Master of the End Times

Chapter 970 - The Awakened Claw

Chapter 970: The Awakened Claw

Due to being pursued and attacked by several specters, the Black Feather Tribe man’s energy had been leaking out rapidly. He took a glance at Qin Feng who was standing right there—he could see the young man with his plain eyes but could not sense his presence at all using his consciousness.

Still, even though he could not use his dark-rune stealth trick to screw over Qin Feng, he could use it on the others.

Hence, the Black Feather Tribe man quickly glided back.

The other S-tiers who were fighting the Orc Lycan earlier were also being attacked by the specters. Things were already getting heated; but when the Black Feather Tribe man joined in with the specters pecking at his tail, things got even grimmer.

The Orc Lycan that was fighting with Qin Feng earlier had already depleted a lot of his energy after taking on so many human S-tiers. He was nearly at his limits.


The Orc Lycan let out an excruciating cry before more fur grew out of his humanoid body, morphing himself into a giant wolf. Now, his speed and power had reached a higher level. He intended to use his beast form to flee away.

Unfortunately, there were also plenty of others who wanted to flee. Yet, no one could escape easily.

The specters were not able to detect Qin Feng; but they were able to whiff out these S-tiers anywhere they went. In just a few minutes, these S-tiers were all gravely injured. Many of their faces turned as pale as a sheet, like their blood had been sucked dry. This was the sign of their life essence being drained away as the dark runes invaded their bodies.

One of the human S-tiers could not hold on any longer and fell to the ground while screaming in pain.

Qin Feng quickly zipped to his side.

“You’re gonna die anyway. So, I’ll make it easier for you and end your suffering.” Qin Feng raised his hand and willed in a heave of flame at this ability user.

“Nu…! Noo!!!”

The man was still trying to struggle to live in the end. However, before he was able to unleash his trump card, Qin Feng had already killed him.

The poor man was drying from having his life essence being drained away, and then endured a killing blow by fire. One would wonder which death was worse.

Still, Qin Feng did not have the time to wonder about this. He lifted his hand again and collected all the rune equipment and minerals he had harvested in his pocket dimension.

Unfortunately, this man was an ancient warrior. As such, after Qin Feng had finished absorbing his internal energy, despite having felt his starglobe growing a little, he did not ascend to S1-tier.

Right now, Qin Feng needed conscious energy more.

Thus, he scanned around to look for another dying S-tier. Then, he noticed that the Orc Lycan S-tier was close to dying.

“Hmm, it’d be good if I could kill him and gain some flesh power from him before his life essence completely fades away.”

Qin Feng then pulled out his dagger and infused his internal energy into it. After that, he vanished into thin air and zipped straight to the Orc Lycan.

Pfft! Pfft!

The dagger was stabbed into the Orc Lycan’s eyes, hastening his death.


The Orc Lycan let out an agonizing roar as he completely lost his eyesight. As darkness loomed onto him, the Orc Lycan was going to be turned into a skeleton in minutes.

“I am a Hasth! My people will never let this slide! They will avenge me!!”

The Orc Lycan roared out furiously with his consciousness before throwing up blood. The blood was green in color, splashing in Qin Feng’s direction. Qin Feng wanted to evade it; but the blood seemed to have locked onto him, darting toward him even though he had moved away.


Qin Feng quickly activated his internal energy shield to block out the blood.


As the blood splashed onto the barrier, Qin Feng was surprised to see that it did not penetrate his internal energy shield. Instead, there was a layer of green energy covering his internal energy.

“Ah, the Blood Vendetta Mark? Now this is some interesting stuff.”

Qin Feng finally understood what this was.

This was a way some clans used to mark their mortal enemies before death. By doing so, their own people could identify their enemies and seek vengeance on said enemies.

Still, Qin Feng was not worried about it.

This mark would only work when he had stepped into the same realm as the clan members that had marked him. Right now, this thing was not an immediate threat to him.

Qin Feng walked onward and killed the Orc Lycan who was at his last breath.


Qin Feng then absorbed the Orc Lycan’s flesh energy. Due to the other specters also absorbing the life essence and also the condition of the Bahamut continent, Qin Feng was not able to absorb too much of the energy before the corpse turned into a pile of ash.

Seeing this, Qin Feng shrugged and picked up the rune equipment on the ground and walked away.

The S-tiers had seen what Qin Feng had done. They were astonished to see that Qin Feng was able to kill two people and collect their equipment, all without the specters noticing him.

This agitated them a lot.

“Human! If you keep doing that, you won’t get away alive too, you know!” The Black Feather Tribe man yelled out loudly via his consciousness.

“Nah. I would not only live on; I would actually live a better life than all of you. And best of luck to y’all, by the way!” Qin Feng mocked gleefully at him via consciousness too.

“Hey! Come on! Help out your fellow human brethren here! We did not attack you earlier!”

“Yeah, don’t kill us!”

There were only two human S-tiers left. As such, they tried to plead for Qin Feng’s favor.

The Black Feather Tribe man’s face turned grim upon hearing this.

“Are you morons? Just now he killed a human too! Let’s band together to kill him and escape!”

Qin Feng took a glance at these people and he noticed that they seemed eager to accept the Black Feather Tribe man’s proposal.

These people from the Dark Coalition… their facial expressions were so adorably honest!

Well, it was quite common to find not just Dark Coalition members but also Human Alliance members betraying and killing each other in a battle like this.

Qin Feng did not bother to defeat the others in the onset of the battle because he was usually the first to arrive to harvest the goodies. The others were fighting amongst themselves because they were envious of the first comers.

Such was the way of the world—the capable would always invite the envy of the lesser ones.

“Let’s go!”

The Black Feather Tribe man glided toward Qin Feng, intending to kill him head on.

Seeing this, the others too unleashed their attacks. However, they were not unleashing their best attacks. Despite that, the force in their attacks was no joke—they were still S-tiers after all.

It was then, the area surrounding Qin Feng began to fade into a void. From the void, stepped out a young, beautiful lady.

It was Bai Li!

Bai Li activated her spatial abilities and pulled Qin Feng to safety.

In the next second, the attacks exploded around the spot where Qin Feng was standing.

Boom! Booom! Boom!

A massive crater was created from the blast.


Suddenly, a massive black claw extended out from underground, seemingly awakened by the explosion.

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