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Chapter 251 - Chapter 251: Is Your Brother Considered An Outsider?

Chapter 251: Is Your Brother Considered An Outsider?

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Nan Yan wasn’t that kind-hearted.

The reason she wanted to release him and provide medical treatment was simply to use him as a means to gain information about the so-called “Seven Sins,” an organization that even Qin Lu was unaware of.

It couldn’t be denied that Qin Lu understood her quite well.

After they emerged from the underground, she hadn’t mentioned where she wanted to go. Qin Lu immediately started the car and drove her to the First Hospital.

On the way, he made a phone call and requested a tracking chip, an implantable one, to be inserted under the skin. It had no adverse effects on the body and wouldn’t be easily detected.

Nan Yan lazily propped her head up and asked, lips curved, “Brother, how do you know what I want to do?”

Qin Lu casually replied with three words, “Make a guess.”

Nan Yan shot him an unceremonious glance, “I won’t guess. If you’re willing to tell, then tell. If not, forget it.”

Qin Lu glanced at her sideways, “Are you really that impatient with your brother?”

“Not exactly,” Nan Yan tapped her own head with her fingertip, “I just don’t like it when people make me guess, guess, guess.”

“Is your brother considered an outsider?” Qin Lu chuckled.

Nan Yan pursed her lips.

She seemed to have misspoken.

However, she didn’t want to explain.

After all, she wasn’t clear about her relationship with Qin Lu at the moment.

To call them a couple would be premature; they were both holding back.

Besides, Qin Lu’s daily care and concern for her didn’t seem like how someone would treat a girlfriend. It was more like how one would pamper a daughter…

Some people might call themselves “brother” outwardly but deep down, they already wanted to be her dad…

Seeing Nan Yan’s silence, Qin Lu’s tone became somewhat melancholic. “Nan Yan, do you really lack a conscience like this?”

“You’re not an outsider.”

Nan Yan let out a slow breath. “So, I choose to guess.” This time, she didn’t address him as “brother” but rather used “you.”

This subtle change brought a faint smile to Qin Lu’s eyes.

Nan Yan looked at him and calmly continued, “I choose to let him go and even plan to help him treat his injuries. It’s easy to see that I have ulterior motives. After all, I’m not some kind-hearted person. Regardless of why Strelar attacked me, I have no reason to just let him go like this.”

She raised an eyebrow at him after speaking. “Brother, are you satisfied?”

“I’m satisfied.” Qin Lu nodded in a cooperative manner. “Nan Yan doesn’t treat me as an outsider, and I am very happy.”

“The little one isn’t spoiled in vain.”

Nan Yan:

She just wanted to know if he was schizophrenic, treating her as both a child while also trying to flirt with her. Did he enjoy this morally ambiguous hidden affection?

Strelar was brought to the emergency room.

Nan Yan put on a white coat, a cap, and a mask, revealing only a pair of cold and clear eyes.

Afraid that he might recognize her, she altered her eye shape with makeup before entering.

Before entering the emergency room, the chip had already been placed in her possession.

She implanted it into his muscles while treating his injuries.

Once his injuries were taken care of, Nan Yan left the emergency room, changed her clothes, and went to find Qin Lu.

Qin Lu had turned off his phone and raised his gaze to look at her. “Is it done?” “Mhm.” Nan Yan naturally held his hand. “Let’s go, back home.”

As for what Strelar wanted to do, it was no longer their concern. When he returned to the ‘Seven Sins,’ the chip would automatically start working, making him a qualified undercover agent.

After sending Nan Yan back to the old mansion, Qin Lu escorted her inside and didn’t stay long before driving away.

Nan Yan finished her wash, returned to her room, and turned on her computer to access the Dark Realm.

The customers who had placed orders had received the T-1 drug she had shipped to them today. Now, it was time for them to verify its authenticity.

She was here to collect her commission.

As expected, when she logged into the “Diving Fish” account, the chatbox was already blinking with messages.

“Are you there?”

“We received the goods, and they’ve been tested. It’s genuine T-1 reagent!”

“Do you still have more? If so, I want all of it, and I guarantee the price will satisfy you!”

Nan Yan remained indifferent, her hands poised over the keyboard as she typed away:

“No more, only one vial.”

“If you’re satisfied, go ahead and transfer the commission.”

The person on the other side was clearly online, and upon seeing Nan Yan’s response, they immediately replied, “Alright, I’ll transfer it now.”

Although it was a bit regrettable that there weren’t more vials available, obtaining this one was still considered lucky. Sometimes, it’s best not to be too greedy in life.

Nan Yan watched as her points doubled and closed the window. She then proceeded to browse the online store for medicinal herbs. The Dark Realm offered a wide variety of herbs, a vast quantity, reasonable prices, and, most importantly, guaranteed medicinal properties. Many of these herbs were hard to come by in regular stores.

To save time, Nan Yan always purchased her herbs from this source. After placing her order, she checked the time and went to the task section to accept a few A-level missions. One of them was a request for medicinal herbs.

After accepting the mission, Nan Yan immediately contacted the requester: “Address.”

Since the other person probably wasn’t online, Nan Yan waited for five minutes but received no response. She then closed the conversation window.

It wasn’t until the evening of the next day that she logged back into the Dark Realm and saw the message from the other party.

“Do you have the medicine? That’s great. My address is XXXX (a location in

China). Please send it as soon as possible. There will be a generous reward!”

Nan Yan was surprised when she saw this address. It was unexpected to encounter someone from China on the Dark Realm at night.

She replied with a simple “OK” and proceeded to prepare the medicine that evening. The following day, she contacted the Dark Realm courier service and sent the package.

In China, in the city of Yun Cheng, a young man received a call from a Dark Realm courier. Without even changing his shoes, he rushed to collect the package.

After finding the courier and signing his name, he held a palm-sized package and began walking back. As he walked, he muttered to himself, “This is too fast. I didn’t expect the Dark Realm to be this amazing!”

He turned the package in his hands and suddenly froze, as if struck by lightning, staring wide-eyed at the shipping label on one side of the package.


So, the person who received his order was also from China? But where in China could a medicine alchemist come from?

The young man’s expression turned slightly serious.

He began to doubt whether the medicine he received was genuine or not. Would it be safe to consume? His older brother was already in extremely poor health. If they took the wrong medicine, turning a lifesaving remedy into poison, and his brother’s condition worsened, what would they do? After some thought, he decided to consult his older brother’s opinion.

“Big brother, I’ve bought the medicine!”

He strode into a quiet courtyard, a place with an ancient and traditional atmosphere. Within the courtyard, there was a grove of green bamboo and a pond filled with colorful koi fish. The serene surroundings made it feel like he had stepped back in time.

With the package in hand, he hurried into his brother’s bedroom.

However, as soon as he entered, he saw bloodstains on the floor, and his older brother was lying on the bed, unconscious, with bloodstains on his pale lips.

“Big brother!”

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