consolation, she gradually calmed down.

“Mom, don’t be mad at Yanyan. She just wants you to pay more attention to her, and she still hopes to gain your approval,” An Muyao deliberately spoke up for Nan Yan, which only made Lu Lehua dislike her more.

Sure enough, with a stern face, Lu Lehua said angrily, “Don’t mention her to me again. From now on, you’re the only daughter I have, she is no longer my daughter!”

She shouldn’t have brought her back in the first place!

Lu Lehua regretted it so much, why did she bring her back?

She had brought a disaster upon herself. Besides causing trouble, all Nan Yan did was infuriate her.

It would be better if she didn’t come back!

She didn’t want to see her.

An Muyao’s eyes flashed with a hint of delight, quickly concealed, and she said in a gentle and soft tone, “Yanyan is still young and bound to make mistakes. You should give her a chance to correct herself.”

“Have you seen any sign of her remorse? She doesn’t know how to repent, she’s becoming more rebellious!” Lu Lehua scolded Nan Yan, listing her faults.

As she scolded, Tao Qingming entered the room.

“Director Tao, has the doctor arrived? We’ve been waiting here for so long. Does she think she can disregard us?” Lu Lehua’s commanding tone made Tao Qingming displeased.

As the director of the Chinese Medicine Hospital and the president of the Chinese Medicine Association, Director Tao held a high position and was highly respected, with the pride of an old gentleman.

However, as a doctor, he couldn’t simply push a patient out the door.

His expression turned cold, and he said indifferently, “That doctor couldn’t make it because of something. I’ll personally treat Miss An.”

“What does she mean? If she couldn’t come, why didn’t she inform us earlier?

Making us wait here for nothing. Is she playing games with us?”

Tao Qingming’s eyes flashed with anger. He put the needle kit he just took out back in the drawer. “Mrs. An, if you don’t want the treatment, feel free to leave.”

An Muyao quickly tugged on Lu Lehua’s arm and then walked up to Tao Qingming, bowing deeply. “Director Tao, my mother didn’t mean anything else.

She was just upset earlier, so her tone was a bit intense. Please forgive her.

We’re sorry!”

Lu Lehua also came to her senses.

Standing in front of her was the best Chinese medicine hospital director in the country.

She couldn’t offend such a person just for her daughter’s arm.

Taking advantage of An Muyao’s apology, she also apologized, “Director Tao, I’m sorry. I spoke in haste just now. Please help my daughter with acupuncture!”

Originally, Tao Qingming didn’t want to treat them, but seeing An Muyao apologize and Lu Lehua apologize as well, he had to suppress his anger.

After half an hour of acupuncture, An Muyao moved her arm a little.

Then she said with a happy expression, “Mom, my arm doesn’t hurt anymore. It doesn’t hurt at all!”

“That’s great, that’s great!” All the anger that Lu Lehua had disappeared because An Muyao’s arm was better.

She held her daughter’s arm and smiled happily.

What was Nan Yan? Just a useless burden, incapable of anything, not even comparable to a single finger of  Yaoyao!

She only wanted Yaoyao, she didn’t want Nan Yan at all!

Since Nan Yan didn’t want to come back, it was exactly what she wanted!

Now that Yaoyao’s arm was better, she could attend the music concert on Sunday as planned. Opportunities for fame were within reach, and numerous honors were approaching her.

She didn’t have time to be angry with that annoying Nan Yan!

After thanking Tao Qingming and paying a considerable amount for the treatment, Lu Lehua and An Muyao returned home.

After having a meal with Qin Lu, Nan Yan went back to her room and received several tasks from Bai Yiqi.

She completed them all in an hour and sent them back.

Bai Yiqi directly addressed her as “ancestor”, persistently urging her to join his company once again.

Nan Yan ruthlessly rejected him once again.

Bai Yiqi:

Bai Yiqi: [TAT]

He couldn’t believe it.

With sincerity and perseverance, even the most aloof big shots can be softened. Bai Yiqi believed that by extending an invitation every day, he could eventually break through their defenses.

Bai Yiqi hummed, full of vigor, and replied to Nan Yan: [Lord Y , I’ll ask again next time.]

Nan Yan: [ … Do as you wish.] Ding dong…

A message appeared on her phone.

Shen Junqing: [Yanyan, do you have time to hang out?]

Nan Yan was speechless.

This older brother, who stuck to her like Qin Lu, seemed to have a lot of free time.

She typed two words in the chat box unhurriedly: No time…

Before she could send it, Shen Junqing sent another message: [The prize money for the racing championship is 30 million. Are you interested?]

Nan Yan silently deleted the two words she had just typed and decisively replied: [Okay.]

She was desperately short of money.

Thirty million would allow her to take a step closer to the laboratory.

Nan Yan changed her clothes and prepared to go out.

As soon as she opened the door, she came face to face with a man raising his hand to knock on the door.

Nan Yan:

Qin Lu:

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