Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 249 - Chapter 249: Qjn Lu Sneered At Him, “Do You Have Any Dignity Left?”—3

Chapter 249: Qjn Lu Sneered At Him, “Do You Have Any Dignity Left?”—3

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Qin Lu took a deep puff of his cigarette, then flicked the butt onto the ground and crushed it underfoot.

He opened the car door, sat inside, and exhaled the smoke slowly.

In the depths of his ink-black eyes, there was an icy calmness.

With a press of the accelerator, the car shot forward quickly…

snen Junqmg reit tnat Qin Lu naa too mucn tree time on ms nanas.

Originally, he had intended to deal with Shen Wu himself.

However, this afternoon, Qin Lu contacted him, passing Shen Wu’s matter over to him.

That despicable man was just too troublesome.

For anything related to Yanyan, Qin Lu always insisted on handling it personally and didn’t give others a chance.

What could he do?

After all, Qin Lu was carrying the title of a boyfriend, and when it came to exercising his own rights, he was justified.

At best, he was just a non-blood-related older brother, unable to compete with him.

But Shen Wu, on the other hand, could be dealt with by Qin Lu.

He didn’t need to show himself, which also prevented his identity from being exposed.

Several minutes later, Qin Lu arrived.

“Where is he?” he asked.

“At the bar, having fun,” replied Shen Junqing.

“Got it.”

Qin Lu got the specific location from Shen Junqing and headed straight there.

Shen Wu had booked a private room for himself, accompanied by several female friends, indulging in drinking and revelry.

With a drink in one hand, he was getting a little too handsy with the women.

He wasn’t a saint himself, often engaging in wild and chaotic activities privately. But that was only in private; on the surface, he maintained the appearance of a well-behaved gentleman.

He cared a lot about his reputation. After all, he had always believed that he was one step ahead of Shen Junqing due to Shen Junqing’s terrible reputation.

“Second Young Master, here’s a toast to you.”

A seductive woman in revealing attire held a glass of wine, took a sip herself, and then bent down to kiss Shen Wu on the mouth.

Just as the two were having a merry time, playing drinking games, a loud kick at the door startled Shen Wu, causing him to choke on his drink.

“Who’s there? Cough, cough, cough…”

Shen Wu covered his throat, looking somewhat panicked toward the door. Upon seeing the chaotic scene inside, Qin Lu didn’t even enter. He stood at the door and issued a command, “Take him away.”

Wu Yue swiftly entered with two others, grabbed Shen Wu, one on each side, and forcefully led him outside.

“Who are you people? Do you know who I am?”

“I haven’t offended any of you. What gives you the right to treat me like this?”

“Let go… Let me go…”

Shen Wu was frightened by this situation, struggling in vain as his arms were twisted, and he shouted incessantly.

Qin Lu, cold and ruthless, said, “Make him shut up.”

Wu Yue delivered a punch to Shen Wu’s mouth, leaving it askew and instantly fracturing his jaw.

With a painful howl, the women inside the private room huddled together, shrieking and trembling in fear.

Wu Yue’s heart skipped a beat.

The young master said to shut him up, so what he had done was probably wrong, right?

With this thought in mind, he hastily delivered another punch.

This time, Shen Wu was in so much pain that he fainted.

In just a matter of three minutes or so, it was all over. In the private room, there were only a few women who were now pale and shaken. Someone discreetly called the police.

Wu Yue immediately instructed his men to stuff Shen Wu into the trunk of their car.

Qin Lu briefly met with Shen Junqing and said, “I’ve taken the person.”

Shen Junqing raised an eyebrow, ” Alright, you handle it as you see fit, no need to spare any dignity for me.”

Qin Lu sneered at him, “Do you have any dignity left?”

If it weren’t for Yanyan’s sake, he absolutely wouldn’t have put up with him!

Qin Lu turned to leave, but after taking a step, he turned back.

“Stop bothering Yanyan in the future. She’s about to take her exams and needs to study.”

Shen Junqing sneered, “Do you think I don’t know Yanyan’s monthly exam scores?”

Getting a perfect score on all subjects, and you’re telling her to study well? With these grades, she could easily get into a top university in the capital city with her eyes closed!

Shen Junqing taunted, “If you want to stop me from seeing Yanyan, just say it directly. Beating around the bush is going too far.”

“Alright, then I’ll trouble Young Master Shen not to lead my Yanyan astray.

She’s still young and easily influenced.”

Shen Junqing was nearly driven to frustration by Qin Lu’s matter-of-fact tone. “You have no say in this.” He snorted, “She’s my sister, and I can do as I please!” Thinking he could forbid him from contacting Yanyan and monopolize her?

What kind of dream are you having?

He was already lower in Yanyan’s heart compared to him, and if he didn’t make more of an effort to establish his presence, he would probably have even less standing in her eyes in the future.

“I’ll go find her tomorrow and we’ll go out for skewers in the evening.” Qin Lu looked at him coldly, emphasizing each word, “She won’t go with you.”

“Then let’s make a bet. We’ll see if she’ll go with me.”

Shen Junqing challenged, “If she’s willing to go for skewers with me, then don’t come and join us.”

Qin Lu:

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