Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Nan Yan was unaware of the situation.

Although Qin Lu told her to sleep at ease, how could she fall asleep with him by her side?

She forced herself to stay awake and let Wu Yue drive her to Jin Yao Hua Ting.

Qin Lu frowned slightly, “Are you staying at a hotel?”

“Yes.” Nan Yan yawned and nodded, feeling a bit tired.

“Don’t you have a place to stay at home?”

“It’s not that. I don’t get along well with my family, so I don’t want to stay at home.”

Qin Lu gave a direct order, “Wu Yue, go to the Lantis.”

The sleepiness in Nan Yan vanished instantly. “No, brother, what are you planning to do?”

“They’re all hotels,” Qin Lu glanced at her indifferently. “It doesn’t matter where you stay.”

Of course, it’s not the same!

She wanted to stay far away from him at Jinyao Courtyard!

Nan Yan scratched her head, suppressing her annoyance, and said dryly, “I’ve already paid over there… my things are also there… Brother…”

“Then go and get them. Wu Yue, go to Jinyao Courtyard first.”

Wu Yue expressed that he was just a tool. If the Young Master said to go somewhere, he would go.

Nan Yan wanted to roll her eyes at him but was afraid of provoking him, so she sulkily leaned against the car door and pouted.

There was no way to resist him. He was too powerful for her to defy.

After getting her things from Jinyao Courtyard and returning the room key, Nan Yan once again got into the car. This time, she was taken directly to Qin Lu’s room at the Lantis.

Qin Lu asked, “Are you staying in the original bedroom?”

He didn’t like others in his personal space. However, Nan Yan’s tactful behavior last time made him think that the girl had a sense of propriety.

Even if they stayed in the same suite, there wouldn’t be any unpleasantness.

“I don’t want to,” Nan Yan firmly shook her head. “I want to book a separate room.”

“Okay, wait a moment.”

Wu Yue was about to report this good news to Old Madam Qin when he received a call from Qin Lu.

After listening to the instructions on the phone, he quickly responded, “Understood, Young Master.”

Old Madam Qin was waiting for him to speak. Seeing him hang up the phone, she asked anxiously, “What happened?”

“Miss Nan doesn’t want to stay in the same room as the Young Master. She wants to book another room. I’ll go and arrange it.”

Old Madam Qin became excited, “Why book another room? There are empty rooms here. Let Yanyan stay with me!”

“Yanyan and Ah Lu haven’t confirmed their relationship yet, and she’s still young. It’s not appropriate for them to stay together. Let her stay with me!”

“In that case, I’ll talk to the Young Master. The rooms are fully booked, so I’ll let Miss Nan stay with you. What do you think?”

“Yes, yes, that’s it. Go!”


Wu Yue lowered his head and didn’t dare to look Qin Lu in the eye as he repeated his explanation. He wouldn’t dare to lie to him if he looked into his eyes.

Qin Lu lightly tapped his fingers on the door panel and asked, “Little girl, is it okay?”

“It’s fine.”

As long as she didn’t have to stay with him, it didn’t matter where she stayed!

However, when Nan Yan arrived at Old Madam Qin’s room with her belongings, she regretted what she had said before.

Facing the enthusiastic Qin’s Old Madam, she deeply felt that maybe it wasn’t so unbearable to face the taciturn boss.

But now that she had come over, it was too late to regret…


The next day, Nan Yan finished washing up and prepared to go to school. When she opened the door, Wu Yue was already waiting respectfully outside.

“Miss Nan, the Young Master asked me to take you to school.”


Since there was a driver to take her, she didn’t need to take a taxi.

However, when she opened the car door and saw Qin Lu inside, she suddenly didn’t want to get in.

Could she still take a taxi if she hurried?

Qin Lu closed the file in his hand and casually raised an eyebrow, “Seeing your brother, don’t you want to get in?”

“No.” Nan Yan smiled obediently, got into the car, and greeted, “Good morning, big brother.”

After Wu Yue got in the car, he drove without saying a word.

On the way, Nan Yan calmly looked at her phone, intending to speak as little as possible.

However, she couldn’t resist when the man took the initiative to ask a question.

“Are you planning to stay at the hotel all the time?”

“No, I have a place. I’m going through the procedures.”


Qin Lu replied indifferently, and then the car fell silent again.

When Nan Yan arrived at Zhi De High School, she breathed a sigh of relief after getting off the car.

Once again, she realized that the man was absolutely someone she shouldn’t mess with.

Year Two, Class Four.

The classroom door was slightly ajar, and someone was peeking through the window.

As soon as they saw Nan Yan, they quickly whispered, “She’s here, get ready!”

“Isn’t this going a bit too far?”

“Come on, you’ve done worse things before. Why are you hesitating now?”

“Just because she looks better, you’re afraid to target her because of her face!”

“Stop arguing! Are you going to let her bully our goddess Yaoyao?!”

At the mention of An Muyao, those who were previously undecided became resolute.

They were the knights protecting their goddess! Even if An Nanyan’s face had become more attractive, so what? She was a fool, not even worth a single strand of Goddess Yaoyao’s hair!

The group quickly prepared, waiting for Nan Yan to enter so they could give her a “gift.”

Nan Yan walked up to the entrance but didn’t rush to push the door open.

Instead, she stood there thoughtfully, looking at the door that was slightly ajar. A cold and alluring smile curved her lips as she raised her foot and kicked the door.


The boy standing behind the door was directly drenched by a bucket of dirty water poured from above.

His whole body was instantly covered in a layer of black paint, with plenty of trash sticking to him. Even the people near the entrance couldn’t escape and got splashed as well.

The bucket that fell to the ground rolled a couple of times.

The entire classroom fell into silence for two seconds before everyone snapped back to their senses.

The boy who got soaked cursed angrily and rushed towards Nan Yan, intending to hit her.

A cold glint flashed in Nan Yan’s eyes. Without hesitation, she kicked him in the stomach.

The boy, who had charged at full speed, was sent flying backward even faster, crashing into the podium. He was in too much pain to even scream, sitting motionless.

Nan Yan entered the classroom without hurry. “Why are you doing something foolish early in the morning?”

Her voice was icy, devoid of any warmth, but incredibly pleasant to listen to.

However, not many people paid attention to how pleasant her voice was.

They were too busy looking at her with fear.

When she broke Lu Rongrong’s wrist yesterday, it didn’t have the same impact as now.

After all, back then, Nan Yan didn’t have the same aura of hostility that she exuded now.

“If any of you have a problem with me, why don’t you all step forward and fight me? Don’t resort to these underhanded tricks; it’s disgusting.”

Who would dare?

With her violent attitude, she even kicked down the class’s sports committee member. Nobody else stood a chance!

Nan Yan placed her backpack on the podium and calmly rolled up her sleeves. “If no one is going to speak up, I’ll take it that you are tacitly agreeing.”

The students of Class Four, were collectively dumbfounded. The timid ones had already paled in fear.

“What are you all doing?!”

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