Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Lu Lehua felt like she had been slapped in the face, feeling embarrassed, angry, and awkward all at once.

She never expected Nanyan to say such things in front of the school teachers.

What an ungrateful wretch!

She thought to herself that raising a child who wasn’t by her side since childhood was like raising a white-eyed wolf, someone ungrateful and unfamiliar.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lu Lehua’s body trembled with anger. She clenched her fists tightly to regain her composure. “Stop being ridiculous!”

“I’m not being ridiculous.” Nanyan’s voice remained calm, her beautiful peach blossom eyes distant and cold, devoid of any emotions. “Mrs. An, consider my words carefully and give me an answer as soon as possible.”

Lu Lehua couldn’t contain her anger and disappointment as she looked at Nanyan. She sternly said, “When I brought you back, you promised me that you would behave. But over these past two years, how much trouble have you caused?”

“I have endured all of that. You are my daughter, and no matter how unworthy you are, I will still support you. You have enough, so what more do you want? What face do you have to argue with me?”

She deeply regretted why she brought Nanyan back in the first place.

It would have been better to just accept her mistake of carrying back the wrong child and move on.

“Enough, I won’t discuss these matters with you now. Let’s go to the hospital with Yaoyao immediately.”

The headmaster and the two class teachers stood by, unable to intervene in the confrontation between the mother and daughter.

After all, it was a family matter.

The headmaster hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, let’s take Student An to the hospital first. Stopping her pain is the most important thing.”

“Nanyan, you should come along as well.”



The An family’s car was waiting at the school gate. After carefully helping An Muyao into the car, Lu Lehua sat next to her, showing great care and concern.

Nanyan got into the passenger seat, ignoring the deep affection between the mother and daughter in the back seat.

“Let’s go to the hospital.”

The driver drove towards the best hospital in Jin City.

Nanyan leaned back in her seat and casually played with her phone.

She was about to open a game she had only played once to pass the time when she received a message from someone.

Opening WeChat, she saw Shen Junqing’s profile picture flashing at the top.

[Sister, are you ignoring me?] Shen Junqing’s message read.

Nanyan was speechless.

Another man obsessed with finding his sister has gone crazy.

At this hour, she couldn’t pretend not to have seen it.

Her slender fingers tapped the keyboard a few times, and she replied:

[You stayed up all night yesterday. I was afraid that it would affect your rest.]

Shen Junqing: [My thoughtful sister~]

Nanyan: [Of course.]

Shen Junqing: [Are you free tonight? I will take you somewhere fun.]

Nanyan was speechless.

Shen Junqing quickly sent another message: [It’s thrilling and exciting. You’ll regret it if you don’t come~]

Nanyan: [Okay.]

Since she had nothing else to do, it wouldn’t hurt to experience the thrill that Shen Junqing mentioned.

Shen Junqing: [I’ll pick you up tonight.]

Nanyan: [OK]

After making plans with him, Shen Junqing didn’t reply again. He was probably busy with other things.

Nanyan calculated the time and estimated that they still had some distance to reach the hospital. After closing the chat page, she opened the game again.

The sound effects of the game suddenly filled the car, and she unhurriedly put on her headphones.

Lu Lehua heard the game sounds and looked up at her, her expression becoming increasingly displeased. Despite An Muyao’s intense pain, she still had the mind to play with her phone!

It’s truly in vain that Yaoyao treated her so well, always thinking about her!


“Brother Ran, that guy is playing the game!” An Xiran was training when Little K approached excitedly.

“Let’s invite him to join our team, Brother Ran. What do you think?” An Xiran’s team was formed by him when he was abroad. He was the captain and also one of the shareholders, having direct decision-making power over signing new members.

An Xiran had already typed a message in the chat box, “I’ll contact him.”

Last time, he lost to ‘RandomName,’ and he wasn’t convinced.

Any competitive player had a certain spirit.

He could admit that someone was better than him, but to make him truly acknowledge it wasn’t that easy.

Being suppressed by someone would only make him work harder to improve and then win back!

Nanyan frowned and looked at her private messages, which were almost flooded. She chose to clear them all with one click.

She then activated the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to finally have some peace.

On An Xiran’s side, he finished typing a message, pressed Enter, but a red exclamation mark appeared.

The other party declined…

This was the first time he had been rejected.

Little K felt the air pressure dropping inexplicably.

“Brother Ran, wha… what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” An Xiran’s face turned cold as he closed the chat box and marked the location of ‘RandomName’ on the map to check.

Ordinary players couldn’t locate someone who wasn’t a friend or an enemy.

However, An Xiran had a special item that allowed him to input the name of the player he wanted to locate and find their position.

After finding the location, An Xiran used a teleportation scroll to appear near ‘RandomName.’

Nanyan logged into the game for the second time, as she was unfamiliar with it and was checking the forum for strategies.

She had played many competitive games before, so she could easily adapt to this type of game.

If she wasn’t bored, she wouldn’t have opened the game in the first place.

But since she did, she decided to play casually and pass the time.

After checking the strategy, Nanyan returned to the game and noticed that there was an additional player on the screen.

She had no intention of interacting with him and directly controlled her character in the game, planning to do some dungeon runs alone.

Competitive matches required team play, but after her previous experience with Wuyue’s poor skills, she didn’t have a good impression of competitive play. It was better to solo dungeons.

As she moved, the player on the map also moved with her. Soon, a line of text appeared above his head: [I want to play another match with you.]

Another match? Was it one of the players from the team she faced last time with Wuyue?

Nanyan responded directly: [Not interested.]

An Xiran: [Tell me your conditions. I must play a match with you.]

Nanyan: [One match, one million.]

An Xiran: [Deal.]

Nanyan had casually set a condition to discourage the other person, but unexpectedly, the other party accepted without hesitation.

It seemed that the other person was either foolish or had plenty of money. Either way, she didn’t need to be polite.

This time, they didn’t choose the arena but the Player Vs Player (PvP) mode.

After confirming, a temporary PvP zone appeared on the screen, enclosing just the two of them.

After a three-second countdown, both of them controlled their characters and engaged in a fierce battle.

An Xiran clenched his lips and rapidly typed on the keyboard, using various skills to try to redeem himself.

However, eight minutes later, he died.

“Brother Ran…” Little K watched, feeling shocked and terrified. But it also confirmed that the other person was undoubtedly an eSports prodigy.

If even Brother Ran could be so easily crushed, could it be one of those international competition players using an alternate account?

An Xiran bit his lip and typed: [One more round.]

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