Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

When they entered Room 06, they saw Shen Junqing leaning lazily in his seat, his captivating peach blossom eyes half-closed with a comfortable look on his face.

Nan Yan couldn’t help but sigh. How could she have so much fate with them?

Shen Junqing noticed Nan Yan entering with Qin Lu and his eyes showed a hint of playfulness and curiosity. “Oh, little sister, you know Young Master Qin as well?”

Everyone knew that Young Master Qin didn’t even have a single female fly around him, so why did he suddenly bring a young girl with him, and they seemed so intimate?

Qin Lu brushed the stray strands of hair that floated onto Nan Yan’s cheek behind her ear and casually asked, “Do you know Young Master Shen?”

“Of course!”

That sentence she wanted to say about meeting him at the entrance was blocked by Shen Junqing’s words.

She looked up and met his beautiful eyes and nodded faintly, “Yes.”

Qin Lu smirked, “This little girl has pretty good interpersonal relationships.”

Nan Yan couldn’t tell if he was complimenting her or mocking her with that statement.

Either way, it didn’t sound like a simple compliment.

Shen Junqing became interested and lazily propped up his head, eagerly asking, “What kind of relationship do Young Master Qin and you have?”

Qin Lu replied indifferently, “The relationship you have in mind.”

Nan Yan remained silent.

Wait, why did his response sound so ambiguous?

Shen Junqing nodded knowingly, “I see. Is the little sister from your family?”

Wu Yue quickly interjected, “Miss Nan is not the Young Master’s sister. She is his girlfriend!”

Their Young Master finally took a liking to a young girl, how could he let someone steal her away?

This Young Master Shen looks like he has improper intentions towards Miss Nan.

We absolutely cannot give him a chance!

Nan Yan frowned, “No.”

Wu Yue, upon hearing Nan Yan’s denial, hastily said, “Although Young Master is still pursuing, with his abilities, it’s only a matter of time before they are together!”

Nan Yan was speechless.

It seems like this matter is not over.

Shen Junqing raised an eyebrow and teased, “I didn’t expect Young Master Qin to need to chase after women with his status.”

Qin Lu calmly spoke, “Can’t compare to Young Master Shen, with a group of women willingly throwing themselves at him.”

Shen Junqing was silenced by his words.

Considering there was a young sister present, some things were not appropriate to say. Changing the subject, he had a hint of a mysterious smile in his eyes, “No wonder Young Master Qin’s fierce reputation scared off those women who coveted you.”

“Little Sister has quite the courage to be with you.”

Nan Yan couldn’t help but think, can they not bring her into this?

She’s just being used as a shield!

However, Shen Junqing’s words did give her a wake-up call.

This man in front of her is too dangerous. It’s better to stay as far away from him as possible.

After a few exchanges of childish banter between the two men who could shake the country with just a stomp of their feet, they finally managed to focus on the matter at hand.

“Wu Yue, take her outside to play for a while,” Qin Lu said, pausing for a moment before adding nonchalantly, “Don’t let her touch those things.”

Nan Yan was speechless.

At this moment, she finally understood what it meant to be a busybody.

They had only met by chance, yet he still wanted her to do things according to his will. He was indeed very nosy.

But she was more than happy to not face these two men.

Therefore, she obediently followed Wu Yue and went outside.


“Miss Nan, let’s just watch here. Young Master said no playing, you must behave, okay!”

Wu Yue kept talking incessantly next to Nan Yan’s ear, just like an old nanny.

Nan Yan suddenly stopped and looked at him with cold, shimmering eyes. “Do you know that your Young Master is pursuing me?”

“Yes, I know,” Wu Yue nodded repeatedly.

“But he’s too controlling, and I don’t want to be with him,” Nan Yan said calmly.

“No, Miss Nan, although the Young Master can be domineering, he is very considerate towards you. I have never seen him treat anyone like this before, you are the first!”

Whether it’s a man or a woman, the only one who can make the Young Master treat them differently is the girl in front of him!

Thus he felt that this Miss Nan would definitely join their Qin family in the future.

“I hate being constrained, this kind of relationship makes me feel suffocated. I hope you can tell him for me, we are not suitable for each other.”

“No, please don’t!” Wu Yue broke out in a cold sweat. “We will definitely find a good solution.”

“The Young Master has never been in love before, he has no experience, you can teach him!”

Nan Yan sighed, “I finally managed to hide it from my family and come to the casino once, but he won’t let me play. What’s the use of such a boyfriend?”

Wu Yue’s mind quickly raced, and he eagerly said, “Miss Nan, I can take you to play secretly. Let’s play without letting the Young Master know, okay? He doesn’t like gambling, so he never lets anyone around him get involved with it. You can treat it as a novelty, and then never touch it again in the future?”

Nan Yan smiled mischievously, “Alright. Let’s go to the upper floor.”

Wu Yue nodded quickly and led Nan Yan upstairs.

However, why did he feel that something was not right?


“Miss Nan, we…we should go upstairs soon, right?”

Wu Yue looked at the pile of chips on Nan Yan’s table and broke out in cold sweat.

He thought Nan Yan hadn’t played these things before and was just joining in for fun.

In the end…

As soon as she started, she embarked on the path of a gambling goddess.

She hadn’t lost a single round!

He witnessed Nan Yan turning the initial twenty thousand chips into around five million, and his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

Although that amount of money wasn’t much.

But if the Young Master found out that he had brought Miss Nan to gamble, he would probably kick him out immediately.

“Um, let’s stop playing,” Nan Yan knew what it meant to quit while you were ahead.

Five million was close enough.

She held the chips and went to the cashier to exchange them for cash.

The manager of the casino noticed Nan Yan and stood there with a smile, “Miss, are you interested in gambling in the private room over there?”

The manager was referring to the small casino inside the private room.

Unlike the VIP floor downstairs, it didn’t require identification or membership cards, but it did require funds.

“Not interested,” Nan Yan delicately put away the cash in her hands and instructed Wu Yue beside her, “Tell your Young Master that I’m leaving first.”

“That won’t do!” Wu Yue’s spirit shook, “Miss Nan, you can’t leave by yourself. The Young Master said he would come to pick you up soon, so you should wait here for a while.”

“What if I insist on leaving?”

Wu Yue put on a look of resignation, “Then you should take me with you!”

“If the Young Master comes out and doesn’t see you, he will ask about me, and my fate will be miserable. So, I’d rather go with you, Miss Nan.”

Nan Yan pinched her forehead, “Fine, then let’s wait for him.”

Wu Yue breathed a sigh of relief.

If he couldn’t really keep an eye on Miss Nan, he probably wouldn’t be able to stay by the young master’s side either.

Fortunately, he was thick-skinned enough…


Upstairs, Qin Lu and Shen Junqing had finished discussing their business.

Shen Junqing lazily propped his head up, lightly tapping the table with his fingers, and asked curiously, “Young Master Qin, what do you see in the little girl?”

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